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MitraGaia Kratom Review 101: Best for the newbies

Being top preferred among the kratom community, it was necessary to have a MitraGaia kratom review Reddit done. MitraGaia kratom green is quickly becoming a favorite herb among kratom users. In this review, we’ll thoroughly examine the brand to determine if they are the number #1 provider of Kratom or not.

With the ever-growing increase in the types of Kratom strains available online, it is getting harder for Kratom users to select a brand that is selling naturally extracted kratom strains. In addition to this, getting the most economical rate for it is another quest.

MitraGaia is one great place where you can get multiple Kratom strains at affordable prices.

Let’s just dig into an unbiased brand review of Kratom by MitraGaia, which is now on a top preference list by the users from the last few years. 

About The MitraGaia Kratom

MitraGaia is a certified top-rated vendor of Kratom, based in Las Vegas. It sells the best quality Kratom online and has been successfully maintaining its position as the main source of Kratom for many years. i

MitraGaia’s goal is simple: to ensure that you never change your brand after trying their Kratom strains.

MitraGaia Kratom – A Detailed Review

MitraGaia is quickly rising among the ranks of Kratom strains that are available online. In this review, we’ll thoroughly examine the brand to determine if they are the number #1 provider of Kratom? If so, then what is the reason behind its success? 

Here’s the thorough breakdown of MitraGaia:

When it comes to finding the perfect Kratom strain, you’ll never run out of choices with MitraGaia. Offering a wide variety of both powdered strains and capsule strains, MitraGaia has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a stimulating strain to help you get through your day or a relaxing strain to wind down at night, you’ll be sure to find it at MitraGaia. 

Type of Kratom Strains Available

The list of Kratom strains available on their website is so detailed that they cannot all be discussed here. But we can for sure walk you through the list and point out their Kratom Extract Infused Gummies, which they have recently launched.

Their Kratom Gummies are available in three flavors. These include Passion Fruit, Pomegranate Lemonade, and Raspberry. These are available in the count of 10 and cost $29.95.

They also offer a variety of sample packs and blends for those who want to try out different strains before committing to a larger purchase. 

The samplers available on their websites are as follows:

  • Gummy Sampler – $18.95
  • Mitragaia Welcome Sampler – $30 (allows you to choose 7 strains)
  • Mitragaia 1000g Sampler – $120 (allows you to choose 4 strains)
  • Mitragaia 750g Sampler – $90.00 – (allows you to choose 250g of 3 different speciosa strains for a total of 750g)
  • Mitragaia 500g Sampler – $60.00 – (allows you to choose 250g of 2 different speciosa strains for a total of 500g)
  • Mitragaia 1000g Capsule Sampler – $160 – (allows you to choose 200g of 5 different speciosa strains for a total of 1000g)
  • Mitragaia Capsule Welcome Sampler – $40 – (allows you to choose 1oz of seven different speciosa strains)

Lab Test

All of their products are regularly tested in a third-party lab to ensure quality and originality. In addition, all of their strains undergo rigorous testing for any metals or bacteria. However, this is what the brand claims. There’s no means provided for customers to cross-check this fact because they don’t have lab test reports uploaded on their website. 

AKA GMP Qualified

MitraGaia is not an AKA GMP-qualified vendor.

Has the MitraGaia Kratom Been Involved with Making False Medical Claims?

When it comes to buying and selling Mitragyna, there are stringent rules and regulations set by the FDA. Many vendors and brands make false claims about their products, which can result in receiving a warning letter from the FDA.

MitraGaia Kratom makes sure that there aren’t any false or misleading claims on their website. They also explicitly state that their products are not for medical use and make no medical claims. So far, the brand has a clean reputation on the market.

Customer Feedback on Social Sites

The brand has several positive reviews on its social media accounts. The following are taken from their Facebook page:

I’ve never had the need to contact MitraGaia for customer service but given the reliable service I’ve gotten thus far, I’m sure that I’d be treated well. It’s great to have a Kratom Vendor I can trust. I have recommended MitraGaia to my Kratom-loving friends. Keep up the great work!

(By Vinnie Caggiano)

I’ve been using MitraGaia for a couple of years now. My favorite is the Green Maeng Da. It gives you a nice boost of energy and makes you feel great. I’ve tried several other veins and all have been high quality. Prices are great and shipping is fast. Highly recommend it!

(By Pat Zlydak)

I have been taking Kratom for pain for a very long time. I have tried MANY different brands in order to find a high-quality one, at a reasonable price. My search ended with MitraGaia! This is a superior product for an excellent price. Even the way they have handled my shipping error due to crazy weather has been top-notch! Highly recommend them.

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(By Sheri Gardner)

Are They Active on Social Media?

In addition to their online store, they also have a presence on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. MitraGaia regularly updates its social media accounts with any discounts or sales that they are currently running.


Their prices are unbeatable, especially when you buy in bulk. You can get your Kratom for as low as $5 per ounce, which is significantly cheaper than other vendors like SaveOnKratom, which sell similar quantities for $9 or more.

If you’re looking to purchase Kratom in bulk, MitraGaia is also a great option, with 1 kilogram (kg) going for $75 instead of the $120 that you would pay at any other stores. They also offer a variety of sample packs to new purchasers.

Capsules are usually more expensive than powder but MitraGaia offers a great deal on capsules as well – you can get a kilo or 2000-count pack for just $140. This is a great option if you want to test out the effects of Kratom without having to buy a large quantity upfront.

Sales and Giftcards

Mitragaia also offers periodic sale offers. It has been recorded that the sale earns them maximum return each year. In addition to this, they also offer gift cards to their loyal customers to retain them in the longer run. You can even buy gift cards at inclusive prices.

Reward points

By signing up for it, you can earn 50 points. and with each purchase, you will get some points and that points can be monetized any time you want.

Returns and Exchange

MitraGaia wants you to be thrilled with your purchase. If for any reason you are not, you can return the item to them in its original condition within 30 days of receipt, and they will issue a refund or exchange. Please note that original packaging is required for all returns.

Shipping and Payment Options

MitraGaia understands that when you order something online, you want it as soon as possible. That’s why they offer same-day shipping on all orders placed before 2:30 PM EST Monday-Friday. Any order placed after 2:30 PM EST ships out the following business day. The cutoff time for Saturday is 2:00 PM EST. If an order is placed on a Saturday, after the cutoff time, they ship the order the following Monday.

The current payment options offered by MitraGaia include:

·         Money order

·         Cryptocurrency

·         Credit Card (Mastercard and Visa)

·         ACH (Checking and Savings account)

Top Selling Products

It might be difficult to enlist the diverse range of products MitraGaia is offering. But, we will help you shortlist some best-selling products for you which includes:

Green Horn Capsules:

These horn capsules are not easily available as it is rare. But Mitragaia is offering you rare strains of kratom as well. This kratom strain is best known for alleviating potential. It means it will go great if you want a rest from your busy routine specifically for the adults.

Prices start from $5.59/oz and $112/kg.

White Bali Capsules:

This white kratom strain is best known for its energy-boosting and focus-enhancing potentials. The 6-7 grams of it would be enough to get all that you are desiring. And since MitraGaia provides you with 1kg of it it means you can use that multiple times before purchasing it again.

Prices start from $6.69/oz and $140/kg.

Bali Gold:

This kratom strain is getting enough limelight because of its pain-relieving effects. In addition to this, it works great to boost your appetite.

Prices start from $5/oz and $100/kg.

Green Bali:

This reddish kratom strain is known to render pain-relieving effects.

Prices start from $5/oz and $100/kg.

Red Bali:

Prices start from $5/oz and $100/kg.

You can get your hands on any of their product in multiple forms whatever suits you the best. They are offering their products in capsules, extract, or powdered forms each with their respective price.


When it comes to Kratom, there stands no doubt that MitraGaia is the top supplier in the world. This mitragaia kratom review will be of great use if you are new to it. You can get an experience of all the varieties while putting them in a cart. Their superior quality, from sourcing to production and distribution, along with their excellent customer support services, beats all other brands.

If you are just a beginner, you will initially feel at a sea with their diverse range of products to choose from. So, starting with their welcome bundle will go great. It’s safe to say that with MitraGaia, you will surely get the best kratom experience.

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