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How To Find And Select A Reliable Kratom Vendor?

We all know the benefits of Kratom, the effects it produces at various doses, the varieties of Kratom.

What do we not know is whether the Kratom we are purchasing is real or not? This is where we get stuck.

Many Kratom vendors claim that their products are authentic and that they ensure the quality of the Kratom that they sell, but how can one rely on them?

To help you with these major problems while buying Kratom we have come with this article which will brief you about finding and selecting a reliable Kratom vendor.

Why Should You Find A Trusted Kratom Vendor?

Most of the people out there are taking Kratom for medicinal purposes. It is necessary that they get fine quality Kratom to achieve the desired effects. Therefore, it’s a must that they find a trusted vendor.

Kratom is an expensive herb and one needs to spend money carefully on it.

Usually, the vendors get Kratom from suppliers who are not aware of the contents and thus they recklessly mix stuff with it and sell it to vendors.

Thus, the vendors must have a proper supplier from the areas where Kratom is originated and the vendor should be aware of the properties of all types of Kratom.

What Criteria Do A Reliable Kratom Vendor Fulfills?

Finding a Kratom vendor that is reliable, trust worthy and provides cost effective deals and products is quite difficult to find.

This is why we have come up with a checklist that you need to go through before selecting a Kratom vendor.

  • If the Kratom vendor has too low prices as compared to the rest of the market, know that this vendor is trying to fool you. Everything comes with reasonable price.
  • A vendor that gives a guarantee of 100% quality and quantity isn’t reliable. In the processing of Kratom, the quality of Kratom is reduced so no such guarantees shall be accepted.
  • The vendor should provide a consumer guide in order to facilitate the consumers.
  • Reputable manufacturers usually provide laboratory assays if the consumer asks for. This ensures that the product really is what the company claims it to be and that it is not adulterated.
  • You can ask for a certificate of analysis from your vendor to ensure that the Kratom product has no contaminants in it. You can even ask for the original one to make sure that the company doesn’t use the same template again and again.
  • If the vendor doesn’t comply with your requests of laboratory assay or certificate of analysis you should identify it as a fake vendor and move on.
  • The vendor is supposed to use Good Manufacturing Practices. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ensures that GMP guidelines are being followed.

What Should Be There On The Kratom Package To Make Sure That It Is Authentic?

A package of Kratom or even bulk product should be following the GMP guidelines as laid down by the FDA. The package should contain proper labels including the following;

  • Batch Number/Lot Number – a combination of letters, numbers and/or symbols to determine the complete history of manufacturing, packaging, labeling, and holding of the batch. Every product should have a Batch/Lot Number, as well as an expiration date.
  • Statement of Identity – what the product is (e.g. Red Indo Vein Powder)
  • Size/Weight- (e.g. NET WT 60g)
  • Phone number or contact information of the vendor to allow you to reach the vendor in order to register complaints.

Identification Of Vendors That Are Going Against Ethical Marketing

Ethical marketing and labeling are a must otherwise we are promoting brands that evoke fear in the minds of parents and law enforcing agencies.

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It’s a must that Kratom is not associated with narcotics and it shouldn’t be branded in a way that promotes the version of Kratom that only makes one high.

False vendors usually try to sell their products by labeling it as Opium or one of the Opiates related stuff. They try to attract consumers by associating Kratom with Opiates.

Vendors that claim that ‘Kratom is not a drug’ in their marketing campaign are usually the fake vendors as none of the vendors have the right to make claims on any sales material.

Brands that use designs to appeal children are also false vendors and it is against ethics too.

Stating that approved by the law, DEA or FDA on any package or any marketing campaign is a sign of a fake vendor too. B

rands that propagate the medical uses of Kratom in their social media campaigns aren’t highly reliable either. The responsible brand vendors are usually members of various Trade Associations.

Is Your Vendor Contributing To Keeping Kratom Legal?

Ask your vendor if they are putting any efforts in keeping the status of Kratom legal?

Are they donating any proceeds of the sale of Kratom to the workers and lawyers that are trying to keep its status legal? If no, you don’t need to spend money on such a vendor.

What Other Things Do I Need To Look For While Selecting A Kratom Vendor?

  • Packaging: The packaging should be neat and it should be sealed properly so that air doesn’t oxidize the contents of the package.
  • It should have a proper seal of the brand and it shouldn’t leak or break during shipping.
  • Shipping: Same day shipping is preferred in most of the instances; however, if there is any change in the shipping schedule the customer should be duly notified to avoid inconvenience.
  • Prices: Affordable prices are preferred by all customers but this doesn’t mean that the prices are too low because this will give the customer a negative impression that there must be other additives in Kratom and the quality must be low.
  • Refund policy: Clearly defined refund policy allows the customer make to decent purchases as he starts trusting you and your company.
  • Helpline-Customer services: One of the most important things. Customer service should be excellent and even door to door to gain the trust of the vendors.
  • Discounts and coupons: Regular discounts and sharing of coupons allow the customer to invest in your company as it’s a known thing every customer loves discounts.
  • Payment modes: Payment mode should be reliable and the customer should trust you while sharing bank details for the purpose of payment. Therefore, you should assure your customers that their personal details will be kept safe.
  • Wholesale purchase: This should be done too so that you attract a larger group of customers.
  • Online tracking of orders: Your website must have this section to keep the trust of the customer.
  • Customer rewards: This reward system attracts a greater number of customers to your company.
  • Purchase reviews: A section of your website must contain purchase reviews. Usually, customers get attracted to products because of these purchase reviews.

With this guideline document, it will be easier for you to find and select a vendor.

Remember, the vendor you choose makes money, so choose carefully and spend carefully because each dollar matters and each Kratom pinch matters that you take into your system.

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