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11 Best UK CBD Vape Oil Brands

So, the last time you went searching for the best CBD vape oil brand in the UK, did you find it? Or the extensive search wasn’t fruitful?

I went to the most famous retail outlets who claimed they had the best quality CBD products, yet I couldn’t find it. It was then that I felt the necessity to look up the internet for the best CBD vape oil brands in the UK.

I found many mixed reviews.

I am guessing most of you felt the same that there wasn’t much genuine information on the best brands of CBD vape oil in the UK.

So, I decided to get certain brands of CBD vape oil that made claims about the authenticity of their products.

I tried them and here is my review of the 11 Best CBD vape Oil brands in the UK.

These are the strongest CBD E-Liquids to try, and if you can relate to this, please share your experiences in the comments section.

11 Best Vape Oil Brands in the UK

We have listed the 11 best CBD vape oils brands in the UK which you should buy today.

1. má CBD Oil — www.macbdoil.co.uk

This is one of the leading brands of CBD vape oil in the UK. I purchased my first starter pack from here, and I loved it. The products have fine quality and are quite reasonable. They provide a premium concentration of CBD e-liquid which can be inhaled using MA vape pen as well as other vape devices. They also have discount offers on their website https://uk.ma-time.com/ which includes MA CBD multi-pack vape oil, that allows you to save over 100 UK pounds. Their CBD vape oil contains less than 2% THC, so they do not cause any psychoactive actions.

2. CBDPure — www.cbdpure.com

This is a highly authentic brand as you can see it on their website too. The products are made from organic hemp that is free of any artificial or synthetic ingredients. The products are certified by third-party testing. This is done to ensure that customers get high-quality CBD vape oil and other CBD products.

Their website displays the certificate of analysis that shows the quality of the products by CBD pure. You can buy CBD hemp oil extract from CBD Pure at very reasonable prices here http://www.cbdpure.com/.

cbdpure buy cbd oil online

3. Cana Vape www.canavape.co.uk

This is one of the best CBD e-liquid producing company established in 2014. It provides a range of products. The oil is composed of CBD mainly, and thus it is non-psychoactive. It gives no high at all as it doesn’t contain THC. It has a large pool of customers because of its reliability.

Many of my friends have tried their various products and loved them. It claims to be the company that pioneered to introduce CBD e-liquid back then in 2014. The company also has a group of renowned scientists who research about recent medicinal developments of CBD oil. You can check the products here https://www.canavape.co.uk/.

4. Love Burgh www.loveburghraw.com

The company that claims to use plant power to improve health, one of the most leading CBD vape oil companies, Love Burgh has the finest quality products. Their products are lab tested, have zero preservatives, rich in cannabinoids and have a very low amount of THC. They have a range of products that are rich in CBD. You can buy the products here http://www.loveburghraw.com/.

5. CBD Life www.cbdlifeuk.com

This company gives you a 10% discount on signing up only. It provides a variety of products of hemp oil such as capsules and sprays. The price range of all products is very much affordable. They have a range of CBD vape oils and pens for vaping. You can check their CBD vape oil products here https://cbdlifeuk.com/product-category/cbd-vape/.

6. Love Hemp www.love-hemp.com

They have a line of different CBD products that include CBD Chocolate balls, CBD oil, CBD oil spray, CBD Gummy bears, CBD water, CBD soft gel capsules, CBD electronic cigarette kit, Liquid terpenes and many more. Their best-selling products are Love Hemp CBD vape oil that comes in various dosages. I have personally bought from this vendor, and I find their products very potent and strong.

There is no compromise on quality, and the price is quite reasonable. You can check their website here https://love-hemp.com/.

7. Ice Head Shop www.iceheadshop.co.uk

Another, one of the leading brands of the UK that sell CBD products. This company offers many discounts, and at each purchase, you get points that you can use to buy products for free. They provide 10% off on purchase above 50 pounds and 20% off on purchase above 100 UK pounds.

The company also offers free delivery on purchase above 25 UK pounds. Ice Head Shop provides the complete CBD Vape starter kit in only 21.99 UK pounds which is quite cheap as compared to other vendors. The products are reliable and of the finest quality. Get your own CBD vape oil from Ice Head Shop here https://www.iceheadshop.co.uk/.

8. Canna Juice www.cannajuice.uk

Canna Juice provides CBD e-liquid in multiple flavors with the most affordable rates and free delivery. The various flavors include Blue Raspberry CBD e-liquid, Blueberry CBD e-liquid, Green Apple CBD e-liquid, Strawberry CBD e-liquid, and Watermelon CBD e-liquid. They also sell different types of vaporizers.

This company sells products that allow you to enjoy the complete process of vaping while simultaneously getting all the medicinal benefits. The CBD vape oil comes from organic hemp oil. To check their products, go to this website http://www.cannajuice.uk/.

9. Medi Pen www.medipen.co

This company offers CBD vape oil in 20 limited edition flavors that you can enjoy now by buying them at very affordable rates. The CBD is carefully formulated by the team of experts to provide maximum medicinal benefits to the users. Their vaporizers are of high quality, and battery life is very long. You can purchase their products here https://medipen.co/.

10. VSAVI www.vsavi.co.uk

VSAVI is offering a huge sale right now to all of the customers and guess what you get points at each purchase. You can get CBD vape oil (100mg) for just 11.99 UK pounds! This doesn’t mean that they are compromising on the quality of products. Many of my friends get their CBD vape oil from VSAVI and are quite satisfied with the products and customer services. You can have a look at their products here https://vsavi.co.uk/.

11. UK-CBDOILS – www.uk-cbdoils.com

UK-CBDOILS is a registered member of “the UK Cannabis Trades Association”.  The brand uses 100% organic and full-spectrum CBD from the hemp plant in its products. The products also contain additional omega 6, Omega 3, vitamins and terpenes adding to their nutritional value.

The company employs the sophisticated, expensive and supercritical C02 extraction method to extract full-spectrum CBD with high quality. CBD vape oils, as well as vape kits, are available at their online shop. Lemon Haze e-Liquid 500mg-10mL BottleLemon Haze, as the name explains itself, is a combination of fresh lemon flavor with a hint of mint.

The e-Liquid taste is a fresh lemon with a hint of mint.

How to Use it?

The e-liquid is present in a premixed form. All you have to do is fill it in your vaping device, e-cigarette or shake and vape it away!

The product contains 50mg of CBD per 1ml of liquid. There are ten servings per bottle.


Following high-quality ingredients are used in the manufacture of this vape oil:

  • Vegetable Glycerin (80%)
  • Propylene Glycol (20%)
  • Hemp Extract

Cannabinoids in highest concentration

In addition to CBD vape oils, UK-CBD OILS also manufacture high-demand vape kits. Primarily, if you are a beginner and don’t know how to vape, you can benefit from these e-cigarettes and vape starter kits. The brand recommends using these kits preferably for CBD e-liquids. Following vape kits are available at the online shop of UK-CBDOILS:

  • Poker all in one starter kit
  • Smok X-Priv 225 W CBD vape kit
  • Stick V8 baby starter kit
  • V8 stick CBD kit
  • Vape CBD pen 22 kit

NOTE: keep the vape oil safe from excess heat, light or humidity to assure the preservation of the quality.

Bonus Brands … Verified, CBDFx, KoiCBD

Verified CBD provides CBD Vape oil in a 30ml bottle containing 1,500 mg of cannabidiol (CBD). The CBD is infused with taste to give a pleasant vaping experience. The Vape oil comprises the following ingredients:

  • CBD Isolate – hemp-CBD crystalline extract
  • USP Grade Vegetable Glycerine
  • USP Grade Propylene Glycol
  • 70/30 PG/VGThee vape oil has the following qualities:
  • It has the highest quality cannabidiol which is 99% pure
  • It is laboratory tested
  • It is THC-Free
  • It is extracted from organically grown industrial hemp in The United States

Its refreshing blend with taste gives a smooth and pleasant vaping experience every time. However, remember that this CBD vape oil is meant for vaping purposes only and should not be ingested. You can also mix this oil with your flavours.


CBD FX provides the following range of CBD vape oils:

CBD Oil Vape Additive – 60mg to 500mg

  • The CBD oil vapes provided by CBDfx have the following common features with different strengths as mentioned above:
  • Made from 100% organically grown CBD
  • It is a proprietary blend of VG/PG
  • The CBD is rich in Omega-3

The CBD is C02 extracted from industrial hemp organically grown to the finest quality sourced by the EU. The oil can be vaped as well as ingested orally as CBD tincture.

These vape oils have a combination of the leafy, tea-like flavour of the natural hemp and the dessert and fruity flavour of e-liquids. The additives mix easily with the vape. The dropper is included with it. It allows you to have your desired dose of CBD vape oil while enjoying your favourite vape flavour.

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The vapes by CBDfx are made in the USA and are cGMP certified and in the USA.

NOTE: Make sure that you consult or doctor a medical practitioner about using the product and its strength. Using vape oil allows you to get the benefits of CBD oil without getting high.

Koi CBD provides a range of six different delicious flavours of CBD vape oils as follows:

  • Blue Koi CBD – Blue Raspberry Dragon Fruit Flavor
  • Gold Koi CBD- Vanilla Caramel Custard Flavor
  • Jade Koi CBD- Watermelon Green Apple Sour Flavor
  • Koi Variety Pack- All flavours in one pack
  • Pink Koi CBD- Pink Lemonade Flavor
  • Red Koi CBD- Classic Strawberry Milkshake Flavor
  • White Koi CBD- Flavorless additive


  • The CBD Vape Oils by Koi CBD has the following qualities and characteristics:
  • These are 100%THC free
  • 30 mL bottle
  • 100 mg, 250 mg, 500 mg, and 1,000 mg strengths are availableIngredientsFollowing high-quality ingredients have been used in the manufactures of these CBD vape oils by Koi CBD:
  • Made from 100% natural cannabidiol (CBD) isolate
  • Extract Fully traceable at the start of extraction
  • Food grade vegetable glycerin
  • Propylene glycol
  • Natural & artificial flavourings

Suggested Use

As discussed earlier, most of the CBD Vape oils can be used for vaping as well as taken orally in the form of a tincture.

For Vape Devices

Using these vape oils in vape device allows you to enjoy the vaping as well as get an evenly distributed amount of CBD throughout the day as needed

You can mix these juices with your favorite E-liquid for the desired flavor and pleasant vaping experience without getting high.

These vapes have no special requirements when it comes to heating and wattage

You can use these vapes in any vaping device you want

As a Tincture

If you are taking these CBD Vape Oils in the form of tincture, take it as follows:

Adults: Should take one full dropper of Vape oil which makes approximately 20 drops or 1 ml. Take it 1–3 times per day.

Drip the vape oil and hold it below the tongue for 15–20 seconds before swallowing it. It allows the vape oil to show maximum effects.

After the initial use of the oil (for the first time), wait 3 hours. In this way, you have to check the effects of the CBD level on you.

Serving size: 1 ml. Approximately one full dropper.

Servings per bottle: 30

Contraindications: Where CBD Vape Oil has many benefits, it has specific contraindications as well. Some of the cases in which these vape oils should not be taken are:

  • During pregnancy
  • Lactation
  • Children
  • If you have any disease or a related medical condition, it is always preferred to consult your health practitioner before you start taking CBD Vape Oil.

What is UK CBD Vape Oil?

CBD vape oil is an e-liquid/juice extracted from naturally grown industrial hemp. The CBD vape oils are heated and are inhaled through Vape Pen, E-cigarette or Vaporizer. The CBD oil used for this purpose is known as CBD vape oil.

So far, you would have known the use of CBD in medicine or for getting high, but vaping is also an extended recreational use. You can use CBD vape oil as one-time fuel for your vape pen or buy a bottle of CBD vape oil to refill your vaporizer.

Conventional CBD Vape oils were made from marijuana like UFC fighter Nate Diaz which contains too much THC. Modern CBD vape oils are made from naturally grown hemp plants and include active CBD components which are THC free.

Without THC, the CBD product shows no psychotropic effects. Thus, if you want to vape without getting high or failing the drug test, these modern CBD vape oils are a perfect choice.

How is UK CBD Vape Oil Different from UK CBD Oil?

First things first! CBD vape oil is not pure oil. The term CBD vape oil is a misnomer. The term CBD oil was meant to be used only for the oral tinctures of the product.

The most appropriate term for CBD vape oil is CBD e-liquid or CBD vape juice. It is specifically for the purpose of vaping. The fluid is not extracted from cannabis but industrial hemp instead. Industrial hemp containing less than 0.3% THC is legal in The United States.

Most of the CBD vape juices can also be taken orally but the CBD made for oral consumption can’t be vaped. Some of these vape juices come in the form which you can mix with your existing juice while others come in a pre-mixed form

CBD oil is also called CBD vape oilCBD e-liquid, and CBD vape juice. The difference between a regular CBD vape oil and CBD oil/tincture are that CBD vape oil is less viscous and this property makes them more favorable for vaporization.

CBD vape oil is available in the form of refill bottles or cartridges. It comes in various dosages and depends on the consumer entirely as to which dose is effective for him/her.

Is CBD Vape Oil Legal in the UK?

The legality of CBD vape oil in the UK has been questioned for a long time. Recently, the Home Secretary Sajid Javid stated that specialist doctors in the UK could prescribe cannabis-derived medicinal products. This means that for medicinal purposes you can take Cannabis-derived products only after they are prescribed to you.

In the UK right now, Cannabis and all its derived products are placed under Schedule 1 as stated in the Misuse of Drugs Regulations Act 2001.

However, unlike many other cannabinoids, CBD is not placed in the controlled substances category as it is not used to get ‘high.’ This is why people can cultivate industrial hemp under license in the UK. Industrial hemp contains very little THC and is composed of CBD mainly. Thus, CBD is legal in the UK.

What are the Benefits of Vaping UK CBD Oil?

Generally, vaping is considered to be more beneficial than smoking. Vaping CBD oil has a multitude of benefits.

  • When using a vaporizer to smoke CBD vape oil, there is no production of tar or carcinogens. Tar and other carcinogens act on the respiratory epithelium to cause many adverse effects including diseases like emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and in severe cases lung carcinoma. This is why vaping CBD oil is considered healthier.
  • With the vaping of CBD oil, you do not feel any after-effects like anxiety which is associated with smoking. Vaping is way cleaner and less toxic.
  • One of the major benefits of vaping CBD oil is that you can do so even in public. It is discreet.
  • Users state that they tend to have more potent effects of CBD vape oil by using a vaporizer instead of smoking it and they can enjoy it way better. Vaping also allows one to have quick effects.
  • The vaporizer is considered a safe method of consumption of CBD vape oil. It can be costly in the beginning, but that is only a one-time investment, so in reality, it is more cost-effective.
  • So, if you are suffering from conditions like stress, anxiety, inflammation, seizures, joint pain, sleep apnea, cramps, and mood disorders, and you are looking for instant relief then vaping CBD oil is the best choice for you.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Vape?

When I started my vaping journey, I wondered how much CBD vape oil could I take in a day. I checked some blogs and realized that there wasn’t an answer to this question. It depends on your vaping device; your CBD vape oil does.

  • A cartridge that is 200 milligrams in one milliliter will yield 2mg of CBD per puff.
  • It’s important that when you start vaping CBD oil, you need to keep the dose below 10 milligrams. This is necessary because the body requires acclimatization.
  • Gradually increase your dose until you reach the desired level, where your condition is tackled accurately.
  • If a vaporizer has a 100 milligrams cartridge and it takes 100 puffs to empty it, then you are taking 1milligram of CBD each time you inhale.
  • If it is emptied by 180 puffs than you are inhaling 0.55milligrams of CBD per puff.

Using these calculations, you can measure the dose of CBD oil that you are inhaling and taking into your system. Most of the retailers do not provide the serving sizes for CBD oil for vaping as there are no standard serving doses, so using the calculations mentioned above you can find the quantity of CBD oil that you are going to vape.

I recommend from personal experience to inhale less in the beginning and then gradually increase it. The dose you take into your system also depends upon the depth of your drag.

A lengthier pull will get more CBD into your system. Note how you feel after vaping and then adjust your dose accordingly.

How to Choose The Best UK CBD Vape Oils?

With so many different CBD products out there, choosing the right product for vaping becomes hectic. Many people face inconveniences with CBD administration not because they opted for the wrong medicinal herb, but because they weren’t guided how to make the right choice. To be on the safer side while buying CBD vape oils, it is always important to keep these key points in mind:

  • Always make sure that your Vape oil is homogeneous (well mixed).
  • Buy products that are clear. Cloudy, thick or syrupy products tend to deliver inconsistent effects.
  • Make sure that the product is laboratory tested and meets its label claims.


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