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All Natural Farms Green Maeng Da Kratom is one of the most popular kratom strains. Kratom itself is a plant that originates from the areas of Thailand and Malaysia. Kratom has long used as an alternative to coffee for many years, especially by farmers. Local farmers used to immerse the leaves into boiling water to make tea for themselves

Green Maeng Da Kratom is the most refined form of kratom strain. The leaves of Maeng Da often used in powdered form or dried leaves. The powdered form can be added to food and drinks, such as smoothies.

All Natural Farms Green Maeng Da Kratom comes in two capsule bottles. One is 75ct, and the other one is 150ct. Both have different prices as well. The 75ct bottle priced at $14.39, and the 150ct bottle priced at $26.99.

The 75ct bottle comes in maroon colored packaging, and the 150ct capsule bottle comes in light brown colored packaging. Both bare the symbol of all-natural farms.

150ct capsule is 500mg, and each tablet costs around about $0.20, while 75ct each capsule cost around $0.21, so there is not much difference. All Natural Farms imports its kratom products from all over the world and then manufactures them. Read where to by Maeng Da kratom online here.

About this strain

Green leave veins Maeng Da is the finest form of kratom that is available. Its roots can be traced back to Thailand. The substance itself has specific effects that need to be taken into consideration to help in the dosage process. These effects include:

  • If you use Green Maeng Da Kratom in large quantities, then it would have a similar effect on the human body that caffeine has. There might be instances where the consumer might not be able to sleep and or might feel irritated that would be due to increased consumption of the product. That’s why many experienced users recommend starting with the threshold dose of 1g.
  • Green Maeng Da gives you a mild energy boost and makes you more talkative. It also boosts your self-confidence.
  • The effect of the kratom also varies from person to person and how much they are consuming.
  • Abuse of any drug has harmful side effects similarly kratom abuse might lead to psychosis i.e., hallucinations, confusion, and delusion.

About this brand

Apotheca aims to provide high-quality products to individuals so that they have access to elements that make them feel holistic. The Natural Farms Green Maeng Da undergoes a series of tests and quality procedures.

They believe in supplying their customers with high quality and natural products.

They have partnered with different brands, and these allow them to bring natural medicines to the customers.

They have kept the needs of their customers as the core aspect of their business model. Hence they are careful in what they are supplying. The business model of Apotheca consists of three pillars of trust, education, and support. With trust, they want to increase the reliability and dependency of the customers on them.

They want to reiterate that they will always deliver what they have promised. They also have educational material related to the products they supply available. To broaden the scope of knowledge of the customer about the product they are using or planning to use. They only enter into a partnership with brands that are authentic and trustworthy. Moreover, they assist their customers, as well.


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