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How To Discover The Quality Of Kratom Without Tasting It?

Checking the quality of Kratom without tasting, is it even possible?

The answer is yes, that is possible, but a majority of the people may not know it. Kratom is the new age miraculous herbal alternative to the chemically induced drugs.

The latest rise in its popularity has increased its user demand in almost all major parts of the world. There are many new users, which are hesitant to try it because they are not sure about Kratom.

It may look like a real deal to order Kratom online without watching or practically checking it. The problem is that Kratom stores are mainly online and one has to take this risk on the quality of Kratom.

However, there are specific tips and tricks to check Kratom without tasting or touching it. Here is how it works.

Why does the world need Kratom?

If we say that the world needs Kratom, for now, it would not be vague. The popularity of Kratom is not due to the beneficial effects of it as a product.

This fame is rather because Kratom can be an excellent alternative to conventional medicines, nootropics and mood enhancers.

Using Kratom for these common therapeutic supplements and medicines is beneficial because Kratom is all-natural.

There are absolutely no side effects of Kratom, which are otherwise familiar with drugs and even with herbal extracts.

All this information is not just fancy writing; the fame that Kratom is getting is proof that this is the truth. Those, which are still not introduced to Kratom, using it will change their lives for once.

What are the options to purchase Kratom?

Kratom only grows at some particular locations. The Southeast Asian region is the hub of Kratom.

It is common for Kratom to grow in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Borneo and related areas. It rarely grows anywhere else in the world.

The reason for this unique location is that this region has the best climatic conditions for flora and fauna. The tropical rainforest is a home to millions of living species, including many verities of Kratom.

All these conditions are the best to fuel the chemical makeup of Kratom. As a result of this, Kratom gets loads of alkaloids and other useful chemicals in it.

One major problem is that it was challenging to bring Kratom from Asia to other parts of the world.

It gave rise to the establishment of online Kratom vendors, which pick the supreme quality of Kratom from natural areas and supply it to the world.

To make this process even better, several forms of Kratom are available. Each one of them is made with the best Kratom leaves, only if you purchase it from a trustworthy vendor.

The online Kratom market is the easiest and reliable source to purchase Kratom. It is rarely available at herb stores, but no health food stores have it.

It suggests that online Kratom stores are the only authentic suppliers of Kratom that you can trust.

Are online Kratom stores a reliable option?

For now, the only way to buy the quality of Kratom is to order it online. There are so many websites, which promise to provide your favorite Kratom strains and products at your doorstep.

One thing that you should know here is that not all of them are reliable. Only trust the one, which has adequate information, responsive customer service, openness to help your questions, and timely delivery options are there.

There are only limited names, which fall under this criterion. You can select any one of these or read online reviews to choose the best Kratom store among all.

Can you check the quality of Kratom while ordering online?

Now that the only reliable option is to understand how does a person check the quality of Kratom.

If you are ordering it online, practically, there is no way to see or taste Kratom. The suppliers send Kratom in sealed packs, and you can’t taste it and return if you don’t like it.

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The problem persists even if someone is selling you Kratom in person, mainly in Kratom abundance areas. It seems difficult to trust a product when you are unable to guess its status.

However, there are some basic tips, which you can try to check the quality of Kratom or a Kratom product.

How to evaluate the quality of Kratom without tasting it?

There are a few necessary things, which can speak for a high-quality of Kratom. Try any of these to self-evaluate Kratom.

  1. Texture of Kratom: The most obvious thing to notice, when you are into purchasing Kratom powder is its grains. The supreme grade Kratom has an excellent texture. The particles of Kratom powder are finely ground, forming a soft texture. It represents that the Kratom manufacturer has used advanced machinery and protocols to make the best Kratom product for its clients.
  2. Color of Kratom: Different Kratom strains have different shades of colors. In case of colored vein strains, there are chances to see a tinge of color in the fine powder. You should only look at the overall tone. The bright green color of the product indicates the freshness of the product. A dull, dark brownish, tan or non-fragrant Kratom product shows that it is old, non-fresh and maybe a stale product.
  3. Fragrance of Kratom: Another efficient way to check the standard of Kratom or any of its products is the fragrance test. Surprisingly, the processing of Kratom or Kratom products doesn’t kill its natural smell, which is easily distinguishable. You can check it by yourself. The scam or cheap Kratom will have a non-natural fragrance. Also, if the Kratom product is not pure, i.e., if it has contamination of any other herb, the scent of such a product will be different. Unless the manufacturer adds artificial fragrances into it. Avoid using artificially fragrant Kratom products to keep yourself safe from buying a misleading Kratom product. The analysis of a top-ranked Kratom product requires keen observation. Kratom naturally has a very pungent smell, which you rarely get from a similar herb. It is easy to notice and for best grade Kratom, the fragrance is an excellent sign to predict the potency. Usually, the strong smell of Kratom shows that it will have a bitter taste. These two are the signs that Kratom, which you are analyzing, is a potent Kratom strain. The sheer fragrances are a sign of having excellent alkaloid content. Less fragrant or sweetly scented Kratom strains are usually less bitter and less potent than the usual high Kratom. It is also dependent on specific strains that are famous for their mild or powerful nature respectively.
  4. General information about strains: The background information on Kratom is equally essential as these necessary steps. It is required to inquire, search and know about certain Kratom strains before you order them. Some areas produce incredibly bitter Kratom types whereas others are musky. The complete search on an individual strain, which you are planning to purchase, will tell you apparent hints regarding that specific Kratom.

Does this work for all Kratom types?

This evaluation method may or may not work always. It has particular limitations to follow such as; it is entirely functional if you are using a single strain of Kratom.

By any chance, if you are trying to understand the grade of a mixture or combinational products, it is tricky.

Some Kratom combinations are based on same areas based strains, i.e., mixed Maeng Da. Whereas; some Kratom suppliers also offer a cross-matched Kratom product.

In this regard, it becomes confusing to apply all the up listed on the same Kratom product.

For a new user, it is a recommendation by millions of Kratom users to at least try it for once.

You never really know what a premium quality of Kratom by a random Kratom selling website can bring for you.

Asad Khan
Asad Khan is an independent health journalist who specializes in food policy and global health. He is a senior fellow for investigative health journalism at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

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