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Vaping CBD Oil Health Risks: Is It Safe To Vape CBD?

We are all aware of all the health benefits of CBD oil, and this is why we love CBD. People take CBD oil for chronic pain, for relieving anxiety and stress, for improving health and what not! But, have we ever thought about the health risks of vaping CBD oil?

Is there a limit to the health benefits of CBD oil? What are the side effects of vaping CBD oil?

Can one experience these health risks of CBD or side effects even when the amount of CBD oil taken is under proper regulation? If you are taking CBD oil in any method, and you have not thought about these questions, then I guess you should!

It’s not adequately regulated and the vaping of CBD oil can cause health risks. To find more about these health risks, continue reading.

What is CBD oil and how it works?

CBD is one of the cannabinoids present in Cannabis. The abbreviation CBD stands for Cannabidiol. It is one of those 100 active cannabinoids in Cannabis that are known to be minimally dangerous. It has high efficacy in treating certain medical conditions. However, this doesn’t mean that it has no side effects.

Studies show that users have experienced adverse effects from the intake of CBD which will be described in detail later in the article.

CBD oil is product containing a high content of CBD and shallow content of THC. People may confuse it with Marijuana and think of it as an addictive substance. However, unlike THC, CBD is not addictive even though it is a component of Marijuana.

CBD is a component of hemp which is the least processed form of Cannabis plant.

Hemp is rich in CBD, and it comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant. Marijuana also comes from this plant, but the two compounds are different in properties and effects.

You can take CBD oil by various methods. People take it orally, in the form of sprays or use topicals. But, a new technique that is becoming popular these days is vaping CBD.

When you vape CBD, it enters your body through the lungs. It enters the bloodstream to reach the Cannabinoid receptors present in the body. It modifies the receptors in such a way that it becomes more receptive to the attachment of the naturally present Cannabinoids of the body.

Previously it was thought that CBD attaches directly to CB1 and CB2 receptors.

What is vaping CBD oil?

We have heard that vaping CBD is the most effective delivery system of CBD into the body that provides one with instant relief and has maximum efficacy. It is an easy method that many people employ to take CBD oil.

Starting to vape can be a daunting task for beginners, but then it gets convenient. The reason why people continue using it is that they get immediate effects.

If one is using a vape pen, it is very discreet for consuming Cannabis, which is why the public use of CBD vape pens is every day. You can either use vape pens or the tank styles to vape. The tank style vapes have two types, the refillable ones, and disposable ones.

What are the benefits of vaping CBD oil?

Vaping CBD oil can benefit a person’s health in many ways.

  • It has natural anti-inflammatory properties which allows one to overcome stiffness, joint pain, and muscle aches.
  • Vaping CBD oil relieves chronic pain. It also helps in quitting smoking and in the withdrawal of other narcotics.
  • It improves addictive behaviors and alleviates anxiety, mood disorders, and insomnia.
  • Some studies suggest that vaping CBD oil is also useful for the treatment of epilepsy and the FDA has approved the use of CBD (Epidiolex) as a therapy for Epilepsy.
  • Vaping CBD oil is beneficial for many neurological symptoms and disorders as it has antiseizure properties as well as antipsychotic effects.
  • Vaping CBD oil instantly relieves anxiety disorders like post-traumatic stress disorder, panic disorder, general anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and social anxiety disorder.
  • It also useful for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, but this area requires more research.

Are there any health risks associated with the CBD oil?

The recent controversies about Electric cigarettes and vaping in the news have made people question if vaping is actually worth the benefits. Is vaping CBD safe? Is CBD oil healthy if vaped?

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If we notice carefully, most of the controversies about vaping arises from vaping nicotine, not CBD, which is why we must avoid this bad press. However, there are certain health risks poised by vaping CBD oil.

CBD oil interacts with enzyme systems in our body, and this may change the way many drugs act in our bodies.

For a depression patient, who is taking antidepressants, this interaction with enzymes may cause adverse effects. This is why earlier this year the United States Army issued a public health warning about vaping of CBD oil after two medical centers in North Carolina saw patients with their health issues related to vaping of CBD oil. These patients reported side effects like a headache, disorientation, seizures, agitation, nausea, and vomiting.

However, we still do know if these side effects were entirely due to the vaping of CBD oil. Different doses may lead to various side effects, and if a person is already taking other medications, this may cause adverse drug interactions.

How safe is it to vape CBD oil?

We have already stated that vaping provides instant results as the substance is taken up by the inhalation method. This means that as opposed to oral intake one needs to be more careful about the dosage of CBD oil when vaping.

According to a few studies when taking CBD oil by vaping, it is about four times more potent than when taken by the oral route. This explains why one should be more careful about vaping CBD oil.

One can say that vaping CBD oil in itself is not hazardous if it is regulated, but the nature of vapes is questionable. It can introduce some health risks to CBD usage.

A study on vapes at John Hopkins University found that metal bits used in the vape coils are composed of chromium and nickel, and the vapors generated contain small traces of these metals which can be dangerous in the long-term.

Simultaneously, we are not sure about the contents of the CBD oil that we are vaping because CBD oil is very poorly regulated. Contamination with known toxic substances, such as buttery flavoring agent diacetyl is a possibility.

It is safe to eat, but when inhaled it can cause severe damage to lungs. Vendors mix THC with CBD to give more potent effects. So, all the labels on the vape oils are not purely representative of the actual ingredients.

What are the health risks associated with vaping CBD oil?

When Cannabis is processed to make CBD oil, it may contain traces of cuticle wax. Cuticle wax is the outer layer of lipids that cover the cannabis plants including hemp.

When you vape CBD oil, this cuticle wax will not burn as it requires higher temperatures. These waxy bits can collect and settle in the lung tissue causing respiratory health issues.

Therefore, always go for those CBD vape oils that have undergone a process known as winterization. Winterization promotes the removal of waxes and fatty acids.

Thinning agents in CBD vape oil constitute a significant health concern. People use propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol to reduce the viscosity of the CBD vape oil.

The residues of these substances are known to be cancer-causing. The residues break into formaldehyde and acetaldehyde which are potentially carcinogenic.

Propylene glycol is recognized as safe by the FDA for use as a food additive. This assessment was done based on toxicology studies that did not involve heating and breathing propylene glycol. Though currently there is no conclusive evidence that these substances can cause cancer, but one should be careful while buying vape oils containing these products.

How can one vape CBD oil safely?

To ensure that you are safe, always buy a high-quality vape pen so that the metals in it won’t affect your health and it produces efficient sublimation.

Sublimation prevents the breakdown of thinning substances. Invest your money is a reputable and reliable pen no matter how much the cost is.

Also, avoid buying CBD vape oils that contain thinning agents if you cannot afford an expensive vape pen. Always lookout for the ingredients of CBD oil, ensuring that it contains no additives.

With all the information shared here in the article, you should be able to make an informed decision as to whether vaping CBD oil is safe or not?

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