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How To Choose LED Grow Lights To Grow Cannabis?

Regardless of the type of plant, light plays a crucial role in photosynthesis and helps it grow effectively. The same is the case with the Cannabis plant. If you grow these plants in an outdoor environment, the sun fulfills the light requirements.

But, if you are planning to grow your indoor Cannabis, artificial light would be needed to provide a comfortable environment to maintain smooth growing conditions. This is where LED grow lights play their part. The best thing about using these lights is adjusting the amount of light required for better growth.

Choosing the ideal LED grow lights is not a piece of cake. Some are expensive, whereas others are not efficient enough to give the desired results. Similarly, some lights are lightweight, whereas others come with bulky spare parts. Do you intend to grow indoor Cannabis? Looking for better LED grow lights? Don’t miss the discussion below.

6 Important Factors To Consider While Choosing LED Grow Lights

Don’t buy LED grow lights until you read these 6 important factors.

1. Cost

This is the number one parameter to be considered. Of course, you must buy something that falls within your budget. Cannabis has become legal in most states; therefore, the trend of growing this plant at home is increasing every day.

A grow light is available in the market at as low as $100. On the other hand, the cost may increase to as much as $2,000 for the lights equipped with the latest technologies.

How many times will you grow this plant per year? This question plays a key role in selecting the right product. If you have to grow Cannabis multiple times a year, your investment will be recovered in a short span compared to if you grow it once a year.

Important Note: LED grow lights may be costly compared to HIDs, but they will cost you less electricity bills.

In addition, some lights get hot, and you need cooling equipment to cool them down. It requires more electricity which means more cost.

Don’t forget to consider all the parameters mentioned above to get the best cost-effective LED light to grow indoor Cannabis.

2. Warranty

There is no doubt that LED lights are simple and easy to use. Moreover, you can easily maintain them. Still, it is always a better approach to check for the product’s warranty because you can claim either an exchange or refund if there is any built-in issue in the light you have purchased. A warranty secures your investment, and every reputed seller provides this service.

3. Number Of LED Grow Lights Required

Usually, the people who regularly grow indoor Cannabis use 1 to 2 lights. Many states have allowed to grow up to only 6 to 12 Hemp or Cannabis plants. So, 1 or 2 LED lights are enough for them. For instance, if you plan to utilize two different rooms, you can place 1 light in each room.

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When it comes to how big an LED grow light should be, it depends on two different factors, i.e., the size of the space you want to grow in and the number of plants you want to grow.

If you have a small room to grow Cannabis in, only a single LED light will do the job for you. But, if you have a bigger space, you can invest in big lights instead of installing multiple small lights. A light with more wattage will perform much better for bigger fields than many lights with less wattage.

4. Plant Stage

The type of light required varies depending on the age of the plants. Both mature and young plants need different lights. Usually, the people who benefit from HIDs use HPS bulbs to grow flowery plants and MH bulbs for their vegetative alternative. Nowadays, with the decent advancements in technology, some LEDs are specially introduced to target different light spectrums.

5. Safety

Have you installed all the lighting equipment, and you are all set to grow Cannabis? Great! You must consider that you should have a continuous power source to run the whole setup. To have a suitable power source, you need to closely monitor each component’s power requirements, e.g., air conditioner, fan, lights, etc.

Simply calculate the amount of power required by each component. Now, sum up all to find the total energy required for the complete system. Once done, purchase a power source or arrange the one that can provide you with slightly more power than the required threshold.

In addition, this system has to run every day for a series of months; therefore, ensuring a flawless and smooth power supply is a must. If your system performs well throughout the growing period, you will get an amazing product in the end.

6. Ventilation

It is also one of the most critical parameters that can never be taken for granted when choosing the right LED grow lights. If you have a small place to grow Cannabis and install a light that becomes hot within a few hours, you will need fans to cool that light down. But you can’t install fans as the space is already small. What to do in such a scenario?

To deal with this challenge, start searching for a light that doesn’t become too hot when turned on for a long time. LED lights will surely lend a helping hand in this regard. They are considered the best products to give your indoor Cannabis plant a solid boost.

Final Words

Are you interested in growing Cannabis at your home? Want to purchase LED grow lights to provide a better growing environment? Don’t have an idea for choosing the perfect LED grow lights? Just relax and read through the above discussion. Always keep in mind these 6 factors, and you will be able to buy a potential LED grow light at an affordable price.

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