Kratom is a natural herb, gaining popularity in today’s world. It is a natural alternative for medical ailments which contains alkaloids such as Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine.

These alkaloids in kratom aid in treating such conditions, with an increase in energy levels, reduction in anxiety, depression, pain and relaxed sleep.

It is a subject of hot debate in chat groups and medical forums. It has been in use by the natives of Southeast Asia for centuries, but it is gaining fame in western countries because of the medical benefits. As many individuals know about it, most of them want to give it a try.

It is a difficult task to find natural and original kratom as it is not available everywhere. It is impossible to identify whether kratom is original or not by just looking at the pictures.

In today’s world, everything is readily available online, allowing you to shop efficiently without any hustles and is cost-effective.

Before, buying kratom from the online or local vendor, make sure to keep these simple tips in mind.

Bear in mind that internet is full of scams and kratom might be sold at low prices if it is not original, so search for top kratom vendors who are selling high-quality kratom products.

Which Things To Consider Before Buying Kratom Online?

  1. Know the local laws of Kratom

    The use of kratom is legal in some countries while others have not legalized it yet. You should know about the laws of your state regarding the kratom use.

    Kratom is legal in most parts of the world including the US. It is legal in all states except few which include Arkansas, Florida, Alabama, Indiana, California, Jerseyville, Vermont, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

  2. Reliable track record of a vendor

    The top kratom vendors should be old enough for you to build a trust relationship with them and purchase kratom products from that vendor.

    Check the percentage of customers who have rated the website and are satisfied with their kratom products.

    Confirm whether the kratom vendor offers you valid payment methods. Look for the honest reviews about the vendor regarding the products and services to clients.

  3. Accurate labelling of products

    Check for websites which provide you with guaranteed quality kratom products. The site or the local shops should give complete information about the product, regarding cultivation, origin, and benefits.

    The labelling on kratom products should give information about the industry, tips for kratom users and any report about adverse effect should be mentioned by linking the consumer to distributor or manufacturer.

  4. Medical claims on the benefits of Kratom

    Kratom vendors can medically claim about the supplement that how it intends to benefit the function and structure of human body.

    For example, the vendors might claim that kratom helps in reducing chronic pain.

    If the kratom vendor claims about treating diseases or any recommendation for use as a substitute, then it is not qualified for FDA compliance.

  5. Variety of Kratom products available

    Whether you are buying online or from a local shop, check if they have a range of kratom products available in the form of supplements, powder or extracts.

    Select the place which has most of the products available under one roof to buy the desired kratom product.

  6. Ease to track your shipment

    track your shipmentThe top kratom vendors offer you with tracking services to check the status of your product.

    The website on which the order is placed should send you a confirmation message related to shipping or provide information about customer care centre.

  7. Quality customer service and money back guarantee

    Quality customer serviceCheck websites with high-quality customer service and experience of selling kratom products online with best customer reviews.

    If you are buying kratom online, then best kratom vendors provide you with same day shipping, tracking order services, different payment modes and a contact number or email address for issues or queries related to the product.

    Opt for the kratom vendor who provides you with30-days return policy and money back guarantee, if you are not contented with the quality of the product.

    Choose the best kratom vendor online if it has the qualities mentioned above, to buy the high-quality kratom products.


Pur Kratom

Pur Kratom is a promising Kratom vendor with solid payment processing. $41.62 (1oz Variety Powder Pack)
$49.99 (4oz Green Maeng Da Kratom)
49.99 (4oz Red Vein Kratom)
Free (USPS First Class Mail)

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Super Natural Botanicals

Best known for selling highest-quality of Maeng Da (Green, Red, White). SNB is currently at the top list and Redstorm trusted seller. $45.99 (4oz Beginner's Pack)

$49.99 (4oz Maeng Da)

$49.99 (4oz Red Vein Indo)

Free (USPS First Class Mail)

$6.65 (USPS Priority)

$23.75 (USPS Express)

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The vendor is known for selling the best Kratom alternatives (Blue Lotus Flowers, Mitragyna Hirsuta, Akuamma Whole Seeds). The price of the Maeng Da Kratom and other strains are bit high than other vendors. $75.99 (4oz Green Maeng Da Kratom)
$41.99 (4oz Red Vein Sumatra Kratom)
$41.99 (4oz White Vein Borneo Kratom)
Free (USPS Priority)

$18.95 (USPS Express)

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Phytoextractum has a wide variety in their catalogue: Kratom, Blue Lotus, Essential Oils, Kava Kava, Maca, Coffee. $29.95 (4oz White Vein Borneo Kratom)
$29.95 (4oz Red Vein Borneo Kratom)
$41.99 (4oz Super Indo Kratom)
Free (USPS First Class Mail)
$4.99 (USPS Priority Mail )

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Kratom Emporium

A new vendor in the Kratom industry with a promise to deliver the highest standard of Kratom. Deal in Kratom powder only. Prices are low as compared with many top vendors. $57.99 (4oz Maeng Da Kratom)
$43.99 (4oz Bali Red Vein Kratom)
$33.99 (4oz Borneo White Vein Kratom)
$4.99 (USPS Priority Flat Rate)


Excellent user reviews on their quality of products and great customer services. They have plenty of inventory and shipping the same day $50.49 (4oz White Maeng Da Kratom)
$50.99 (4oz Green Malaysian Kratom)
$33.99 (Borneo Red Kratom)
$5.99 (USPS Priority Shipping)
$19.99 (USPS Priority Express Shipping)

Sacred Kratom

This vendor is selling many items in enhanced Kratom form. Same day shipping and quite excellent varieties in white, red, and green Kratom. $53.99 (4oz Green Maeng Da Kratom)
$43.99 (4oz Bali Red Vein)
$40.99 (4oz Borneo White Vein)
Standard (Free For Orders Over $100)

$6.49 (USPS Priority)

$19.99 (USPS Express)


Kratom Store

Kratom Store is a new vendor in our list. The have introduced a wide variety of Gold Vein Kratom. Active merchant account for processing payments. $74.99 (4oz Maeng Da Kratom)
$59.99 (4oz Bali Red Vein Kratom)
$36.99 (4oz Borneo White Vein Kratom)
$7.15 (USPS Priority Flat Rate)

Coastline Kratom

Selling Kratom in Red, White, and beginners packs form. One of the few vendors actually offering live kratom plants. $49.99 (1oz Beginner's Pack)
$69.99 (4oz White Vein Maeng Da Kratom)
$74.99 (4oz Red Vein Maeng Da Kratom)
$4.99 (Weight Based Shipping)

Kraken Kratom

Kraken Kratom is one of the oldest vendor and ranked high in selling wide varieties of Kratom. uper Selling Kratom leaves and Full Spectrum Kratom Extracts. $34.99 (4oz Super Green Malaysian Kratom)
$26.96 (Red Vein Sumatra Kratom)
$29.99 (White Vein Borneo Kratom)
Free (USPS First Class)
$4.99 (USPS Priority Mail)

Happy Hippo Herbals

Wide varieties of Kratom sorted by slow, medium, and fast strains $35 (3oz Starter Pack)
$49 (4oz Maeng Da)
$46 (4oz Indo Super Red)
$6 (USPS Priority)

$25 (USPS Express)


Kratom Spot

Kratom Spot offer excellent deals on the capsules and has number of good reviews on the Reditt. The vendor offer wholesale accounts to the tobacco and head shops. $149.99 (Maeng Da Variety Pack)
$49.49 (4oz Bali Red Vein Kratom)
$35.99 (4oz Red Vein Indo Kratom)
$7.15 (USPS Priority Flat Rate)

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