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If You’re Sad Today, Then Try These 4 Kratom Strains To Uplift Your Mood

Despair and sadness have become a part of everyday life. With the growing troubles and hassles, everyone feels stressed and sad at some point.

This not only alters their every day but also makes it even difficult to survive. Fortunately, there exists a remedy for those who are feeling sad in the form of Kratom.

It is a usual practice to use different Kratom strains to get rid of sadness. Kratom is useful in this regard as it creates an intense feeling of euphoria in the users.

However, most of the Kratom users are unaware of the strains that give rise to the strongest euphoric feels.

What usually happens is that people consume a higher quantity of Kratom to get rid of stress and end up feeling sedation.

Following is a guide to the best Kratom strains to use to reduce the levels of sadness and induce euphoria.

How does Kratom uplift mood?

Kratom follows a unique approach to making things better for users. The plant is enriched with different alkaloids.

These alkaloids are bio-active components and are responsible for a number of the beneficial properties exhibited by Kratom.

A regular Kratom strain consists of up to 40 different alkaloids, each of them having a distinctive set of features.

Many of these alkaloids are yet to be discovered that may play a part in brightening the mood and creating euphoria.

The most prominent alkaloids of Kratom include seven hydroxymitragynine, Mitragynine and Mitraphylline.

These alkaloids work similar to opiates in inducing euphoria. They cross the blood-brain barrier and reach the brain.

Within the brain, these alkaloids attach themselves to opioid receptors to release dopamine and serotonin, inducing serenity and a feeling of “high.”

This is how Kratom works to reduce sadness and uplift the mood in users. The use of Kratom strains must always be dose-specific.

This is because this plant can produce different effects according to the administered dose. The dose regimen varies from one strain to another.

Best Kratom strains for uplifting mood

Although all Kratom strains can reduce stress and sadness and induce a feeling of euphoria, some of them are, more efficient than the others. The best strains to be used in this regard are explained.

Green Malay

It is among the strongest Kratom strains and is the best for beginners to use. Moreover, it can be used at any time without fearing any rough effects.

The effects of Green Malay Kratom usually last longer than other strains meant for euphoria.

There is no comparison of the results produced by Green Malay with those produced by different strains.

This is because Green Malay Kratom can provide relief from stress and a break from sad feelings in moderate to high form.

This strain can also provide additional effects to brighten the day. When consumed moderately, it will act as a mood booster and energizer during the first hour.

The results gradually become more relaxing during the next hour as the stimulating impacts slowly begin to wear off.

This means that using Green leaves of Malay Kratom will not only take away sadness; it will also relax the mind and body and freshen the mood.

How much Green Malay Kratom to take?

It is always important to start with a low quantity and gradually work up with any Kratom strain. In case of Green Malay Kratom, the recommended dose for producing euphoria is 2.5 to 4 grams.

User reviews

Many Kratom users seem to vouch for Green Malay Kratom as the best strain to get rid of depression and gloominess.

One of the new users specifically mentioned that Super Green Malay made him the happiest he had ever been.

Another user reported that using only 3.5 grams of Green Malay Kratom produced large levels of euphoria for him.

Green Hulu Kapuas

Not many know about the extraordinary effects of Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom in inducing euphoria and treating depression.

This is because this strain is rare and is quite hard to harvest. Green Hulu Kapuas grow in the deepest parts of Hulu forest that runs along the longest river of Indonesia named Kapuas.

The mood lifting effects of this strain are so high that they even surpass the effects usually produced by the red strains.

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This Kratom species usually soothes the body and relaxes the mind to release stress and tension. The effects are rare for their unique blend and astonishing balance.

Green Hulu Kapuas leaves do not stimulate or sedate the body. They produce mood-lifting effects in moderation.

The impacts are mediocre and perfect for those who wish to observe mild euphoria. The light effects of Green Hulu Kapuas also make it a perfect strain to use anytime.

How much Green Hulu Kapuas to take?

The starting dose for Green Hulu is 2 grams. Users can increase the dose according to the level of euphoria they wish to acquire. Because this is a moderate strain of Kratom, it is entirely safe for beginners to try.

User reviews

A Kratom enthusiast has given a detailed review on Green Hulu Kapuas and called it as one of the best Kratom strains.

He mentioned that the strain produced balanced effects when taken in small doses. The stimulating and euphoric effects of this strain were stronger than those of the red strains.

White Borneo

As the name indicates, White Borneo Kratom grows in Borneo, the largest island in the world.

This Kratom strain is different and unique considering its effects and properties. It is impeccable for those who seek overall uplift and serenity.

White Borneo offers a whole range of effects to its users. It can create strong euphoria and provide clear feelings of stimulation and energy to the brain.

It is the strongest strain within the Borneo family with effects that last even longer that Maeng Da.

The Users are expected to feel extremely happy because of its uplifting strain. White Borneo Kratom is not the most euphoric but can be useful for those who want to reduce stress and elevate mood to focus on life in a better way.

How Much White Borneo Kratom to Take?

In order to uplift mood and produce relaxing effects in the body, 7 to 9 grams of White Borneo Kratom is more than enough.

Bear in mind that high doses can often lead to sedation, so it is better to use it at evening time.

User reviews

A Kratom user has reported that White Borneo helped him to continue working at home after a hectic day.

The strain relaxed him but at the same time increased his alertness levels. His mind was fresh, and he felt more awake. The user recommended trying this strain because it was enjoyable.

White Maeng Da

White Maeng Da is an extremely beneficial strain of Kratom, especially for those who are looking for a break from daily life stressors.

Even at small doses, this white vein Kratom strain can help one in achieving a state of high.

White Maeng da is also known for inducing a state of lightness and extreme happiness. It allows the mind to relax and permits the person to live in the moment. For this reason, this strain is equally effective for combating stress and depression.

How much White Maeng Da to take?

The euphoric effect produced by White Maeng Da Kratom is vulnerable to tolerance. Therefore, never consume it in large doses. It is also discouraged to use this strain on a daily basis for the same reason.

The starting dose should be as high as 2 grams, especially for those who are trying it for the first time. Most of the time, its effects manifest themselves entirely at a dose of 5 grams.

User reviews

Users have been giving out positive reviews about Green Maeng Da as a strong euphoric. One of them has reported that using Green Maeng Da allowed him to experience a euphoric feeling that he had never experienced before.

Another user reported that White Vein Maeng Da always generated the best feeling in him. It also induced a sense of happiness and well-being, especially when he combined it with coffee.

The concluding remarks

Kratom is a successful therapy to produce euphoric feels and to cut down stress from daily life.

It combats sad feelings and helps the users to live a healthy life. Choosing the right kind of Kratom strains can make the feelings of depression and stress go away, helping the users to feel happy and focus on everyday tasks in a better way.

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