Contribute To RedStorm Scientific

Contribute To RedStorm Scientific

Are you a die-hard cannabis fan? Or have you come up with a cutting-edge discovery or research in the subject?

It’s time for the world to witness the glory of your art. Send it to us, and we will guide you further.

RedStorm Scientific looks forward to receiving submissions from students, researchers, professionals and industry experts of all levels from all parts of the world — be it a graduate or post-doctor, a novice researcher or a senior one, CEOs or employees and policy professionals in government or non-profits. The key is to influence and help beginner and regular users make informed decisions from the myriad choices available.

Give Your Discoveries and Opinions A Voice!

Despite the rampant legalization of marijuana and hemp in a lot of states, it is still a much hush-hush topic. This stigmatization has always hindered any cannabis-related breakthrough or discovery (no matter how great!) to make its way on the front page of any science journal or mag. Ironically, some even fail to get published on any page.

This is exactly where RedStorm Scientific comes in!

RedStorm Scientific is the place for all the cannabis, kratom junkies out there.

We welcome cutting-edge research reports, commentaries, reviews, innovations, perspectives and overviews to advance and defend the integrity of cannabis legality, cultivation and consumption. It is our team’s unwavering mission to foster education on this taboo subject to extend its therapeutical power, impact and magic in everyone’s reach.

Therefore, our site is crammed with informative reviews, inspiring stories and eye-opening news culled from reputable institutions, universities and scientists.

Why contribute your cannabis-related work?

The restrictions imposed on the cultivation and use of cannabis since centuries, has kept the masses in dark about its unprecedented benefits and healing power. Your contribution will substantially promote cannabis literacy and innovation and fill in the gaps by enlightening the more curious minds with the new-found discoveries made each day. In addition, your contribution will play an imperative role to strengthen and diversify the communication among scientists, engineers, and the general public.

Remember, Each Word Counts!

And who knows our combine efforts will one day spearhead an international movement to overturn the ban on Cannabis across the globe, not just the West?

Why choose RedStorm Scientific to publish your work?

  • 50k+ Readers Every Month
  • 5k+ Subscribers of the Site
  • 2k+ Visitors Every Day
  • A Strong Community of cannabis, kratom and addiction recovery members.

How to Contribute?

The contact form given below will require you to send an outline of your article. However, if your post is finalized and well-crafted, you can upload that too. The article will then be checked by the team and directed further to the Editorial Board.

If you have queries, feel free to send an email at Our editorial team will get in touch in no time.

What is the Selection Process of articles on RedStorm Scientific?

We prioritise articles expressing significant and original cannabis research, authentic product reviews and apt analysis. Further, our team is always on a hunt for posts that help broaden the horizons of our audience that vastly comprises of depressed youth, professionals and elderly who resort to the consumption of CBD, Kratom, Cannabis and Vaping as a way of life improvement.

As you fill the form, your outline will be contemplated and discussed by the team. Once accepted, we would revert back to you to send us the complete article.

What is the preferred word length of the article?

The word count really depends on the nature of your article. But ideally, the final piece must range from 1000 to 2000 words.

How does the RedStorm Scientific Team Review your work?

We try our utmost to promote transparency in our editorial review process. Therefore, all pieces are evaluated solely on the basis of their scientific merit.

As soon as the final article is submitted (after the initial outline is accepted), the team passes it through plagiarism and grammar checkers to detect any blunders or potential copy pasting. All the claims, citations and figures are also cross-checked and verified. Next, the article is sent to the Editorial Board which determines suitability of the work and recommend any omissions or additions. In the end, their call whether or not the article must proceed further for publication is deemed final.

Kindly allow us a duration of 1 weeks for the review process. Your patience and corporation would be appreciated.

Is it necessary to be a Cannabis Expert?

Errr. You don’t have a background in the field?

No worries!

Even though we prefer expert authors with extensive knowledge and experience in the cannabis field, it is not always necessary. We equally encourage common people from across the globe to pitch in their valuable contributions who don’t have to have a background or any sort of connection with the cannabis industry for that matter. The only tip for the newbies is to skim through already published posts on our site to gain insight of the accepted format, style, tone and complexity level of the writing.

Any Rules I need to be familiar of?

All articles are geared for the general readers. As such they must incorporate a conversational tone with minimal jargons and equations.

– The authors must convey idea in the most concise and clear manner possible.

– Advertisement or Promotion of any product or company/brand is strictly prohibited. Exception lies when the writer is an industry expert or a brand aiming to enlighten about the latest trends or top-favoured/newly-launched consumer products. Only in this case, it is deemed appropriate to talk precisely about the company and its product.

– Submitting articles will ultimately give us the right to use or share the data or any scientific knowledge mentioned in the article.

– We request all our writers to Inform themselves about our Copyrights Policy. Click here.

Thank you for your interest in RedStorm Scientific. We look forward to receiving your piece!

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