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How To Buy Kratom With Bitcoin?

Did you just notice your favorite kratom vendor offers a payment option as Bitcoin? But, what is it, and should you really go for it? If you don’t know about Bitcoin, It’s high time to kill that unfamiliarity folks, since Bitcoin is going to take this Mitragyna Speciosa market by the storm. In this piece, we will dig deeper into the Bitcoin cryptocurrency to buy kratom online, how you can make your account, how it works, what benefits it offers against other payment options, and how you can enjoy legit massive discounts for FREE!

So what are you waiting for?

Without further ado, let’s get straight into this guide and learn how to buy kratom with Bitcoin today.

Bitcoin – The Best Digital Currency To Buy Kratom Online

Yes, you hear that right! Bitcoin is currently the best digital currency to buy kratom online. Bitcoin has recently made its debut in the world of crypto currency and it would be a whole tragedy in itself if you are a kratom enthusiast and do not know about Bitcoin in 2022. Blockchain technology is used to quickly verify the potential transactions, providing an entirely secure environment to the users where their confidential information is completely protected. The miners confirm the financial transactions through computer processing power and are paid a fee for keeping the secrecy, speed, and security right there.

The Sign-Up Procedure For Bitcoin To Buy Kratom Online

Do you want to sign up and start using Bitcoin? You better start off ASAP (Yes, the urgency is legit worth it folks)

So how would you sign up for Bitcoin? Here’s a quick step-by-step guide explaining how you would sign up for Bitcoin, make an account, and start making payments through it.

1)   You have to choose a well-reputed exchange that allows signing up for Bitcoin. In this case, your best bet would be Coinbase.

2)   Next you have to connect your bank account or credit card (or any other payment source you prefer) with your coinbase account.

3)   Purchase Bitcoins through your Coinbase account, and save them in your digital wallet.

4)   When you are checking out, simply choose Bitcoin, and you will ultimately pay with Bitcoin, sounds easy?

How To Use The Bitcoin Option At The Checkout?      

When you have selected your preferred Mitragyna product and added it to your cart, you would head over to the checkout option. After reviewing the whole order, you will proceed to the shipping and payment section. Simply choose to pay with Bitcoin, enter the necessary information the vendors want to know, and confirm your order.

The vendor displays the payment address where you transfer the payment via your Bitcoin Wallet. Usually, in a matter of 15minutes, the status of the payment changes from “pending” to “paid” and the vendor mostly provides a tracking ID over your email that would help you track your order anytime. That’s how you would use the Bitcoin option at the checkout, isn’t it easy?

What Are The Benefits of Using Bitcoin For Kratom Purchases Online?

You must be wondering why you should choose Bitcoin to buy Mitragyna Speciosa online. Yes, a payment through Bitcoin does come up with numerous pluses that you won’t be able to enjoy with other payment options. Here are the top-5 benefits of using Bitcoin at an e-commerce store of kratom.

Easy And Fast Payment 

Do you hate the fact that you have to go to the bank for clearing any payment and the whole process becomes extremely time-consuming?

With Bitcoin, you are literally free from all sorts of hassles. You simply pay from the comfort of your home, and the processing speed is faster compared to debit and credit cards. 

Extra discount

Who does not want to save a few bucks while shopping for their favorite Mitragyna Speciosa strain online? We all love that! If you are among those folks then Bitcoins have got you covered. Most of the vendors who offer Cryptocurrency as a payment option offers up to 15% off the final amount. For this reason, most users prefer choosing Bitcoin as their payment method.

Safe And Easy Use

Being user-friendly, Bitcoin is entirely safe to use as well. It uses the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) with the elliptic curve secp256k, which makes it extremely secure for users. 

Fewer Fees

Kratom vendors often have to pay huge processing fees to credit and debit card companies which cost them loss instead of profit most of the time. Bitcoin charges little-to-no fees to Kratom vendors as compared to debit and credit card companies. This fact allows the vendors to offer discounts to potential customers like you, and ultimately, you get your order at a lower rate. This situation is a win-win for both the vendor and the customer.

Easily Accepts Kratom’s Purchase

As we all know, a few credit card companies consider kratom as a “High Risk” product. For this reason, most vendors cannot accept payments through credit cards. In such situations, Bitcoins help keep your anonymity and you can easily use them to buy Mitragyna online. You can simply buy Bitcoins by using your debit or credit card and clear the bill.

Precaution alert! 

It is important to protect your coinbase account when you shop Kratom using it. Although this is rare, a few users got their accounts shut down for Kratom’s purchase. It is essential to be informed beforehand and take precautionary measures to protect your coinbase account. So what can you do to protect your account?

Here’s an easy way to avoid this.

1) Make a wallet where you can keep control of your Bitcoin.

2) You can use Electrum, Blockchain, and Mycelium. They are reputable ones with excellent user reviews. 

3) Whenever you buy BTC on coinbase, make sure you transfer your money to the alternate wallet and use that wallet for clearing the payment. You won’t ever get into trouble and your account would be safe.

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Reddit User Reviews About Buying Kratom With Bitcoin 

Reddit is one of the most popular forums when it comes to searching for topics related to Kratom (You would know that if you are a regular Reddit user already). From top vendors to state policies for Mitragyna, the Redditors have discussed pretty much everything about this herb. Just like that, you will also come across various threads where kratom enthusiasts have discussed the best vendors to buy kratom with Bitcoin, how to buy kratom with Bitcoin in the USA, and how to buy kratom with Bitcoin near me, etc.

In the following thread over Reddit, users have discussed the vendors who accept cryptocurrencies at their e-commerce store of kratom, and the users recommended HA and Gaia, mentioning that they are one of the best vendors who also offer decent discounts when you use Bitcoins as your payment option.

In another thread discussing the reputable vendors for buying kratom with Bitcoin, the Reddit users suggested Oregon Kratom and Kratom Source USA as their go-to options.

Top-5 Kratom Vendors Who Accept Payments In Bitcoins

Since the Mitragyna industry works in a legal gray zone, unauthentic vendors who do not offer top-quality products may take advantage of the trusting and inexperienced user. For this reason, it is essential to be cautious when buying Mitragyna Speciosa online. But, don’t worry, I have brought together a list of trustworthy and GMP-certified vendors who accept Bitcoins and have a proven record of their transparency and consistent top quality. Here comes your quick guide about the best places to buy kratom with Bitcoin..

1. Supernatural Botanicals

The SNB is a certified Mitragyna Speciosa vendor that accepts payments in Bitcoins and offers discounts. They have thousands of positive user reviews under their belt. Apart from providing top-of-the-line Mitragyna Speciosa, the vendor has the best loyalty program for the customers that helps them get $1 store credit for spending $10.

2. Grh Kratom

GrhKratom.com is based in Austin and has been serving the Mitragyna Enthusiasts with pharmaceutical-grade kratom. This vendor is known for its grade-A quality, money-back guarantee, and unbeatable prices. If you want to buy kratom with Bitcoins, Grass Root Harvest would be your best choice. You can contact their customer care for further info.

3. Authentic Kratom

At Authentic Kratom, you can buy high-quality kratom at reasonable prices. They offer numerous payment options including credit cards, Master Card, Visa, American Express money orders, and e-checks. If you want to buy kratom using cryptocurrency, this vendor would be your perfect fit as they also accept payments in Bitcoins. Moreover, you get 5% off if you choose Bitcoin as your payment method.

4. Ketum Superior

Ketum is an AKA-certified kratom vendor that is known for its lab-tested Mitragyna products. Since they are not subjected to extremely high fees by card companies with Bitcoins, they offer straight 10% off your whole order at the checkout when you choose Bitcoin as your payment method. Moreover, they offer reward points and FREE shipping which makes them worth a try.

5. Kratora

Kratora is one of the most popular vendors of all time. With top-notch quality and amazing customer care, they offer 10% straight off when you buy kratom using Bitcoin for the first time. Additionally, they also offer reward points that are redeemable.

Note: If you are new to crypto, head over to this guide that will help you learn about buying crypto in the US.

Final Thoughts

Are you a kratom enthusiast who is a newbie in the world of Bitcoin? It is high time to start learning about it, especially in 2022.

Being a decentralized medium for digital payments, Bitcoin is entirely discreet and safe to use. Buying Kratom with PayPal or credit cards becomes quite a hassle at times due to the restrictions put forward by various credit card companies and the potential platforms responsible for processing the payments. Bitcoins come in handy in such case scenarios and to your surprise, there are numerous vendors who offer to pay via Bitcoins and offer 10-15% off as well as having to pay a lesser processing fee.

You simply have to sign up using coinbase, next you have to ensure to link your bank account or credit card with it, purchase your Bitcoins, and clear the payments using it whenever required.

I hope this article helped you with all the essential details, let us know in the comments below if you have any queries or want to add something.☺

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is it safe to use Bitcoin?

Yes, Bitcoin is safe to use for buying kratom from an eCommerce store. It uses blockchain technology for 100% secure transactions.

2) Do kratom vendors offer discounts with Bitcoin?

Yes, Kratom vendors offer a minimum 5% discount when you use Bitcoin. Some vendors even offer 10% off on your total order payment.

3) How to buy kratom online with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a safe and secure payment option for kratom enthusiasts who wish to buy Mitragyna online. Moreover, you can save a few bucks at the checkout too simply by choosing it as your payment option.

4) Is it easy to make a Bitcoin account?

Yes, you can make a Bitcoin account easily. You would have to make a coinbase account first and then you can sign up for Bitcoin.

5) Which kratom vendors offer a Bitcoin payment option?

Grass Root Harvest, Golden Monk, Kraken Kratom, Top Extracts, and Oasis Kratom are among numerous other Mitragyna Vendors who offer buying kratom with cryptocurrency.

6) Can my account get blocked if I buy Kratom using Bitcoins?

To be at the safer end, it would be best to save your coin in an alternate wallet like Electrum, Blockchain, or Mycelium and clear the payments through these wallets

7) Why do Mitragyna vendors prefer payments through cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is the best option for vendors to collect payments from customers since it charges minimal fees as compared to debit and credit card companies.

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