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7 Best Places To Buy Red Dragon Kratom in 2024

After some time a new kratom strain makes its way into the market and people love it for all the right reasons. The truth is that kratom has a lot of benefits for people with various health issues.

One of the new kratom strains that have become very popular in a short time is the Red Dragon Kratom and you can buy online and offline.

This kratom type is a unique strain, which primarily works as a stimulant and sedative. You can benefit from this kratom strain as it possesses the qualities of several kratom types.

Kratom grows in the Southeast Asian region and was part of the traditional medicines of that area. The Dragon gets its name from a brand that introduced this strain first.

However, now all the kratom vendors use this name to describe this potent and strong kratom type.

The strain is reddish and looks very similar to other red strains such as the Red Thai kratom. The effects of Red Dragon strain are such that the name ‘dragon’ is an apt selection.

The Red Dragon kratom possesses the quality of leaving users feeling the opposite of what they felt before taking it. Quality Dragon kratom is from the Indonesian islands of Sumatra, Java, Lombok, and Seram.

This kratom type is a comparatively new strain but has become popular due to its distinct effects. If you are considering to try Dragon kratom, here are some facts about the strain.

Kratom is legal in the United States, but some cities and states have strict kratom policies. Wisconsin, Arizona, Alabama, Vermont, Michigan, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Illinois.

You must know the laws of the state where you live. Once you know that kratom is available and legal, you can buy Red Dragon kratom for its varied effects and benefits.

Reasons For The Popularity Of Red Dragon Kratom

Every kratom strain has its effects, and Dragon is a potent and powerful strain that has a substantial impact on users.

It is rich in alkaloids, which react with the same receptors as opiates. This indicates kratom’s ability to eliminate pain and motivate users, so they feel positive and energetic.

The Dragon Red kratom is a potent strain that offers a variety of benefits that other kratom types don’t cover. Some kratom types are sedative, some are stimulants while the Red Dragon strain offers all the effects people seek. These effects are listed below:

Some of the adverse impacts of overdosage are:

  • Nausea
  • Sweating
  • Lack of focus
  • Vomiting


Like every kratom variety, the dosage and effects of Dragon vary with individuals. A simple table might help new users understand the correct dosage of this kratom type to yield results in a short period.

Purpose Of ConsumptionDosage
Pain reliefThe high dosage needed between 6 to 8 grams.
For stress reliefUpto 5 to 6 grams.
Sedation and euphoriaBetween 4 and 5 grams.
For energyOnly 2 grams.

5 tips for getting the correct kratom dosage

7 Top Places To Buy Red Dragon Kratom Powder & Capsules?

Dragon Red Kratom is not as common as the other strains available in the market. There has been a mushroom growth in the kratom industry, and hundreds of vendors, online shops and smoke shops have opened up in all corners of the United States.

All potential users are cautioned to always look for a vendor who assures quality, freshness and lab testing to ensure the efficacy of the kratom strains.

We have listed some of the safest and most reliable online and offline vendors. The choice of users has determined this list as user reviews are the best way to find useful and beneficial kratom.

1) Super Natural Botanicals for $12 to $60

super natural botanicals kratom extracts powder

The Dragon at SNB is from the highlands of Indonesia, Sumatra, Seram and Islands of Java and Lombok.

The highly energizing and stimulating kratom powder comes in vacuum-packed bags. This packing keeps the powder fresh and free from contaminants.

You can open the bag and store the contents in an air-tight jar. The Red Dragon kratom is available in packs of 28grams, 50grams, 100grams, and 250grams.

The best part about shopping from Super Natural Botanicals is that all the products are lab-tested.

Moreover, the vendor offers full transparency of the procedures followed to create the capsules, powders and various options available to users.

The kratom Red Dragon powder costs between $12 and $60. It is a reasonable buy for all those looking for a quick-acting strain.

The distinguishing feature of SNB Red Dragon kratom:

  • Fresh and safe.
  • Full of effective alkaloids.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Easy return and exchange policy.
  • USPS first class mail with free shipping.
  • You can track orders and avail offers.
  • Reward points and discounts make every purchase better!

2) Ketum Superior Red Dragon for $9 to $75

ketum superior kratom

The online shop is one of the bigger vendors with a wide array of kratom powders, capsules, extracts and tinctures.

A bag of Dragon kratom at Ketum Superior might look like a plain pack but it is full of alkaloids that improve health in subtle yet effective ways.

Euphoria, sedation and pain relief along with stimulation and mood enhancement are some of the effects of this strain.

Ketum Superior offers this strain at a competitive price and ensures an easy shopping experience. Before ordering, here are some facts that will make you pick Ketum Superior:

  • Quick and safe payment.
  • Fast and free shipping.
  • Available in 5 different sizes.
  • Lab-tested and fresh.

3) Kraken Kratom Offering Red Dragon Powder for $11.74 to $40!

Kraken Kratom Brand

Kraken Kratom is a famous online shop and has many customers. The online shop ensures freshness and good quality kratom, which can benefit consumers in many ways.

All products at this shop are GMP compliant and safe for use. The Dragon powder is available in 28grams, 56grams and 112grams pack.

The sealed packing and speedy shipping are to let customers know that all products will be fresh when they start using them!

Kraken Kratom has lab tests published on the website so that you can sit back and enjoy your kratom powder without any fear of a wrong purchase!

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The price of Red Dragon kratom at this online shop is between $11.74 and $40. It is lower than the Thai Red kratom, although the dragon strain has a lot of similar qualities. What makes Kraken Kratom stand apart is:

  • Easy payment online.
  • Quick shipping.
  • Lab results and transparency.
  • Lot number on packing.
  • Quick ordering.
  • Tracking orders and ensuring a quick delivery.

4) Shop Red Dragon Kratom From Simple Botanical

Botanical Remedies

Kratom Dragon Red is not a common strain, and therefore you will find it at online shops that are not as known as others.

Simple Botanicals offers quality Red Dragon kratom, with lab tests to verify purity and safety. The potent kratom powder is available in 100grams, 250grams, 500grams and one-kilogram bags.

The price of this powder is between $20 and $140, according to the weight of the pack. You can try out a smaller container if you are a beginner.

Every online shop will recommend a low dose for new users. This caution is for consumers to decide their optimum daily requirement according to their own body needs. You can avail free shipping if you buy products for $50 or more.

The Simple Botanicals online shop also has a return policy, which indicated the high-quality standards! So, in a nutshell, here are some things to consider before ordering:

  • Easy ordering process.
  • Safe and secure payments.
  • The convenience of paying on delivery.
  • Discrete packing.
  • Fresh and effective products.

5) Buy Red Dragon Kratom From Green Hippo

happy hippo herbals

The premium Red Dragon kratom at Green Hippo is an excellent choice for all users. The online shop imports all kratom from the exclusive Green Hippo plantation.

The source ensures healthy and fresh strains while the processing unit in the United States provides a fine, micronized powder that is easy to use.

The 100% all-natural superior Red Dragon powder is available in a minimum of the two-ounce pack and maximum 24-ounce pack. The price of the bag is between $25 and $140.

It is an economical, yet effective way to get rid of pain, anxiety and all other health concerns that hinder a healthy lifestyle!

  • Fresh and effective kratom.
  • Speedy shipping through USPS
  • Safe payments.
  • Packing for efficacy.

6) Shop Red Dragon From Original Harvest Kratom

Buy Original Harvest kratom

When you look for a specific strain like the Dragon, you will come across a lot of vendors who claim to sell the best.

However, you have to vigilantly select a supplier as there can be a lot of substandard kratom products available! The best way to find a reliable online shop is to ensure that every step of production is safe, hygienic and correct!

Original Harvest kratom shop offers quality and trust. You can see the lab results of all products on the website, which makes it easier to enjoy kratom daily!

The price of premium Dragon kratom begins at $19.95 and goes up as you choose a bigger bag. The new kratom strain is processed from the finest Thai variation of the plant.

You can feel a euphoria take over as all your worries disappear after the potent and effective dose of kratom Dragon from the Original Harvest Kratom online shop.

  • Hygienic and safe products.
  • Lab-tested.
  • Vacuum-packed.
  • Free shipping through USPS.

7) Kratom Club Blue Magic Red Dragon Capsules

kratom capsules Red Dragon

Here’s a twist in the tale as Kratom Club introduced Blue Magic capsules with Dragon kratom powder.

The blue bottle of pills contains a sun-dried powder that is fresh and processed to keep you pain-free and happy for long hours. You can find a bottle of the Dragon Red kratom in different sizes on the website.

However, this product is available at several smoke shops in the United States. Here are some salient features of this blue bottle:

  • Easy to carry.
  • Effective and potent.
  • Available easily.
  • Available in different sizes to fulfil long-term kratom needs.

Buying Red Dragon Kratom From Shops and Suppliers

While online shopping for kratom is safer, you can always look for a reliable vendor and order without logging onto a website. There has been a significant growth in smoke shops, weed shops and cafes where kratom supplements are available.

The Red Dragon kratom has gained popularity is a short period. It is available at several smoke shops, Kava bars and cafes. Some of the offline options for Dragon Red kratom are:

Kava Bars

Kava bars are an excellent place to meet with friends and select an organic supplement to feel liberated and free.

The kratom Dragon Red possesses qualities that make it a good pick for recreational purposes. This strain is a popular product at bars and cafes since a lot of customers want to buy it.

Local Smoke Shops

The smoke shops near you are a good option if you’re going to purchase kratom. The Red Dragon kratom capsules or powder are in demand.

This demand makes it easier to find them at places where people of all ages would come for their daily kratom needs!

Some Points To Remember When Purchasing Red Dragon From Local Shops

1) Know The Price!

Expensive kratom is sold at smoke shops and cafes. The online shops are always an economical pick but cafes, bars and shops sell more expensive products.

This price difference might make it difficult for you to choose strains that are pricier than other varieties of kratom.

2) Look For Fresh Stock

Freshness and Efficacy of the kratom supplements from local shops are always a doubt. You might find your kratom product to be stale or contaminated as the smoke shops and cafes have no quality checks.

It may be that the bag of Red Dragon kratom you buy from a shop is more than six months old! An older lot of organic substance can never be as effective as a fresh one!

3) Beware Of Frauds and Quacks

Substandard products are the norm in all the shops that have no regulations. The FDA does not recognize kratom supplements as a medicine.

This lack of control may lead vendors to mix kratom with any other substance to increase volume and profits! An online shop always ensures purity and quality.

Here are some more spots to buy your favorite kratom strains:

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