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Top-rated Supplement Manufacturer, Phoria Leaps Into The CBD Market

Phoria CBD.
Dec 18, 2019, 08:30 ET

Phoria CBD unveils a barrage of new health-oriented CBD products for distributors and wholesalers nationwide.

Phoria unveils its new line of products for the 2020 New Year celebration. Keeping up with the tradition of offering health-oriented CBD products, the online shop aims to add further variety to its existing range of products. Now users can try out the latest topical formulas, including amazing salves and tinctures.

Consumers are well-aware and accustomed to conventional products such as gummies, oils, and tinctures. However, a new range of handmade tinctures and soft gel capsules is a refreshing way to introduce CBD in your life.

Originating from Colorado Springs in Colorado, the US-grown hemp fields of Phoria LLC are potent and grown without the use of pesticides and artificial fertilizers. We have delivered natural supplements since 2012 and have unfailingly excelled at incorporating CBD and extracted hemp oil at the state-of-the-art facilities to manufacture quality products.
The current CBD products at Phoria include pain-relieving salves, tinctures, and gummies.

Apart from these, you can find all conventional CBD products online and benefit from the goodness of CBD. A new phenomenal product is the Cannafreeze CBD Lotion. It is a deep muscle penetration lotion that helps relieve muscle pain and help improve articulate movement.

Phoria takes pride in its product line that includes flavored and scented CBD products to provide excellent health care while enjoying the aroma like tangerine and lavender. Phoria lotions are an excellent remedy for pain and moisture for skin.

The CEO’s word

Phoria CEO Greg Walker is a bio-hacker enthusiast, and he added to the press release by saying, “Many CBD companies or startups are just simply doing it wrong.” The official added that “CBD based businesses are sprouting up all over the country in the nation’s latest supplement fad but don’t have the proper resources to scale up to a national sized manufacturer.

We can produce large scale orders and promote more on a distributor and wholesale level than most other people. Our products are light years ahead of the competition featuring proprietary scientific-based formulas and manufacturing techniques.”

The Company

Phoria CBD has more than 100 employees and continues to grow exponentially due to its commitment to the users, as well as the belief that CBD can revolutionize your lifestyle. The manufacturer started its journey earlier in 2019, but in this short time, it has been able to mark its place among the prominent names of the hemp industry.

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Phoria CBD products conform to the GMP standards and ensure a clean and safe packaging for all the products. As all online shops and vendors reiterate, dosage plays an essential role in the success of our products.

The products available at Phoria are measured to meet the requirements of users and provide the right proportion of the various cannabinoids that are necessary to improve organ functions, reduce inflammation, and improve moods.

Every batch of products is tested in third-party laboratories to ensure good quality and efficacy to users. The results of our lab tests are published so that all users are satisfied and can order any product of their choice without worry or doubt. These lab results prove the best cannabinoid quality, along with the absence of microbial contamination, heavy metals, and pesticides.

The diverse feature at Phoria

One of the main distinct qualities of Phoria CBD tincture is that we offer all users the liberty to “Build your tincture.” This option enables all retail customers and online shoppers the freedom to choose their mix of tinctures to attain the results they desire.

From “The Tincture Bar” as Phoria CBD likes to call it, you can build and customize your own CBD oil tincture to match your needs. This option is a unique feature that only Phoria offers while other online shops and retailers only display the ready tinctures, capsules, and salves.

This feature of making your tincture is Phoria’s testimony that we care about our customers and their wellbeing. From the oil base, CBD content, and flavor, our users can freely select the variations and concoct their very own tincture that will add to their pleasure.

Each hand made a tincture is developed on-site in a laboratory by trained scientific professionals typically on the same day as ordering and shipped right away. They even have options for your sensationally loved pets.

This enticing feature is waiting for you on our website, and you can log on any time to avail of this option or choose from the full range of products already displayed. In the year 2020, users will be able to select from a broader range and select the products that will not only improve their health but positively impact their lifestyle.

You can view and purchase our products by visiting www.phoriacbd.com.

Company Contact:
Phoria CBD
311 Mount View Lane
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
Ph: (844) 656-3223

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