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Kratom For Arthritis Pain: Types, Benefits, and Side Effects

The Kratom community is already familiar with the anti-inflammatory properties of Kratom. This article will be answering Is kratom good for rheumatoid arthritis? In addition to this, it will also help you find the best kratom strain to treat arthritis related symptoms and their potential side effects.

The herbal substance Kratom, which comes from a Southeast Asian evergreen tree, provides a more natural way for the body to relax and take a break from the constant agony of daily life. When dealing with and escaping from conditions that seem nearly impossible, it is necessary to take a break and unwind for a bit. Kratom has grown in popularity worldwide due to its ability to support many individuals struggling with arthritis pain, anxiety, and several other stressful conditions.

Kratom is a tree belonging to the coffee group, and its leaves can give the body stimulant and sedative effects. This herb, according to studies, can manage various problems affecting the human anatomy, particularly for individuals who have arthritis. Consumers of Kratom strains found it effective in reducing inflammation and pain which is caused by arthritis.

Let’s first find out about Kratom for arthritis in detail, then discuss the most promising strains for arthritis.

What Is Arthritis? 

One or more joints may enlarge and become stiff due to arthritis. Joint pain and stiffness, which often get worse with age, are the main signs and symptoms of arthritis. Many different factors contribute to causing arthritis such as inherited genes, poor lifestyle, vitamin deficiency, etc. The onset of this illness is in teenagers to adults. There is no such cure for arthritis but there are many different treatments that help in reducing it or preventing it from getting worse. 

Types Of Arthritis Pain

Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, the two main kinds of arthritis, affect the joints in various ways.


Osteoarthritis, the most prevalent type of arthritis, is caused by wear and tear to the cartilage in a joint, which is the tough, slippery coating on the ends of bones where they meet. When enough cartilage is damaged, the ends of the bones can grind against one another, which causes pain and limits movement. Cartilage cushions the ends of the bones and allows for nearly friction-free joint motion. This deterioration may take years, or it may be sped up by an infection or joint injury.

The connective tissues that tie bone to muscle and keep the joint together are also harmed by osteoarthritis, which also affects the bones. Here Kratom works efficiently by blocking the pain receptors before they reach the brain and cause pain and it is all done by alkaloids that are present in the Kratom strain.

A comprehensive study was conducted to examine the effectiveness of the Kratom regarding arthritis pain. The study showed that Kratom contains stimulating properties and alkaloids which help in relieving arthritis pain. 

Rheumatoid Arthritis

The strong membrane that surrounds all the joint components, the joint capsule, is attacked by the body’s immune system in rheumatoid arthritis. This lining, known as the synovial membrane, swells and becomes inflammatory. The Bones and cartilage within the joint may eventually be destroyed by the illness process. To treat RA, Kratom is highly recommended because it contains two potential analgesic properties that are Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, which are largely in charge of reducing pain and having calming effects on the body.

In 2017, a study was conducted to examine Kratom as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, after conducting seven consecutive trials Kratom was successful in reducing pain and stiffness. In another research, a survey was conducted on Kratom users, which revealed that almost 91% of the consumers were taking Kratom for relieving pain, especially in the shoulders, elbows, and knees.  

What Does An Arthritis Patient Feel?

In most cases, pain, also known as arthralgia, is the initial indication of arthritis. This may have a sense of scorching pain or a dull discomfort. Pain frequently begins after you’ve utilized the joint a lot, such as after gardening or right after you’ve climbed a flight of stairs. Some folks wake up in the morning with soreness. 

Is Kratom Good For Arthritis?

People frequently use Kratom to alleviate their arthritis pain. It can be difficult to treat arthritis since some patients don’t respond to conventional therapies, forcing them to look for non-conventional painkillers which means that their bodies don’t respond to any conventional treatment that’s why they choose alternate treatment.

Kratom helps treat all types of pain because it blocks pain signals before they are sent to the brain. Another benefit of Kratom is that it promotes relaxation, which also lessens arthritic pain. Kratom also relieves stress and depression which can be along with arthritis pain which ultimately makes a person feel so relaxed. 

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Best Kratom Strains for Arthritis

All strains of Kratom provide some pain relief since they are all stimulating at low dosages and sedating at higher doses. However, red strains are far more effective painkillers because they contain higher levels of 7-hydroxymitragynine.

Finding precise data on a strain’s 7-hydroxymitragynine can be difficult, although respectable Kratom companies occasionally provide lab testing results on their websites that include data on alkaloid levels. If you locate a merchant that offers this information, search for strains with greater 7-hydroxy mitragynine concentration since they will be more effective at reducing arthritic pain.

Here are some reviews of Kratom consumers:

“A year and a half ago I was diagnosed with arthritis. Ortho was ready to replace a hip as soon as I wanted. It is not great, at 58 years of age, to hear, 

“This is a hip we expect to see in a 70-year-old….” I have been an active person my whole life, and in the space of a few months had too much pain to walk easily and run. Kratom has helped me with the main, with maintaining a smooth mood and good energy throughout the day” 

Red Bali Kratom For Arthritis 

Red Bali is an excellent strain for treating pain. According to seasoned users, it is a balanced strain that is less prone than certain strains to having side effects, making it a perfect option for newbies. Although it isn’t as powerful as certain red strains, many individuals claim that it is more than powerful enough to reduce mild to moderate inflammation.

Red Maeng Da Kratom For Arthritis

Most people will advise Red Maeng Da if Red Bali doesn’t sound strong enough for your requirements. It has a reputation for being a very sedating strain and is noticeably more powerful than Red Bali. Regardless of the larger possibility that it may result in side effects, the majority of people claim it is the best pick for relieving pain.

Red Borneo Kratom For Arthritis

Red Borneo’s strength is inferior to Red Maeng Da’s but somewhat superior to Red Bali’s. The majority of people advise trying Red Borneo even if Red Bali doesn’t work for you because various strains have different outcomes on different individuals. Red Borneo is quite calming, which might be incredibly useful for stiff people.

How to Use Kratom For Arthritis?

The actual amount of Kratom completely depends on the consumer’s age, health and overall condition, and intensity of the pain. Studies showed that the effects of Kratom also depend upon the amount taken by the consumer. The range of standard dosage is between 2 to 5 grams per day.

Kratom powder, pills, teas, and even tinctures are available for consumers to relieve arthritic pain. Toss and wash is a convenient and easy way to take Kratom. All you have to do is ingest a tablespoon of the powder with some water. Additionally, risk-free ingestion options include capsules and tinctures. However, Kratom powder is the best and easiest way to use for arthritis pain.

Evidence of Kratom’s Effectiveness In Relieving Arthritic Pain

Kratom has grown in popularity among people because of its analgesic qualities. As a result, it has been used as an alternate treatment for chronic diseases, including arthritis. The survey was conducted online. Due to its soothing properties, researchers observed that 48% of respondents used Kratom as an alternative medication for pain management and 22% used it as an anti-anxiety drug. Almost 10% of those surveyed used Kratom to increase their energy or improve their mood. Another 10% of people took it to alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

A study was conducted to examine inflammation or pain which is caused by arthritis can be reduced by Kratom or not. Results suggested that Kratom contains anti-inflammatory properties and alkaloids which effectively reduced arthritic pain and inflammation. 

Risks And Considerations

Kratom has some adverse impacts, just like any other substance that has an impact on the body. Numerous detrimental effects of overdosing may occur and this may lead to many health problems for the consumers. Some effects include reduced intestinal functioning, drowsiness, chills, nausea, vertigo, vomiting, and weight loss. 


Kratom is a potential treatment for arthritis. due to its analgesic properties, it reduces all symptoms of arthritis for a longer period. It can be used as an alternate solution for arthritic treatment and can be effective if it is used correctly. However, it should be noted that Kratom doesn’t cure arthritis, it only manages and reduces its symptoms. instantly consult with a doctor if pain and inflammation are persistent and chronic. 

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