Kraken Kratom Review – What I Like And Don’t Like About This Vendor


Kraken Kratom is one of the well known Mitragyna Speciosa vendors in the market.

People who regularly consume Kratom must be well aware of the presence of this brand, and it’s very catchy Green Octopus logo.

Kraken Kratom was launched somewhere by the end of 2015 and the company was fortunate enough to soar to greater heights by mid-2016.

Since then Kraken Kratom has been in the spotlight and its popularity is increasing with every passing day.

A lot of people buy from Kraken Kratom. There have been mixed opinions about the products and services of this brand.

There are people who are extremely satisfied after buying Kratom from KrakenKratom but there are also those who didn’t like this vendor at all.

To help the readers overcome confusions and get a clear idea of what Kraken Kratom is all about, I decided to share my personal experience with this vendor.

I will discuss all the important factors that you should know about in order to get a better idea about this vendor. So let’s get started.

About Kraken Kratom

About Kraken KratomKraken Kratom, as it is evident from its name, is an online seller of Kratom products.

The brand deals in Kratom leaves and powder only, so those looking for Kratom capsules might not find Kraken Kratom helpful.

Kraken Kratom is based in Pompano, Florida. It is known for its impressive collection of Kratom strains and varieties, as well as its attractive promotional deals.

Kraken Kratom was launched in the year 2015 and its impressive marketing techniques took the company to greater heights in a matter of one year only.

Since then the sales at Kraken Kratom have pitched significantly and we can see the business has a huge customer base.

Every day, more and more positive reviews pop up over the internet admiring the products and services that Kraken Kratom is offering.

Well talking about the product variety, I must inform the readers that Kraken Kratom not only sells popular strains such as Red Vein Thai, Maeng Da Thai, Super Indo, and Bali Kratom but it also has an amazing range of enhanced extracts.

Another thing that needs to be mentioned over here is the quality of Kratom at KrakenKratom.

All the Kratom products available on this e-store are pure and of premium quality.

So be assured that when you place your orders at Kraken Kratom you shouldn’t worry about the standard of the products.

Kraken Kratom is known for following best business practices and word has it that they procure their inventory directly from Southeast Asia and from reputable and reliable suppliers only.

My personal shopping experience

I had bought Sumatra Kratom Powder (white vein), Bali Kratom Leaf and Red Dragon Kratom Powder, from Kraken Kratom.

My order was delivered within one day and I was very excited to receive my parcel.

I had mixed feelings, what we call the post-purchase dissonance, but as soon as I opened the packet the refreshing aroma of pure Kratom powder cleared everything that was making me nervous.

It gave me a feeling of contentment that I have invested my time and money at the right place.

Honestly, I wanted to order capsules in the first place but after I saw their amazing deals and discount offers, I couldn’t resist buying Kratom powder from Kraken Kratom.

So yes it wasn’t very convenient and I did make a little mess on the kitchen counters while measuring the dose but it’s okay because the experience you get afterward from Kratom is totally worth the effort.

So the first strain that I tried was Kraken Kratom’s White Sumatra powder. I measured a 5mg dose and consumed it.

I had specifically bought this strain to attain stimulating and energizing effects and believe it Sumatra is a very powerful and potent strain.

I did feel energized and alert throughout the day and that was exactly what I wanted but by the end of the day, it caused me some troubles.

I couldn’t relax or sleep at night. So those who want to give Sumatra a try I would recommend starting with a very small dose.

The next strain I decided to give a shot was Bali Leaf. I brewed the leaves into a nice aromatic tea. Every single sip of this drink was truly worth it.

Bali Kratom is very soothing and relaxing. It helped me sleep peacefully at night without any disturbances.

I think people who have sleeping disorders or insomnia can benefit from Bali Kratom, significantly.

So now I was left with Red Dragon Kratom that I had bought from Kraken Kratom. This was slightly pricier than the other strains even after discount it didn’t save me much.

Personally, I would say I didn’t like the experience of this strain. It seems to be very sedating.

After using Red Dragon Kratom powder I did feel relaxed initially, but afterward, I felt drained and lethargic.

I desperately needed an energy booster or caffeine to overcome drowsiness as the effects of this strain progressed gradually. Not buying this strain again!

Kraken Kratom is also offering enhanced Kratom extracts on their website, but I wouldn’t recommend anyone to try that variety.

These enhanced extracts are modified artificially and one cannot be sure about their potency and effects.

It is known that enhanced extracts can shoot one’s tolerance and cause adverse side effects in first-time users.

Why I admire Kraken Kratom?

Just after my first shopping experience at the Kraken Kratom, I became a huge fan of these guys.

I returned to them the next time I wanted to purchase Kratom, and then the third time.

Today, I am among Kraken kratom’s loyal customers who regularly purchase Kratom products from them.

So what actually made me fall in love with Kraken Kratom, was their excellent services. Kraken Kratom knows how to keep their customers happy.

They have brilliant deals and offers that allow the buyers to save quite an amount of products that they buy from Kraken Kratom.

The brand is already a leading name considering best quality and fair prices of Kratom products, but on top of that, they have these occasional promotional campaigns that are a big attraction for people like me.

Continuing from their promotional campaigns, let’s take a look at the following features:

Impressive product variety

Since Mitragyna Speciosa won its war for legality it has taken the world by a storm. We saw countless Kratom vendors popping up every other day in the Kratom industry.

While initially the market only had dried Kratom leaves and its powder for the customers. Today, Kratom is available in the form of capsules, tea, extracts, and oils as well.

When talking about product selection, Kraken Kratom has a huge range of Kratom and its various strains…but only in the form of dried leaves and powder.

Unfortunately, Kraken Kratom doesn’t sell Kratom capsules, which have gained quite a popularity in the last few years due to their ease of use and accurate dose.

Only a few months ago they have introduced White Vein Borneo, Maeng Da Thai, and Bali Kratom capsules, but those are the only capsules they currently have to offer.

This might shoo away a major chunk of potential websites from Kraken Kratom business.

But otherwise, the products are of finest quality and it is evident from the aroma of the Kratom powder that you buy from Kraken Kratom.

Free shipping and handling

Free shipping and handlingFree shipping and quick delivery within the United States is a very cool feature of Kraken Kratom.

And if customers place their orders before 2 pm Kraken Kratom dispatches their stuff the same day.

Kraken Kratom also offers international delivery but unfortunately, the company does charge shipping and handling costs for buyers residing outside the United States.

Astounding customer support services

Astounding customer support servicesAnother thing that I honestly admire about Kraken Kratom is their astounding customer care services.

They have a dedicated team that responds to customer concerns promptly. The staff is very friendly, cooperative and responds quickly.

So be assured if you come across any problems while shopping from Kraken Kratom it will be resolved in a very less time.

I remember I had ordered from Kraken a month ago and for some reason, they sent me much less than I purchased.

I wasn’t happy and decided to complain right away. I emailed Kraken Kratom and the customer care team responded instantly.

It was then I realized that Kraken Kratom was top notch with their customer service.

The staff assured me that they would reship the order that day via priority mail and I received my package in a couple of days.

So mistakes happen, and I think we should give at least one chance.

Although I have never had such experiences, that was the only one I think Kraken Kratom has a capable team that guarantees customer satisfaction and can resolve the matters very professionally.

Flashy offers

Another factor that adds Kraken Kratom to the list of my favorite Mitragyna Speciosa sellers is those irresistible deals and discounts that they offer.

Just log on to their website and you will understand what I mean as soon as you land on their homepage.

The homepage is adorned with catchy banners with discount offers, promotional deals, and discount coupon codes.

Like recently when I visited the site to buy a few Kratom products I saw this attention-grabbing banner with an irresistible offer such as “20% OFF PLUS FREE SHIPPING”. And yeah I did use that offer, it saved me a lot of money.

Besides that, Kraken Kratom also sends special discount coupons to my email address.

The privilege is only given to customers who buy regularly from Kraken Kratom and have created an account with them.

Swift purchasing

Besides low prices and exciting deals, another thing that makes Kraken Kratom my favorite Kratom shopping place is its slick website.

It is user-friendly and very easy to understand. Even old school people can understand how to shop online and place their orders at Kraken Kratom.

Once customers have added their favorite items to the cart, they simply proceed to the checkout page.

People who have discount coupons will have to enter the code in the given box before checking out and it would calculate total discount on their purchase. That’s it!

The things I don’t like about Kraken Kratom

So those were all the features of Kraken Kratom that make it stand out the crowd, but there are also few things that I personally don’t like about this vendor.

First of all, what I consider a downside of Kraken Kratom is that it doesn’t have a lot of variety of Kratom capsules.

They were able to launch only Bali, White Vein Borneo and Maeng Da Thai Kratom recently that are still in their infancy stage.

It took too long for the Kraken Kratom to give it a thought and I think now it will take some time before their capsules make their place in the market.

Although they have an incredibly excellent variety of Kratom and all the products are rich and pure, but not everyone seems to take the pain to use Kratom powder.

It’s a messy process measuring the powder; it can spill and that’s why a lot of people would refrain from following this untidy process.

Capsules are already carefully dosed and they are very convenient to use. Let’s hope Kraken Kratom think about it in the near future and add more Kratom capsules to its product range.

The second thing that really puts me off is its enhanced blends. There is very less information available about these modified extracts.

It is uncertain what effects these blends may deliver and instructions of dosage are also unavailable.

People who keep experimenting with Kratom strains may be able to twist and tweak the dosage of these special blends and attain desired results, but first-time users are at the risk of experiencing adverse effects.

So I neither like nor recommend anyone to try Kraken Kratom’s enhanced Kratom blends.

Final words

Kraken Kratom is a one-stop shop for Kratom users. It has a huge collection of products, a large number of Kratom from different origins as well as several Kratom strains.

They have the best customer support services and countless contented customers who have shared positive reviews about Kraken Kratom at different forums and websites.

It’s the best place to shop for Kratom because it is very unlikely that customers might not find a particular type of Kratom that they need.

At Kraken Kratom, anyone can find Kratom of their choice at Kraken Kratom.

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