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20 Brands That Offer Free Kratom Samples

It can be challenging to find free kratom samples online. Consumers, whether regular or new, try to find the best store for their kratom purchase. Once they find the best seller, the next factor to ponder upon is the best kratom strain.

Which kratom type will suit me most? Which kratom strain should I start with? Is that brand offering free kratom samples to test before actual purchase?

The best online shops realize this query and offer sample packs or trial packs to customers so they can make up their minds.

The clarity that your need to buy any kratom variety can only come from trying out the various kratom strains and deciding what results suit you the most.

What To Expect From Kratom?

Mitragyna speciosa has become popular in America and is known as an excellent alternative medicine.

However, the FDA does not see it like that. Kratom has faced much scrutiny by health regulation authorities and is legal in most states in America. The sedating and stimulating properties of kratom make it an effective remedy for several health issues.

The Alkaloids present in the Kratom (mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine), bring about a change in the way organs work. Therefore users feel an improvement in mood, pain, fatigue, and a general uplift in everyday routine.

What Do Free Kratom Samples Mean?

Free samples are not always good news! There can be substandard kratom products that unreliable vendors want to get rid of.

They can just be a way to attract customers because the online shop does not sell the best quality of kratom. Free samples may sound like a treat but it can be a tricky gift for many!

You must ensure that the online shop or local vendor that you order free samples from, are genuine sellers and have lab tests and user reviews to prove their authenticity!

With the advancements in technology and the Internet; consumers can now find out about hundreds of online shops that deliver quality Speciosa products. Some of these shops also deliver free samples or ‘trial packs’ as they call them.

The most common strains are usually available for trials and all you have to do is pay for shipping.

However, if you get something for free, it might not be a jackpot. Several online shops offer small amounts of kratom powder for a minimal price but the smoke shops and weed shops that offer free kratom are not considered a better choice!

Why To Try Free Kratom Samples Before The Actual Purchase?

All online shops, vendors, and users will always recommend that you try out various kratom strains before ordering your stock. This step is essential as it clarifies the impact that multiple strains may have on an individual.

So as with all kratom vendors, we always suggest you check these small factors to find the online vendor that is right for you.

  • All new users must try out kratom strains in small amounts to assess the effect. This sampling can clear the dosage as well as strain options that suit the individual most.
  • If a regular user wants to try a different strain, it is essential to try a small amount of kratom as the effects of each strain may vary, and you might want to know how a certain kratom will impact you. Given the stimulating and sedating effects, your new kratom choice will require some sampling for you to ensure that it’s the strain you were looking for!
  • Local weed shops and several online shops import kratom from different sources. You must try a sample to see if what you are buying is fresh, free from contamination, and will not be a wrong purchase in terms of stimulation or sedation. Old kratom stock will not have the same alkaloid ‘punch’ that a new batch kratom product may have.
  • Some kratom strains have a higher alkaloid content due to which the impact of certain potent strains may be stronger than other strains. To avoid undesirable side effects of overdosage, a consumer must try samples of the kratom strain under consideration.
  • If you are unsure about an online shop or you are trying it for the first time, it is best to test samples of the kratom strains. This way, you will be able to understand the standards of that shop, and in the future, it will help you decide whether you want to buy from them or not.

As long as you don’t buy from a particular place, there is no way to tell whether that vendor is supplying the best kratom strains or not.

Before purchasing kratom, you must do some research on the substance. To buy the best type of kratom, it is necessary to look for a genuine seller.

When there are hundreds of online shops to choose from, how would you be able to tell which one has a valid claim to selling quality kratom?

One of the ways to filter out genuine sellers, you must look for the ones that give consumers a fair chance to try their product before buying in bulk.

While you look for a reliable and quality kratom source, it is pertinent to consider lab tests and vendor licenses, which imply the authenticity of the seller.

Finding good quality kratom online can be a tough task due to the lack of regulations on kratom vendors. However, the best online shop for kratom in the United States will have a valid license and lab test results to prove it.

Where To Find Free Kratom Samples Online?

Any good online shop will offer consumers the freedom of exchanges, returns, and money-back guarantees. This leniency to denotes the vendors’ confidence in their products.

Ever since there has been a growth in kratom users, quack websites and vendors have also surfaced and try to fool kratom consumers with impure and filled products.

Many sellers are also selling expired Kratom at prices lower than the market rate. This tactic attracts several users, but they often regret their decision to buy from such online shops online.

Local vendors and smoke shops are also not likely to distribute free samples, which confirms their lack of check and standardization of products.

To make it easier for you, we have curated a list of 20 vendors that are willing to provide the best quality Kratom samples for free:

Top 20 Vendors Offering Free Kratom Samples

1) Kratom Wave

Kratom wave is the first online shop that comes up if you search for free samples of kratom.

It is based in Texas and offers a variety of strains that can be ordered in small quantities and add up to 30 grams of kratom!

Before purchase, these freebies and rewards are significant as they give the consumer insight of what they want.

Kratom Wave is committed to providing good quality and welcome potential consumers to try their products after following a simple method of requesting free samples.

Last but not least, they provide recyclable packaging and guarantee that their products are pure and chemical-free!

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2) Gaia Ethnobotanical

One of the most well-known vendors of Kratom. Not only are they known for the quality of Kratom they provide, but also for the varied payment methods they accept, including online transfers and bitcoins.

Gaia Ethnobotanical doesn’t provide completely free of cost samples. Instead, it has an unbelievably generous starter package that only new customers can avail of. The starter pack costs around $25 and includes a total of 5 different strains of Kratom, which usually contains:

  • Green Maeng Da
  • Gold Maeng Da
  • Bali Gold
  • Green Kapuas Hulu
  • Elephant

Gaia 1000g Sampler:

Choose 250g of 4 different speciosa strains for a total of 1000g! If you purchase this product you will earn 120 Points worth $6.00!

3) Kraken Kratom

For kratom users, Kraken Kratom has become a household name due to its popularity as one of the best online shops.

You may not find a free sample at this shop, but the trial packs of multiple strains can be an excellent way to try out this substance and decide which one you want to use.

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Once you buy your weekly or monthly stock from this online shop, you will start receiving samples of the new strains that the shop introduces to its customers.

Free Same Day Shipping Offer:

All orders qualify for FREE USPS First Class shipping on all orders and FREE USPS Priority Mail on orders over $200. Your order must be placed before 2pm PST Monday-Friday or prior to noon on Saturday.

4) Super Natural Botanicals

Super Natural Botanicals is another popular option for kratom users. With reasonable prices and a vast range of kratom products, the online shop is an excellent place to purchase quality kratom.

Free samples are not available at Super Natural Botanicals, but you can try the test packs at a nominal charge to see what the online shop offers.

The prices are quite reasonable, given that they provide only high-quality Kratom strains, originating from natural farms in Southeast Asia.

5) Authentic Kratom

The top-quality kratom from the Southeast Asian region is used for all the products available at Authentic Kratom. This brand is particularly keen on quality control.

They scrutinize their products more often than any other brand, ensuring that the customers get top quality products every time.

You can buy the kratom samples for only $1 and try any of the 14 strains available in different forms at the online shop.

Get up to 5 free ounces kratom:

  • Spend $50 or more, get 1 free ounce of kratom
  • Spend $75 or more, get 2 free ounces of kratom
  • Spend $100 or more, get 3 free ounces of kratom
  • Spend $200 or more get 5 free ounces of kratom

6) Kraoma

Kraoma climbed the popularity ladder fast due to its commitment to the best quality and variety for new and regular customers. Free kratom samples are available at the online shop for as much as $6.50.

Safe packing and speedy delivery, along with a flexible return and exchange policy, explain the online shop’s standards of kratom varieties.

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Want to try kratom but are unsure of which type to start with? Try any two samples of kratom for FREE! They offer two 10-gram samples to all new customers.

Let them earn your trust by trying theirs for FREE! You only need to pay $4.95 for shipping and handling.

7) Phytoextractum

Phytoextractum is known for being in the Kratom business for several years. The shop provides a free sample pack for new customers along with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

They have daily discounts on several of their products.

Not only this, the best thing about the brand is that they offer same-day delivery that too totally free of cost!

Save 10% off on every purchase. They offer same day free shipping!

  • Phytoextractum is proud to announce FREE SHIPPING!
  • All orders now qualify for FREE USPS First Class shipping or opt for a new Expedited $4.99 USPS Priority Mail option for delivery!
  • FREE Priority Mail (2-3 days) for all orders over $75!

8) Kratom Exchange

Kratom Exchange focuses on consumer satisfaction through quality kratom strains and safe packaging to keep your stock fresh.

Kratom that is free of additives and fertilizers is available at reasonable prices, and consumers can benefit from the small packages that are available to try out new strains.

Kratom Exchange has a policy of giving free samples of the batches that are not sold within 25 days of production!

Free same day shipping for all orders:

They offer free standard shipping on all orders. Orders over $75 are upgraded to Free 2-3 days shipping. Same-day shipping applies to all orders received by 2Pm CST Monday – Friday.

9) The Kratom Connection

Kratom Connection guarantees the best Kratoms available in the market. They refuse to sell any kratom strains that are older than ten weeks.

This testifies their products much, and satisfied consumers return for more. The shop also provides free shipping all over the United States and has been giving same-day deliveries if the customer orders before 2 pm.

Free Shipping On All Kratom Orders!

FREE USPS First Class Mail
All orders, regardless of the quantity purchased, qualify for free shipping via first class USPS mail.

Estimated Delivery Time: 2-5 business days (Sundays & holidays do not count) once your order has been shipped. Tracking is provided via e-mail. NOTE: This shipping time frame is not guaranteed by the postal service.

10) Kats Botanicals

Kats Botanicals has seen exponential growth during the short years of providing quality to consumers in the United States.

Offering a wide variety of kratom and other herbal products, Kats Botanical makes sure the product goes through all the quality assurance tests. You can avail kratom samples to ensure you order the right kratom strain from the shop.

11) Laughing Lion Herbs

One of the most famous Kratom vendors of today. They provide free samples so customers can buy up to 5 samples a year for free, ranging from 3-6 gms.

What makes Laughing Lion Herbs stand out, is the round-the-clock vending machine in Colorado and a computer and phone application, which has made selling and buying easy for all customers.

12) Kratomonkey

Kratomonkey never fails to provide the freshest and finest quality of Kratom. The online shop ensures the products sold are pure and have zero additives. Buyers can easily purchase a free sample from their website by only paying the delivery charges.

13) PurKratom

PurKratom has become a successful online shop in a short time due to its quality and service.

Although the company doesn’t provide free samples or starter packs, it offers free delivery even on the smallest of orders.

So new customers can always order a small amount of Kratom first to check its authenticity and quality.

Variety Capsules Pack 15% off:

If you are new to Kratom or simply want to try alternative strains, the Variety Pack is the right option for you. You can try different strains to see which is most suitable for your needs. Choose 3 different options now at a discounted rate.

14) Kratom Fire

Kratom fire provides excellent discounts, while samples are offered to new customers free. You can enjoy kratom strains without paying anything! The shopping experience at Kratom Fire is simple, and the lab-tested products are potent and fresh.

15) Top Extracts

Top Extracts opened its doors to consumers in 2015. This online shop offers free samples along with plenty of discounts and contests through which costumers can win full-size products for free.

16) White Rabbit Herbals

White Rabbit Herbals provides the most excellent quality of Kratom in the form of both capsules and powder. It offers free sample packs along with a 100 percent money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the products.

17) Tucsan Kratom

Tuscan Kratom offers fresh kratom stock through vending machines placed strategically in Arizona. You can get free samples through the vending machine, but this is not available all over the country!

18) Kratomind

Kratomind is popularly known for its 100% wild grown kratom. They ensure strict quality checks and no use of pesticides. You can get the starter pack for new customers, which includes 25gm of high-quality Kratom at a minimal price of $5.

19) Coastline Kratom

With great customership, decent return policy, and free shipping all over the States, Coastline Kratom has caught the attention of a large number of kratom users.

You can try good quality and service, while the price of all products at the shop are reasonable and add to your shopping experience.

20) Kingdom Kratom

Kingdom Kratom provides kratom gummies, which contain a high dosage of 10gms of the substance.

They are hand-made and taste like wild cherries. The shop offers new customers with free samples. However, the sample is only limited to one per customer.

Shipping has to be paid by the customer to ensure the safe and timely delivery of the package.

Kate Freeman
Kate Freeman is the wellpreneur behind Ayuni Organic; a brand focused on spreading the goodness of Mitragyna Speciosa. Kate supports scientific research on this natural tree "Kratom" and believes that this herb can help millions of people to live a healthier life.

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