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Yerba Mate Tea Vs. Kratom Tea

Thinking about an energetic and nootropic boost, the first thing that comes to mind is a steamy hot cup of tea. Usually, people keep coffee or tea in their pantry, but some people prefer herbal teas to anything. Two of the most famous herbal teas for energetic lift and mental clarity are Kratom tea and yerba mate tea.

Kratom tea is worldwide famous for its nootropic and recreational benefits that overall shows a get-up-and-go effect.

On the other hand, yerba mate is a wonderful drink for brain health, but it is relatively less famous. Both these amazing herbal teas are a part of daily dietary routine in their respective regions of growth.

All thanks to the online information and discussion forums, more and more people are switching to the healthy alternatives of coffee and tea.

This article is an analysis of yerba mate tea and Kratom tea for their benefits, particularly related to energy providing and mental tasks.

Yerba mate for boosting mental functions and energy

Yerba Mate is a native beverage of South America. You can make it by boiling the leaves of Holly tree, scientifically named as Ilex paraguariensis [ref].  This tree naturally grows throughout South America, majorly in Paraguay, Uruguay, north Argentina, and south Brazil.

Yerba mate is a strengthening drink, which has a similar effect as that of coffee. But it is more balanced amount of nutrients.  “Journal of Food Sciences” has published a review on yerba mate.

It explains that yerba mate infused tea is a non-alcoholic beverage, which has medicinal benefits. It shows hypocholesterolemic, hepatoprotective, stimulant of central nervous system, diuretic and cardiovascular support. Yerba mate is also helpful in weight loss.

Another research from “Journal of Functional Foods” studied the total phenolic concentration and antioxidant capacity of Yerba Mate tea. Additionally, there was a test for in vitro inhibition of human colon carcinoma cell proliferation.

The inhibition mediates through pro-oxidant activities, which make yerba mate tea a potential source of chemopreventive agents that require further investigation for cancer treatment. [ref]

Kratom for energetic boost and cognitive benefits

Kratom is a well-known herb for various health benefits. Thousands of Kratom users worldwide endorse the potential of Kratom in improving day-to-day life. The question of how Kratom maximizes the physical and mental alertness is a hot debate.

The native South Asian plant is a game changer for daily challenges that high-end professionals and students face. Scientific research proves the role of Kratom in improving everyday work efficiency.

The historical use of Kratom signifies its benefits on brain and body. One of the many reasons to use Kratom is to boost the mood and alleviate any physical or mental stress. As per research by “Addiction”, use of Kratom in opioid withdrawal and chronic pain management is only efficient due to its calming and relaxing nature.

On high dosage, Kratom also helps against anxiety and stress relief. It creates a euphoric feeling, which calms the nerves and strengthens the brain. These effects are as per research, published in “Journal of Ethnopharmacology.”

The alkaloids of Kratom, i.e., Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine are responsible for all of its effects. According to research, these alkaloids of Kratom are known to be opioid agonists.

It suggests that Kratom alkaloids have an affinity to bind to the opioid receptors that are present in the brain. These receptors can control the mood, stress, pain, and cognition.

In this way, Kratom alkaloids work similar to opiates, but they prefer delta-opioid receptors to mu-receptors. As a result of this, the user enjoys an increase in the mental energy and cognition that increases the productivity levels to maximum.

How yerba mate benefits to brain and body?

Yerba mate has numerous cognitive benefits, which are proven by research. The historical evidence of its everyday use suggests it to be safe for human consumption. Following are some benefits that yerba mate tea will provide to you.

It improves the memory

If you experience a hard time in remembering names, faces or other routine information, switching to yerba mate will overcome all these problems. “Journal of Ethnopharmacology” published a study on the acute administration of a hydroalcoholic extract of yerba mate tea on animal models of learning and memory. The results from this study validate the traditional use of yerba mate tea for improved cognitive benefits, particularly in memory building.

The effect of Kratom on short and long-term learning and memory is through its antagonist’s action on adenosine receptors.

It enhances the Mood

The primary reason behind gradually developing stress and related disorders is extreme mood swings. It can affect your work performance. Improving your mood will modify your cognitive functions, i.e., clearing the mind from unnecessary thoughts.

The latest research on yerba mate explains its metabolic roles, satiety and mood state effects during and after a workout. The results portrayed a positive role of yerba mate for its psychomotor effects. The research is published in “Nutrients” and is available online.

It protects the brain and may treat Epilepsy

Epilepsy and other conditions that cause seizures have a significant benefit by yerba mate and its incredible role in brain cell’s protection.  Here is research published in “Brain Research Bulletin” on anticonvulsant, neuroprotective and behavioral effects of organic and conventional yerba mate on animal models. The researchers studied yerba mate on rats with PTZ-induced seizures.

They were able to reduce the frequency of these seizures. Also, they found that yerba mate treatments are a protection for the cerebral cortex, hippocampus, and cerebellum parts of the brain. It shields them from oxidative damage.

The results of this study also predicted the potential of yerba mate as therapeutic approaches for epilepsy patients.

It stimulates the cognitive function of brain

Usually, stimulation is associated with caffeine, which is a significant part of coffee and tea. It is one f the best cognitive stimulants, but coffee is not the only source of it. Drinking yerba mate also provides caffeine to your body that makes its way through the bloodstream to the brain.

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The biochemical actions of caffeine include rapid changes in gene expression, which is a basis for adaptive changes. The effects also include antiepileptic and neuroprotective effects.

All of these reasons make caffeine potentially useful in routine use. More detailed information about adenosine, adenosine receptors, and caffeine is available in this study published in “Basic and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology.”

It provides nutrition to the body

Yerba mate leaves have high nutritional value. They have multiple vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants to offer. All of this is an extraordinary value for a plant.

It provides energy to the body and brain

The energetic effect of yerba is relaxing and calming. It has less anxious energy, which is often a trait of tea and coffee. Yerba is a favorite of students are professionals for its powerful energetic effect without tensing the muscles from other caffeinated drinks. 

Drinking yerba mate provides physical endurance, reduces fatigue and enhances the mental alertness as studied by the research from Dept. of Food Science and Human Nutrition, Univ. of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

How Kratom induces energy and nootropic enhancement?

Kratom provides these benefits in following ways.

It develops motivation

Kratom has the kick-start ability in it, which motivates the user to get up and finish the pending work. It’s an internal force, which encourages you to perform better. The attachment of Kratom alkaloids on delta receptors of the brain is responsible for motivation and mood improvement. The best thing about using Kratom is that it takes a less dose to produce the motivational effect.

It helps to focus

There are so many things that can affect your performance when you are not focused. This concentration and focus have many levels. Kratom upgrades the level of attention, which makes the user concentrate entirely on anything that he is doing.  This effect of Kratom is comparable to any standard nootropic compound that is chemically based. Kratom is a natural nootropic that works for everyone.

It improves creativity

One of the many ways Kratom increases the productivity is by increasing creativity levels. This quality is highly desirable by the original lines of professionals, i.e., writers, designers, etc.

It provides energy to brain and body

For the regular coffee users, switching to Kratom tea is healthier. It opens the mind and refreshes the body by its stimulating and energetic effects. Coffee may sometimes cause side effects such as jitteriness and caffeine crash, but there is no such effect of Kratom. It makes Kratom a better replacement for coffee, which refreshes the brain. According to multiple researches published in the “Journal of Ethnopharmacology”, Kratom leaves naturally have stimulating potential that builds memory, alerts the mind and overall increases the energy. [ref, ref]

It relaxes the brain

Kratom is very famous for its calming and soothing effects on the mind. It suggests Kratom be the best choice for handling work-related stress. Using Kratom during work will keep the stress levels low and maximize the productivity. It will reduce fatigue and whatever work you want to will be accomplished in an improved way.

How to use Yerba Mate tea?

Traditionally, yerba mate tea is a drink from South America. It is shared and passed around in a gourd and sipped with a silver straw. However, this specialized vessel is luxurious, for casual use, only coffee or teacup would work well.

There are so many ways to prepare yerba mate tea. It is available online in the form of tea bags or the loose tea powder. You can brew it like other herbal tea or a tea infuser. You can even make it into a coffee machine. Like coffee, yerba tea can be sipped hot or cold; it tastes great both ways.

Most of the information regarding yerba mate is misleading. The research proves that yerba mate is one of the healthiest options in beverages. Make sure to select a reputed brand to purchase yerba tea mix. It is not as popular as green or black tea, but it is swiftly rising to the global rank of healthy beverages. Give it a try before you look for more options.

How to use Kratom tea?

It is essential to know how to make Kratom tea to achieve all the benefits of it. Kratom tea is available in powder and tea bag form. You can purchase any as per your choice. Take a small to moderate dose, which is somewhat between 2 grams to 4 grams for one-time use. It is sufficient for producing the effects in an average person.

Just brew the Kratom powder or tea bag in water. Let it settle for a while before you sip it. For enhancing the taste, you can add lemon juice, honey or cinnamon powder to it. Kratom tea can also be made in a coffee machine if you want to save time.

Best Kratom strains for energy and cognition

To use Kratom to for energy and maximizing productivity, it is necessary that you use a right choice of strain. Following are some strains that you can use for the respective benefits.

  • Maeng Da Kratom
  • White indo Kratom
  • Super green Malay

Yerba mate or Kratom- which one is a better choice?

In this comparison of Kratom and yerba tea, it is clear that both herbal teas are very healthy for the users. The nutritional value and overall health benefits are no doubt miraculous. Yerba mate is less famous than green tea, or Kratom tea.

The popularity of Kratom tea is far more than any other regional herb known for the medicinal effects. If you want to choose between yerba mate and Kratom tea, the choice primarily depends upon yourself. Kratom has a bit bitter taste, and yerba mate has a better flavor.

 The effects of Kratom are more long lasting and robust than yerba mate, but yerba mate is readily available in all parts of the world. Kratom, on the other hand, may not be available in some states of the USA and other regions due to regulations.

The research on yerba mate and Kratom verifies the effects on brain and body. In this regard, you should choose the one that is readily available in its most exquisite quality. Make sure to purchase from a reputed vendor.

Christina Earle
Christina Earle is a licensed psychologist practicing in Oakland, California since 1999. She provides counseling to people who are struggling with managing stress, and anxiety related issues. In her free time, she often writes on mental health conditions that educate the individuals to explore ways of improving their health.

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