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RedStorm Scientific holds the honor of being one of the most reliable sources for imparting all the trending Cannabis, CBD, Kratom, and Drug Detox information cum innovation from credible sources across the globe.

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RedStorm Scientific boasts an extensive portfolio of integrated digital media assets. Some of our most popular advertising options include:

– Featured Custom Video
– Branded Email Blast
– E-newsletter Advertising
– Run of Site Advertising
– Event & Webinar Promotion Programs
– List Sponsorships
– CBE New Product or Service Press Releases
– Social Media Marketing
– Brand Promotion through Content Marketing
– Banner Advertisement
– Directory Submission
– Category Sponsorships
– New Products Listings
– Sponsored Search Terms

We offer flexible and customized packages to our clients, which we promise cannot be found anywhere else!

Rest assured, we will give your company a kick-ass exposure to our ever-growing family of readers, scientists and researchers, industry-owners, partners, and presidents.

We strictly adhere to the following 3Cs Rule:

1. Conversation

We aim to take a consultative approach to help our clients select the best range of marketing solutions. Therefore, our first and foremost step is to sit down and discuss the company’s mission and any specifications.

2. Creation

Next, our Editorial and Creative Team will accordingly chalk out the strategy to introduce and popularise your brand in the most seamless manner possible.

3. Connection

With the advertisement displayed on the site, we will strive to build up your reputation and goodwill in the eyes of our highly loyal, educated, and influential audience.

Whether it’s a story, a cause, or a newly-launched product, RedStorm Scientific covers all. Depending on the advertisement category, your message can be as comprehensive or as concise as you want to target the customers.

Wish to discuss cannabis-related advertisement opportunities? Please email us at to learn more about how RedStorm Scientific can work for you! – Director of Sales – Relationship Manager