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Okie Kratom Review – All about Okie Kratom’s Product Line

We frequently evaluate our suppliers based on their ability to supply products at a reasonable price while being GMP certified. Having enough competition in the Kratom market, we came across several kratom vendors offering both online and in stores. We often find it very difficult to shortlist the best kratom vendor among many. This article is an Okie Kratom Review. We will be finding what makes them different and what is Okie Kratom’s product line. Okie Kratom is one leading and trustworthy vendor you can rely on.

With all the focus on vendors that offer safe and economical products, we often overlook the most crucial factor for most users: how strong their kratom is.

Okie Kratom stands behind its goods. They are among the most well-known Kratom businesses on the market. They are renowned for supplying high-quality Kratom, essential for everyone familiar with the Kratom industry. Anything less than the highest caliber will not produce the outcomes.

Wondering if Okie Kratom is a legitimate supplier of Kratom, right? This review will help you decide if you should buy your Kratom from them.

About Okie Kratom

Okie Kratom is an Oklahoma-based Kratom vendor that is long known for its potent strains among the kratom community. Okie Naturals Kratom is one of just six stores in Kay County, OK, that sells Mitragyna speciosa in the small city of Newkirk. Okie Kratom may be from a town of fewer than 2,500 people, but it is anything but modest.

Quality kratom products at a reasonable price are the trademark of this indigenous brand. Okie Kratom has more than 500 likes on Facebook and a large following in the blogosphere. Those who participate in online kratom forums rave about the product.

Okie Kratom was developed to meet the needs of the average family member who suffers from aches and pains from time to time. Being the best in their field makes sense, given that the brand’s objective is to offer high-quality products in packaging that won’t make them look bad.

What Makes Them Different From Other Kratom Vendors?

One sole reason for its success is the availability of certain exotic and rare kratom strains. They are offering some high-potency kratom products at a very reasonable price. In addition to this, they also give you a mix and match option to create more enhanced and blended versions of potent strains. It means the users can get a customized version of their choice.

Unlike others where payment options are restricted either through credit cards or cash payments, Okie Kratom vendor provides you an option to pay your strains via Bitcoin wallet. Its high-potency kratom strains have made it an appealing choice among ethnobotanical enthusiasts. Their prime focus is to provide high-quality unadulterated kratom strains to make their quality FDA compliant.

Are Okie Kratoms Products AKA Compliant, And Do They Lab Test?

Okie Kratom performs various rigorous quality control checks to back its claim that its herbs are of exceptional grade.

Harvest time is prime time for doing quality checks. It is only the best leaves that are picked and dried under the watchful eye of an expert.

To ensure the safety of tree leaf powder, pulverization of the leaves into fine powder follows. The vendor immediately discards any powder that shows even the tiniest imperfection. This ensures that only the best Kratom is sent to your doorstep.

However, it’s not obvious whether Okie Kratom is an approved vendor. We don’t know much about their background or how they keep up with FDA regulations, which most suppliers do.

Last but not the least, they offer kratom products in either large or small sizes according to the customer’s need. It means it avoids the usage of the conventional metrics which is mostly not liked by American users. They employ terms and measurements comprehensible to every user.

What Is Okie Kratom’s Product Line?

Okie Kratom presently offers twenty-two distinct strains of kratom, including OG favorites like Maeng Da. Additionally, you can purchase its range of ethnobotanicals, like Akuamma Seed Extract, Blue Lotus, Ginseng, Green Tea Extract, Kava Kava, Mulungu, and Passion Flower Extracts.

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Our two favorites from the Okie Kratom powders range are the following:

Green Bumblebee

The best green vein from Okie Naturals is a silky powder made from the exquisite Bumblebee Kratom variety.

Although Bumblebee Kratom is less robust than regular Rifat Kratom, it is said to have higher amounts of important alkaloids than the typical strain. 

The unique scent of Green Bumblebee is unmatched by any other, smelling less like green tea and more like a mound of blackberries lying on an open flame—earthy, sweet, and delicious.

White Elephant

Infused with fresh-cut grass and matcha tea, it’s the most sublime white vein from the company. White Elephant has a long-lasting scent and a velvety feel to the touch.

It’s not uncommon to see such varieties and mixtures marketed as “Green,” “Green JongKong,” “Green Maeng Da,” “Green Sumatra,” “Green Vietnam,” “Okie Red,” and “Okie White,” “Red Bali,” “Red MD,” and “Red Sumatra.”

What Is The Pricing Structure Of Their Products?

Okie Kratom has great prices if you can find what you’re looking for in their stock. Even students, who may not have the money to buy bulk, may find them the most cost-effective option.

Okie Kratom’s 5 oz sample costs two dollars, while two ounces cost merely $10. 250 grams for $25 or going hog wild for less than $100 is the cheapest option for consumers.

What Are The Payment Options At Okie Kratom?

You can pay for your Okie Kratom with money orders, Bitcoin, BRD tokens, and the Cash App. Using Bitcoin as a payment method for kratom can be intimidating if you’ve never done so.

An online exchange like Coinbase, Binance, or a nearby Bitcoin ATM can be used to obtain bitcoins. You’ll be asked for your wallet details at checkout if you choose to pay with Bitcoin. You can confirm payment and make your order once you’ve verified the transaction details are valid.

Does Okie Kratom Offer Any Coupon Codes?

You can sign up for OKIE Naturals’ mailing list through their website and receive periodic promo codes.

The brand’s rewards and loyalty program, rather than their email, is the most rewarding way to save money on your preferred products.

You can earn points in their membership program for specific transactions and interactions.

You can redeem these points for savings on future purchases, so the more you connect with the brand, the more you can save on your final bill.

Through their referrals program, you can also earn 500 points for every person you refer to OKIE Naturals products. Customers who use your referral code when placing their first order will receive a coupon good for 20% off.

There’s a Promo page dedicated solely to keeping customers up to date on the newest promotional offerings from the company.

What Are The Shipment And Return Policies of OK?

Whether you want to continue with USPS or upgrade to UPS is your choice. As a result of recent postal service delays, UPS shipping is the best option.

You can expect next-day delivery for orders placed before 5 p.m Central Time on Thursday-Wednesday.

UPS Ground, UPS 2nd Day Air, Next Day Air Saver, and UPS Next Day Air are all options, as are USPS First Class Mail, USPS Priority Mail, and Priority Mail Express.

Okie Kratom does not offer a money-back guarantee, as previously stated. Aside from that, the company’s refund policy is very limited, too.

It’s unclear how long clients must request a return because this vendor handles each request individually. You are responsible for the return shipping costs if you need an exchange or a refund.

Closing Thoughts

Okie Kratom does an excellent job of catering to customers that don’t fit the kratom stereotype. The company distinguishes itself from the competition by offering various kratom strains and blends at reasonable costs and in smaller quantities. There are a variety of additional therapeutic plants in their line-up, so you’ll be able to locate whatever you need. All these plus points are making it one leading kratom vendor in the Kratom market.

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