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Blue Lotus Effects, Dosage, Legality and User Reviews

Since medieval times, herbs and roots with properties that induced states of euphoria have been popular. Most of these herbs were used in ceremonies and rituals to kick start the mood of everyone in attendance. The authenticity of their use has been depicted in paintings found from the Nile civilization in which Egyptians were shown to use the drug Blue Lotus.

This traditional use of the blue lotus has been carried on to the twenty-first century, where people were curious to experiment with this psychoactive drug which their ancestors had meddled with, years before them.

What is Blue Lotus?

Blue Lotus, generically also known as Nymphaea caerulea is a water lily known to the Ancient Egyptians to contain the psychoactive alkaloid apomorphine. Fortunately, enough, this plant has extended from the Nile to the Indian subcontinent and Thailand. These pale blue lilies have been known to bloom in the morning and close at dusk.

Blue Lotus effects and medicinal benefits

The Blue Lotus is unique in the sense that it has a high repute for such a subtle plant. The effects and sensations are known to vary from person to person, while some of the most uniform effects are discussed here.

  1. Sedative: Nymphaea caerulea has known benefits of being used as a sedative. It acts as a natural anti-anxiety drug for stress relief and treatment of slight insomnia.
  2. Stimulant effects: As being a recreational drug, the first expected effects are those of euphoria. Pleasant, warm physical changes felt in the upper body. Altered perception, cognition, mood, and consciousness have also been reported. These effects observed without losing the state of consciousness and awareness, which have been seen to be useful in meditation.
  3. Social drug: The stimulant effects of Blue Lotus have encouraged its traditional use as a social and party drug. These stimulant effects are associated with an increased urge of talkativeness, socializing and energy. This has led to its use in people suffering from social anxiety.
  4. Role in treating sexual disorders: Apomorphine is a centrally acting D1/D2 dopamine agonist. It activates the dopaminergic receptors in the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus resulting in smooth muscle relaxation and vasodilatation within the corpora cavernosa. These actions lead to the erection of the penis, therefore stabilizing its role in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This use of the blue lotus best explains its depiction in nude part scenes.
  5. Anti-spasmodic: Blue lotus is reported to have been used as a muscle relaxant due to its content of nuciferan which has antispasmodic activity
  6. Gastrointestinal problems: Blue Lotus has found its way into being described as a treatment for diarrhea and dyspepsia. These uses have been mentioned even though research is still inadequate.
  7. Menstrual pain relief: In women, it has been known to nurture fertility and sexuality by alleviating pain and cramps associated with the menstrual cycle. It is also used to uplift mood swings before and during menstruation.
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Adverse effects:

On its own, Blue Lotus does not have any major harmful effects. The most commonly seen are hot flashes and mild jittery feelings to high doses.

The real adverse effects start to creep in when the blue lotus is combined with other stronger drugs, such as cannabis or prescription painkillers. Feelings of nausea and disorientation may commonly be reported.

How to use?

  1. Smoking: Smoking is a popular form of use. The parts to be smoked are a combination of the bulbs and petal. Neither of them should be utilized alone, as a congruent effect of both has better efficacy than solitary use.
  2. Brewing: Brewing is one of the most commonly used methods of the modern world. The plant is boiled in water, tea, cocktail or alcohol for 20-30 minutes before being readied for use. The recommended dosage for brewing is about 5 grams.
  3. Eating: Ingesting the herbal blend by mouth has been the method of ingestion described to be followed in ancient times.

Dosage: The standard dosages have set at 3 ml. This dose can be taken by 4-5 eyedroppers full and kept in the mouth for 20 seconds after which it is finally ingested.

The importance of holding it in the mouth is due to the oral membranes and throat provide an efficient route of absorption. A second dose is only allowed after 5-10 minutes.

Suggested Cautions:  It is advised to bear caution in use while driving or operating heavy machinery. This might be due to the reason that it contains 8% content of alcohol. Blue Lotus should not often be used, for there is a chance of losing its potency.

User reviews:

Users have reported psychedelic like effects. A certain user ingesting a low dose (only one flower) said his whole ordeal. The first reported feelings were warmth in the upper body, followed by stimulating effects of general well-being and lethargy experienced after a massage.

Nearing to its end the user felt its aphrodisiac effects kick starting up a bit. All these effects subsided after around two and a half hours.

Another user who reported similar effects also reported an additional finding. This user mixed blue lotus with alcohol which leads to a deep sleep with vivid dreams.

Is it legal?

Blue Lotus has been slightly controversial in its legality status. Although legal in most the countries, still its use must fall within some distinct regulations.

On the other hand, some countries such as Latvia, Poland, and Russia have jointly enforced a ban on this drug since 2009. A sizable amount of penalty is to be charged if anyone is found to be in possession of these medicinal products in any form. This drug still has not been approved for human consumption by FDA of the USA.

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