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Akuamma Seeds Effects, Dosage, And Where to Buy Online?

Akuamma seeds is a common name to coin in most parts of Africa as herbal medicine. Originally famous as an analgesic helping, Akuamma seeds are rich in alkaloids. These alkaloids contribute to creating a condition in which pain receptors are temporarily blocked. Some other reasons which make Akuamma a popular choice is its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, muscle relaxer, ulcer, diarrhea, and digestive support.

Are Kratom and Akuamma seeds similar?

Akuamma seeds have some resemblance with Kratom, by the effect. The effects which these seeds show are also a property of Kratom powder and supplements. That is because both Kratom and Akuamma share similar alkaloids in them. The principal alkaloid of Akuamma is akuammine, and Kratom has mitragynine. Both of them work in a similar way.

Akuamma seeds, like Kratom, are helpful for pain, stamina, strength, immunity and other medicinal conditions. Akuamma seeds are not used as a whole. A fine powder or crushed seeds are given to the user.

The taste of Akuamma is bitter, like Kratom. For this reason, the new trend of using Akuamma supplements is gaining fame these days.

How are Akuamma seeds effective?

Akuamma seeds have a composition that is majorly alkaloids. These alkaloids are bioactive compounds that give a plant some specific properties. The alkaloids of Akuamma are categorized into two main groups.

  • Akuammine
  • Pericine

Akuammine: This second most active alkaloid binds to Mu receptor. It reduces blood pressure and controls the circulation of blood. For this reason, it is helpful to lower down stress levels for the body.

Pericine: Pericine binds to Mu receptor. It controls the contraction of muscles.

Others: Other alkaloids include Akuammicine, Pseudoakuammigine, Akuammigine, Picraline, Picraphylline, Picracine, Picranitine, Burnamin and Desacetylakuammiline.

What are the effects of Akuamma seeds?

Akuamma offers a variety of string effects, some of which are as follows.

Analgesic Effects

Akuamma seeds have a traditional use of pain control and management. Many users still prefer to use natural solutions and not over the counter medicines. Some of the most common diseases for using Akuamma seeds are Lupus erythematosus, fibromyalgia, arthritis, headaches, and migraine. As per user reviews, Akuamma seeds are better to use because they are not addictive.


Another positive effect of Akuamma seeds is sedation. It is primarily helpful for people who feel difficulty in sleeping. It is even useful to cure sleep disorders. For this reason, the person has to take akuamma seeds, 30 minutes before going to bed. Once it starts taking action, the user will enjoy a peaceful sleep and wake up fresh.

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Stress Release

Akuamma seeds help to reduce stress levels of the body and boost the health overall. It is equally helpful for minor problems i.e. stress, off and on tension to adverse problems i.e. depression, anxiety, etc.

Antimicrobial Effect

The less common effect is antimicrobial, antiparasitic specifically. Akuamma seeds provide help against Trypanosoma which is a protozoan causing African sleeping sickness, Leishmaniasis, and Chagas diseases.

Diabetic Support

Akuamma seeds also exhibit anti-diabetic properties. Which means diabetic patients can also use it. It will help the circulation of glucose.

What are the side effects of Akuamma seeds?

There are no as such side effects. However, there are some properties which are not pleasant for Akuamma seed user. Such as;

  • It has a highly bitter taste.
  • If someone overdoses it, headache is common.
  • It may interact with the body’s original levels of potassium and sodium.

What is the right dosage to use?

The average dosage which most people prefer to use is between 2-4 grams. This amount is almost equal to 1-2 seeds. This amount is for common effects.

For the new users, Akuamma seeds may show results in 2g dose only. For high analgesic effects, this dose reaches 6g which is a high dose.

It is not advisable to use 6g as initial treatment to treat pains. Every user must start from the low dose and then increase it.

The effects may commence in 25-30 minutes. As per user reports, the effects last for 3-4 hours maximum

Where to buy Akuamma seeds online?

Akuamma seeds are not available everywhere. For the best quality of seeds, it is necessary to order it from the official vendors only. Top three online websites which deal with Akuamma seeds are;

1. BuyKratom.us

This site provides whole seeds and Akuamma powder both. Akuamma seeds are available in different quantities, and anyone can purchase as per requirement. The minimum value to order is 1oz. It is $7.99. Whereas 1oz Akuamma powder costs $11.99.

2. SuperNaturalBotanicals.com

Akuamma seeds are also available at this web store. For the quality products, always inquire for the price and time to time price updates.

3. TheKratomSyndicate.com

It is another official website which deals with Akuamma seeds. Most orders of the seeds are in the form of capsules. So the site offers 25 capsules for $14.00. This price has a further discount of $4.00 which makes the price $10.00 for the limited time.

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