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Hush Nano Kratom Shot Review – All You Need to Know

For people who are new to the kratom world, finding which brand and product is good can be overwhelming. With the presence of many online sellers, one can find it difficult to know which is selling good kratom products.

One such brand is the Hush Kratom. 

Hush Kratom is an American kratom-certified brand known for selling kratom extracts. Although they also sell other kratom products like candies and capsules, their full spectrum shots are quite famous among the kratom community. 

One particular is the hush nano kratom shot. So, what is this shot, and how is it beneficial? Following is a detailed Hush Nano kratom shot review to help you clarify everything about Hush Nano. 

Hush Nano Kratom Shot Review

Hush Nano Kratom Shot Review
  • Key features of the Hush Nano Kratom Shot

Following are some of the key features of the Hush Nano kratom shot: 

Product Details

  • Size of Bottle: 10 ml 
  • Strength of the product: Full spectrum
  • Serving per bottle: 3 
  • Total Mitragynine content: 107-113mg 
  • Equivalent to leaf powder: 9 grams of powder

Ingredients Of the Hush Nano Shot

Following are the ingredients used to make hush nano kratom extracts:

  • Active Ingredients:  Mitragynine,  7-OH Mitragynine, and other alkaloids. 
  • Other Ingredients: Lime juice, propylene glycol, kratom extract, trace of alcohol, stevia leaf extract, monk fruit extract, natural flavors.  

Price Of the Hush Nano Shot

When it comes to pricing, of course, the extracts are always a bit more expensive than the powder. However, the hush nano kratom is mostly available in bulk amounts at different rates. 

  • Price of one shot: $12.95 
  • Price of 3-5 shots: $36.99 ( 4% discount)
  • Price of 6-11 Shots: $73.20 ( 5% discount)
  • Price of 12-23 shots: $145.20 ( 6% discount)

If you buy bulk in one go, you get a discount on the total cost. However, it is always recommended to try the shot first, see if it fulfills your needs, and then purchase bigger. 

Note: The mentioned price is not fixed. You might find different prices at other online vendors. 

  • How Hush Nano Kratom Shot Is Made?

What makes the Hush nano shot different and unique? The answer is nanotechnology. The hush nano shot is made up of nanoemulsion technology known to increase the bioavailability of the substance. Nanotechnology also increases the alkaloid concentration, making the shot potent. 

Increased availability means the body will absorb it quickly, providing an instant energy rush. At the same time, due to high alkaloid concertation, the effects of this shot last you a lot longer than others. That is why this one is known as the most potent Hush Kratom shot. 

Benefits Of Hush Nano Kratom

Following are some of the excellent benefits of the Hush nano kratom shot: 

  1. Rapid Onset Meaning Quicker Effects

The nanotechnology used to make the nano shot increases the bioavailability of the kratom alkaloids. Moreover, it is also responsible for increasing the active compounds of Kratom. 

This means the alkaloids will act faster due to increased absorption, and you will experience kratom effects in less time. 

  1. Sustained Smooth Release of Alkaloids

The hush nano kratom shot releases its alkaloids slowly, giving you a smoother result. It does absorb fast, but the extract of the Kratom is released slowly into the system. It means you can experience the soothing effect for a longer period. 

  1. Longer Lasting Effects

Other kratom shots available in the market last you a very short amount of time, after which you feel the need to take another one.

 Hush Nano is different due to the sustained release of alkaloids, which causes the effect to last longer. This means you do not need to take multiple servings. One serving is enough for many hours. 

  1. New And Improved Flavor 

Flavor is something that most of the shots suck at. The flavor of most shots is so strong that taking them feels like a nightmare. 

However, the flavor of Hush Nano is amazing and sweet, meaning you can take your shots without worrying about flavor. The natural flavors and sweeteners mask the earthy flavor of kratom extracts. 

  1. High-Quality Third Lab Tested 

Third-party testing is important as it allows the user to know about the content of the shots and what type of ingredients have been used. 

Hush kratom is known for its third-party testing, and the Hush Nano Shot is a third-party lab-tested product, which proves its credibility. 

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Hush Nano Kratom Shot Review: User’s Thoughts 

The user’s testimonials further identify the credibility of the product. Following are some of the thoughts of the users who have exclusively used the Hush nano kratom shot. 

Jared said: “ The whole shot is what I usually have to use with other brands but this one only half does the job!”

Travis stated: “ Great strength and quality. Takes Kratom to the next level.”

Steven Said: “ Strong shot. First time trying Nano. This a strong long lasting Kratom shot. 3 doses per bottle. It will definitely be in my shot rotation from now on.”

A Reddit user, Boring-Law2165, stated: I like these too. Taste-wise, these are the best. The strongest shot that I’ve taken, though, is the mit super strong k shot. But they are so disgusting to stomach. Nano shot is probably the best-tasting one.”

Adam thought: “ First time with nano, enjoyed very much.. I’m always going to be partial to the Hush ultra shot, but as I read more about nano extracts, I want to see if the claims of faster and longer effects are true. As I only ordered one shot of the Hush Nano, Its hard to compare to the Hush ultra or platinum just yet. The effects were certainly pleasant and the taste was good, I prefer the Hush ultra taste, but the nano is way better than something like mit45 or OPMS.” 

Hush Nano Vs OPMS: Which Is the Best One? 

Is hush kratom a good choice for extracts or the OPMS? Let’s find out:

  • OPMS  Kratom Shots Review 

Optimized plant-mediated solution, aka OPMS, is a kratom supplier present in the market since 2010. They are known for their kratom shots and capsules, which you can easily find even in the stores. OPMS may be older than Hush; however, they still have a very limited amount of product selection. 

Now, if we talk about the OPMS shots, then there is no doubt that their kratom shot is the most potent. Even more potent than the Hush nano. Also, as compared to the Hush Nano, the OPMS uses the cold extraction process for making their kratom shots. 

However, many users have reported that the flavor is very nasty. Moreover, the OPMS shots are not third-party tested, which is a big red flag.

  • Hush Nano Kratom Shots Review

Hush nano kratom, on the other hand, uses nanotechnology that increases the alkaloid concentration of the shots. Although this brings the potency to a new level, it is still less potent than OPMS. 

However, flavor-wise, users reported that Hush Nano is the best as compared to not only OPMS but also the other Hush Kratom shots. 

Another positive side of the Hush Nano kratom shot is that it supports third-party testing, which proves its credibility. Moreover, the Hush Nano Shot is way more affordable than the OPMS, and the good part is that you can purchase bulk amounts at a discount. 

Who Should Take Hush Nano Kratom Shots?

Who should take hush nano kratom shots? Simple people who would like immediate but longer-lasting effects. Hush nano is better known for its long-lasting effects and rapid onset. If you are someone who wants an instant boost of energy to get through the day, this shot is for you. 

This is for people who are always concerned about the flavor shots. Hush Nano is the solution for you. One serving of Hush Nano will last you the whole day, and you will feel calm and collected the whole day. Isn’t it wonderful? 

Final Thoughts 

With so many kratom shots available in the market, choosing the best one can be a hassle. At the same time, the price is another level of concern for kratom enthusiasts. But don’t worry. After reading our Hush nano kratom shot review, we are sure you will feel good knowing a good yet affordable kratom shot is available at your disposal.

 A good serving size, full-spectrum, and amazing yet rapid effects at a suitable price. What can you ask more?

As we always recommend, before you add any kratom product to your routine, do not forget to consult with your health practitioner about their effect and dose. Everybody is different, so experiment with yourself to know what suits you better. 

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