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What To Check Before Buying Quality Kratom? The 8-Step Checklist

All thanks to the therapeutic and healing effects, Kratom and Kratom products are now available in all major areas of the world. The growing popularity of Kratom has led to a rise in the number of manufacturers.  With so much variety around, it is hard for a first timer to choose the best type of Kratom.

Unfortunately, not all the websites you see online are selling exactly what they claim. Honestly, there is not much that can help except asking experienced people for a reputed seller of Kratom and best Kratom products to try.

To facilitate the reader, this article provides a 8-step checklist to buy best quality Kratom. Considering these small steps, it gets easier for an individual to purchase finest Kratom products.

  1. Read about Kratom, its benefits, and uses
  2. Where does Kratom come from?
  3.  Specify why you want to use Kratom
  4. Which type of Kratom strain is suitable for you?
  5. Which kind of Kratom product is ideal for you?
  6. Check for Kratom lab testing  
  7. Where to buy Kratom?
  8. How to select a reputed Kratom vendor?

Let’s evaluate each one of these, one by one and explain what should you ideally look. Let’s start with the first one.

1. Read about Kratom, its historical significance and uses

The medicinal tree of Southeast Asia is nothing but a miracle. For centuries, Kratom is here to serve many benefits for humans. The historical events suggest its use long ago when there were no medicines at all.

Scientifically called Mitragyna speciosa, it is a tropical tree, which is traditionally famous for relief from fatigue, stress and to improve work productivity. It recently established itself as a psychoactive agent in the western world.

Traditionally, fresh or dry Kratom leaves are chewed or infused in a tea to get the typical benefits. Additionally, specific Kratom preparations are also in practice for treating many health problems, i.e., morphine dependence in humans, study says.

As per evidence, it was a Dutch botanist Korthals who gave the name “Mitragyna: to Kratom. As per Korthals, the leaves and the floral arrangement of Kratom flowers resemble the shape of bishop’s mitre. However, for the possible benefits, it is also doubted that the name has origin from “Mithraic cults,” an ancient mystery religion.

The psychoactive alkaloids in Kratom, Mitragynine, and 7-OH Mitragynine provide stimulatory, energetic, pain relieving, stress relieving, sedating, nootropic and euphoric benefits to the user. These effects of Kratom are dosage dependent, and on a higher dosage, the euphoria by Kratom resembles with opiates linked impacts, as the study proves.

Today, Kratom is available in multiple forms, and the user has access to many ways to use it. It is necessary to know all these required details before you make your mind to use Kratom.

For assessment, it is essential to know about the constituents of Kratom. The primary ingredients of Kratom with remedial effects are called “alkaloids.” Detailed research on Kratom has studied total alkaloid content from 0.5 to 1.5%, in Kratom.

Mitragynine covers the significant part of this quantity. However, this content and distribution of alkaloids in Kratom varies in strains, mainly depending on the geographical location, season and extraction protocol. Mitragynine has significance for its pharmacological effects.

There are so many in vitro and animal studies that represent that mitragynine has anesthetic, antitussive, antinociceptive, analgesic and narcotic-like properties. 7-hydroxymitragynine is an oxidized form of mitragynine (α-hydroxyl group at the C7 position) that shows highly promising effects.

The Internet world has different views on the status of Kratom. It is better to read about what makes Kratom so beneficial if it does. It is better to sure and try Kratom without the uncertainty of effects.

2. Where does Kratom come from?

Kratom tree is indigenous to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Borneo and nearby areas. It doesn’t grow in all regions of Asia. It only grows in tropical rainforests of the Southeast Asian regions.

Knowing about where Kratom comes from is essential because it will help to estimate the possible effects of it. There is a vast diversity in the flora of South Asian rain forests. 

Each area has its particular effects, which it incorporates in all growing strains of that area. That is why, Kratom from different regions, cities, islands may have various benefits to offer.

Read about the general areas of Kratom growth. Search for the strain of your interest to know about its origin, varieties, and uses.

3. Specify why you want to use Kratom

The primary reading on Kratom will tell you that it is a plant with multiple effects. There is no one specific reason to use Kratom. It is helpful in;

  • Everyday benefits – energy boost, nootropic assistance, wakefulness, improving work performance.
  • Medicinal effects – Stress relief, anti-depression, pain relief, anxiolytic, regulating sleeping cycles.
  • Recreational effects – stimulation, sedation, euphoria .

The fantastic thing about Kratom is that you can get all these benefits just by selecting a suitable strain and adjusting the right dosage.

For that, it is necessary to self-evaluate and pen down the reasons why you want to use Kratom. There are specific strains that have high medicinal powers, others have recreational effects, and there are plenty of strains which provide unexpected benefits.

Knowing your purpose before buying Kratom is necessary if you want to maximize its benefits for you. So, identify the primary reason why you want to try Kratom.

4. Which type of Kratom strain is suitable for you?

This is a frequently asked question. Not just the first timers, some experienced users are also not sure on whether they should use any different strain or not.

You must know the fundamental differences between Kratom strains before buying Kratom. Once that you are sure that you need Kratom and you need it for specific reasons, next is to find the most appropriate strain for yourself.

Following is an essential guide on Kratom strains.

  • Red vein Kratom – These leaves have clear red colored stems and veins. It is one of the top-selling Kratom strain. These red strains are useful for pleasing and calming effects. They provide a peaceful mind, optimism, well being, sleep regulation and pain relief.  Red strains of Kratom are also helpful or opiate withdrawal. Some of its types are, i.e., Red Thai or Red Vein Borneo are sedating, and others are non-sedating.
  • White vein Kratom– white vein leaves of Kratom are widely known for the mood enhancing, energy boosting and stimulatory effects. White strains are famous as the most stimulating and euphoric of all Kratom types.
  • Green vein Kratom- as the color indicates, green vein Kratom leaves are somewhat between red and white. They are mild and are usually best for nootropic aid, daily work performance and alertness. Green strains along with white or red vein strains for an enhanced effect.
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Knowing about this basic classification is necessary otherwise you won’t be able to understand the product names and possible effects on any Kratom selling website.

5. Which type of Kratom product is suitable for you?

The historical use of Kratom is either chewing the raw leaves or to make a ceremonial drink with brewing its leaves. Fortunately, there are multiple Kratom products available to facilitate the Kratom users.

Kratom is now available in raw leaves, dry crushed leaves, tincture, powered and capsule. Having so much variety enables every current and future Kratom user to select any as per his preference. Usually, those who want to enjoy Kratom select powder, dry leaves or tincture form. Kratom capsules are best for those who otherwise don’t like the flavor of Kratom for its bitter taste.

Several manufacturers formulate Kratom extracts with different potencies. It is called Kratom grading. Sometimes the strains on online selling websites come with names, i.e., 1x, 50x, 100x strain. These extracts are incredibly potent; therefore new Kratom users are not recommended to use these.

It is ideal to decide which Kratom product you would like to try before ordering.  Many vendors only sell primary products; powder or leaves. All Kratom products are only available at top-ranked online sellers. Knowing your preference will help to shortlist the options to order Kratom.

It is recommended to stick with the basics while trying Kratom. For example, it is better to use crushed Kratom leaves or powdered Kratom than capsules and extracts. As described before, extracts are potent to cause overdosing effects most of the times. Unfortunately, Kratom capsules are a convenient way to use, but the choice of the trusted product makes specific risks associated with capsule usage. It is better not to experiment with Kratom and try to get the health benefits by using Kratom powder and dried leaves only.

6. Check for Kratom lab testing

The major criticism on Kratom is due to its possible risks of overdosing and side effects. There are two things that you can do to make your Kratom experience safe.

  • One – buy Kratom from a vendor that provides a laboratory testing report for the genuine product.
  • Two – follow a standard dose, preferably a low dose to enjoy the Kratom benefits without any risk.

It is the responsibility of a vendor to sell only the genuine, laboratory verified products of Kratom. Most of the authentic Kratom dealers provide it to all its customers. In case you cannot find it on the vendor’s website, don’t hesitate to ask for a certificate proof before you confirm your order. Never buy cheap Kratom from shady sites that lack evidence of certification.

7. Where to buy Kratom?

Kratom is available locally and online. You can buy Kratom from the nearby smoking shops, shops at gas stations, etc. Also, particular shops are selling Kratom, which you can search through Google maps, yellow pages or Yelp. GNC, Walmart, and other favorite stores don’t sell Kratom.

By any chance, if there is no local shop to buy Kratom, you can order it online. Many trusted online vendors deliver the most exceptional quality of Kratom to your doorstep. Check the complete details of your desired product before adding it to the cart.

For each product, individually check the following.

  • Form (powder, capsule, etc.)
  • Vein color (red, white, green, others)
  • Potency  (1x, 10x etc)
  • Price
  • User reviews
  • Size/Weight
  • Batch number or Lot number (if mentioned)

A trusted Kratom vendor welcomes the queries from customers. In case you are not sure about any product or need any specific information, you can always contact the customer care line of the vendor. All leading Kratom vendors have active customer support program.

Local options like smoking shops and shops at the gas station are likely to provide you the best quality of Kratom. It is possible for the available Kratom to be substandard and expired may be. Make sure that you purchase from an excellent reputed Kratom seller.

8. Select a reputed Kratom vendor

There is hundreds of Kratom seller when you start searching them. The best way to shortlist your options is by checking which Kratom sellers have your required strain in particular form. Also, check for vendors that deliver to your area.

Not all Kratom vendors ship to all destinations. Also, Kratom trade is not allowed in specific regions of the world, make sure to check the “non-delivery” areas on your choice of Kratom seller’s website. If the site doesn’t mention it, contact them and confirm it before making your order.

An outbreak of Salmonella linked with Kratom has made headlines recently. The investigation report by CDC confirmed over 28 patients from 20 states to be affected with salmonella. It has not identified a specific vendor to be responsible for that, but common sense tells that superior quality of Kratom is least likely to cause an infection like this. It is the biggest reason why you need to invest time and energy to select only a suitable strain, purchased from a trustworthy Kratom seller.

While selecting a Kratom seller, make sure of the following things.

  • A fully functional website.
  • Complete price information.
  • 100% guarantee for quality
  • Consumer guide
  • Certificate of analysis
  • Products labeled with Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Payment options
  • Delivery areas
  • Local laws and regulations of Kratom products
  • Return policy
  • Customer support
  • User reviews

All these details may look extensive, but in reality, they only need a few minutes of your time. To make your Kratom experience worth it, selecting a top seller is necessarily required.

Kate Freeman
Kate Freeman is the wellpreneur behind Ayuni Organic; a brand focused on spreading the goodness of Mitragyna Speciosa. Kate supports scientific research on this natural tree "Kratom" and believes that this herb can help millions of people to live a healthier life.

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