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Review of Kraken Kratom Products – Good & Bad

Kraken Kratom is a fairly old (established in 2014) and famous online vendor, based in Portland, Oregon, that has gained quite a good reputation.

On the face of it, the professionalism presented by the website convince potential customers to trust them.

Not only are their low and moderate prices attractive for many, but the exciting offers are also quite irresistible.

While the approach adopted by Kraken Kratom is simple and easy, the following questions remain. Are the products of good quality as claimed? Is the brand legitimate and credible, and are the products tested?

Such issues are fundamental, not only has a general concerned basis but also because the industry itself is not regulated. This article aims to consider all these questions.

Key Features of Kraken Kratom

Here are the critical features in the Kraken Kratom Review below:

While these features go onto distinguish it from other vendors, these are also the defining aspects of the brand.

  • Legitimate Methods Used For Extraction

Kraken Kratom does not claim to use artificial methods of extracting Kratom. Instead, conventional methods of extraction ensure the naturality of the product.

The result of this is that there is no inclusion of any chemicals in the process of manufacturing, which might impact the overall quality. Because of this, the results brought about are extremely satisfactory to customers.

  • Reasonable Prices and Offers

Prices offered by Kraken Kratom are moderate. Also, considering the high standard quality that has been assured — in the end, a good investment.

But not only are the prices offered reasonably, the coupons and discounts proposed are also attractive and reported to be worthwhile.

Furthermore, they also have a system of Customer Rewards. In this, they offer rewards and points to customers for doing simple tasks, like signing up for the newsletter or rating their products.

However, it should be noted that many customers have frowned upon the prices of Kratom extracts and the Kratom tea capsules. Aside from this hiccup, the prices overall offered are mainly reasonable.

  • Website Is Easy To Function

Since Kraken Kratom is essentially an online vendor, it is crucial that how the customers get in touch with them are easy and straightforward.

And on this aspect, Kraken Kratom does not disappoint. A quick look at the website by anyone would confirm that; it is easy to function and also quite attractive.

  • Quality of Products

This aspect is a deal-breaker, and nothing in regards to this can be compromised. Kraken Kratom has good quality products.

They ensure high-quality products through the following routines: inclusive testing methods, using two or more las for testing, sanitation procedures, environmental controls to test for contamination, and comprehensive screening processes.

The fact that the American Kratom Association (AKA) recognizes the compliance with Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) further adds to this feature.

  • Quality of Customer Service

One of the best features of Kraken Kratom is surely its top-notch customer service quality, which adds to its excellent reputation.

Complaints or questions are mainly handled through live chat, email, or phone.

Not only will every concern of any customer be heard and handled, but the response itself is also quite fast and is a combination of friendly and professional.

  • Purchasing Experience

On this aspect, too, Kraken Kratom does not disappoint. It allows conventional methods of payment with a quick and easy checking out process, hence not making it tough on their potential customers.

Moreover, there are occasions when even free delivery is offered, which makes the overall shopping experience even better.

The shipping services are also quite impeccable with quick delivery both on a national and international basis.

Some customers, however, have complained about the return policy. Kraken Kratom will only allow the return of unopened products within 30 days of ordering that product.

Hence, potential customers must be cautious when ordering their products.

Key Kraken Kratom Products

The company offers a diverse range of products, hence providing potential customers with various options.

Not only are the products offered of high quality, but they provide one of the best Kratom strains in the world.

They make an effort to come up with new products continually. Such is their dedication to their customers that they introduced capsules.

Capsules are a perfect alternative who do not prefer the taste or aroma of the powder.

There are three main categories of products offered; Kratom tea powder & capsules, Kava tea powder, and accessories.

Kratom Tea Powder & Capsules

The prices in this category are between 8 USD – 13 USD. There are different sizes offered, mainly; 28, 56, and 112 grams.

Not only does it come in the form of powder and leaf, but it also comes in the form of capsules. Moreover, there is also the option of extracted and enhanced kratom.

In the powder form, many strains are offered, including red vein, white vein, yellow vein, and also OG / PC. Borneo Kratom Powder (Yellow Vein) is one of the products from this category that has the highest rating.

Aside from having a soothing effect on users, this product also helps in terms of activity, and it gives an energy boost while providing a calming influence at the same time. Another high rated product under this category is the Red Vein Borneo Kratom Powder.

This product uplifts the mood of its users and also boosts abilities in the physical and mental sense. It also relieves its users from anxiety and stress.

There are also many strains offered in the capsule form, so for those who do not prefer the powder have various options.

There is another sub-category of Kratom Capsules. The prices in this category range between 14 USD – 25 USD.

The high rates have an impact on making it unattractive for many to buy. There are different sizes offered, mainly; 28, 56, 112 grams or 5, 10, 20 counts.

Ultra Enhanced Indo tea capsules (UEI) is one of the highest-rated and most ordered products in this category.

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These capsules have a variety of alkaloids. Aside from giving its user a cognitive boost and uplifting moods, reviews also suggest that it somewhat helps in pain relief and anxiety.

Another product that has a high rating is the Kraken Bali Kratom capsules. It helps with chronic pain and is also induces relaxation.

The third sub-category of enhanced and extract Kratom tea also offers many strains. In this category, customers will find not only powder but also oil and capsules.

The prices in this category are relatively high, discouraging many from buying them, ranging between 12 USD – 50 USD. There are different sizes offered, mainly; 5, 10, 14, 20 and 28 grams (for powder); 5, 10, 20 count (for capsules).

Heightened Bali Kratom powder is one of the products with a high rating. The effects of this product are the usual but at the same time, enhanced.

Another product with a high rating is the FSE Kratom extract

It is in liquid form and is a combination of water and Bali Kratom. Aside from providing its users with the usual effect of Bali Kratom, it is a perfect option for beginners and is also affordable.

Kava Tea Powder

It comes in the form of powder. The prices in this category are between 4 USD – 20 USD. There are different sizes offered, mainly; 28,112, 225, and 455 grams.

Kadavu Island Kava Kava – White Lawena is a product with a high rating. Reviews suggest that this product helps with anxiety and has the effect of uplifting users’ moods.

Savu Savu Kava Kava – Waka is another product with a high rating. Not only does it help with stress relief, but it also gives its users’ a combination of a balanced and uplifting mood.

In the sub-category of Kava Extract and Instant Kava, the prices are fairly high, ranging between 19 USD – 30 USD.

There are different sizes offered, mainly; 28 and 112 grams. A top-rated product is the Instant Hawaiian Kava Kava – 40% Kavalactones, that helps in mood and anxiety.

Kraken Kratom Accessories

There are three main sub-categories in this, called: tea accessories, digital scales, and empty capsules.

This category is perfect for those who are self-sufficient, as one can make his / her capsules. And one can also be safe in the knowledge that he / she did not pay extra or have extra chemicals added by untrustworthy manufacturers.

The purpose of digital scales helps in making these capsules that suit the customers need with accuracy.

Credibility and Sincerity of The Brand

An important aspect to consider is the reliability of Kraken Kratom.

The American Association of Kratom has recognized Kraken Kratom as an AKA GMP Qualified Vendor.

This feature reinforces their standing and relieves potential customers of all doubts about whether they are trustworthy or not.

Moreover, the fact that the products are routinely tested to detect contamination or any side effects reinforces their stance.

This feature goes onto prove their not only their credibility but also their dedication to ensuring the products offered are of the best quality.

The quality of products itself goes to establish the reliability of the brand.

The following manufacturing procedures are very comprehensive, which further emphasizes their integrity:

  • Comprehensive screening processes
  • Continually working with experts and regulatory authorities
  • Rigorous testing methods
  • Sanitation procedures, etc

Does This Brand Make False Medical Claims?

On the face of it, Kraken Kratom does not make any medical claims, but simply highlights the common benefits of Kratom. It does not ensure its customers with any results but does ensure top-notch quality.

How Active Is Kraken On Social Media?

Kraken Kratom is not that active on social media. This could be a disadvantage considering how it could have used such platforms to communicate and update their both old and new customers continually.

They could have used Facebook or Instagram to alert their customers of further discounts and offers.

The Negative Side

When it comes to quality, one can say without a doubt that Kraken Kratom has done its best.

But sadly, no information has been disclosed with regards to third-party testing, which, as a result, puts into doubt the status of its products. The advantage of third-party testing is that it is objective and ensures the credibility of the brand.

Some customers have also complained that the prices are too high. And the result of this is that many are discouraged from purchasing.

Another negative of Kraken Kratom is the lack of capsule variety. Although a lot of variety has been offered in the option of powder. But the problem with this is that many prefer capsule over powder and since there is a lack of variety, they don’t have many options.

Moreover, it also does not offer guidelines as to dosage and blending, leaving some customer clueless as to the usage of the product itself as a result.

Furthermore, the FDA in 2018 has recommended consumers to avoid Kraken Kratom products, due to contamination with Salmonella. Warnings were also made with regards to heavy metal poisoning. Hence, customers should be demanding third party lab tests when buying products from Kraken Kratom.

There have also been some concerns about their Ultra Enhanced products, as not much information has been made available with regards to dosage, manufacturing process, etc.

Final Thoughts About Kraken Kratom

While the prices may be high, and there may not be enough options for those with a preference for capsules, one cannot ignore the various advantages highlighted above.

Not only that but also the many positive reviews (with regards to the desired results) and the high-quality product itself should be enough to convince one to buy it.

While company may have its shortcomings, it is clear to anyone that the amazing vital features clearly outweigh the negatives.

Asad Khan
Asad Khan is an independent health journalist who specializes in food policy and global health. He is a senior fellow for investigative health journalism at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

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