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Not Pot Gummies CBD Review

Not Pot Gummies CBD

When it comes to CBD, not everyone develops a liking towards traditional CBD oil. Some people want the same benefits, just in a more appealing way. CBD edibles, primarily CBD gummy bears, are used to provide the benefits of CBD and cater to your sweet tooth.

Not Pot is one of the few CBD stores which chooses to focus on gummy bears alone. Since it concentrates solely on gummy bears and no other CBD product, it can provide a wide variety of CBD gummies. This quality makes it one of the best choices when it comes to gummy bears.

At the same time, Not Pot is also a very vocal advocate of cannabis legalization. On top of that, they also offer bails to African Americans convicted of possession of cannabis since they are four times more likely to be sentenced due to structural racism.

This creates a very moving image for the store, attracting a lot of customers.

Where Is Not Pot CBD Sourced from?

Not Pot prides itself over sourcing all of its hemp from local farms. It goes out of its way to make sure these are small-scale farmers in Oregon and Colorado. This practice makes things like quality control of the product a lot easier for Not Pot.

Another important advantage of having local suppliers is that all of them are compliant with the 2014 farm bill. This allows for a guarantee that the farming practices that go into making the product are 100% legal and reasonable.

It also means that the THC count is below 0.3%.

What Is The Dosage Of Not Pot Gummies?

With an average of 30 gummies in a container, there are precise percentages of ingredients in each gummy. Given that these gummies are all Full Spectrum, these consist of all phytocannabinoids while removing unnecessary THC.

As a result of one gummy consists of 10mg hemp extract, ten calories, 3g carbohydrates, and 2g sugar. Since they are vegan gummy bears, they are also gluten-free.
For comparatively less severe health conditions like arthritis pain, one container with 30 gummies will last you a month as you need one gummy per day.

On the other hand, for cancer treatments, you might need two gummies per day and hence require more containers per month. This dosage is not the same for everyone, but it is one that Not Pot considers a healthy dose after consulting with Ph.D. scientists and researchers.

This dosage, however, is flexible and will change according to body chemistry, weight, and the severity of the health condition. Users recommend to start with one gummy per day and assess its effectiveness before changing the dosage.

Are These Products Lab Tested?

This query is perhaps the most significant question mark when it comes to the authenticity of Not Pot. Although they claim to have their products tested by top scientists and researchers, the validity of those claims is questionable since those test results are not public.

You, as a customer, cannot access those test results and see for yourself whether or not they are up to the par. This is problematic because it takes away the ability of the customer to keep a check and balance on the store. To make sure that the THC level is below 0.3% and there are no harmful toxins in the product, these test results need to be made public.

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Most other CBD stores give access to their test results to ensure impartiality and validity.

What Is The price of These Gummies?

When it comes to the price of the products, they are very reasonable. The full price range at Not Pot is $39.99, which is fair because one container of 30 gummies is enough for a month of usage in most cases. In exceptional circumstances that increase to 2 bottles or more.

Furthermore, you can get special discounts by subscribing to their packages. For instance, the current subscription discount if 10%, which will further reduce the costs you incur.

What Payment And Shipping Methods Does Not Pot Offer?

Like any other online store, Not Pot offers standard shipping and card payment methods. So there aren’t any specific technicalities to go through when buying from Not Pot as their payment and shipping methods are secure. You will find a comfortable shopping experience and convenient payment methods to be a significant advantage while shopping for CBD.

At the same time, however, you should be varied since they don’t offer a return option. Make sure that the product you are buying is the one you are looking for, or else you will waste money.

Is The Quality Of These Gummies Worth It?

When you specifically talk about the quality of the gummies at Not Pot, they are one of the best, if not the best. Mashable’s review backs this statement, in which they say that Not Pot is one of the best places to get CBD gummies.

Not only do these gummies have a phenomenal taste, but they are also as effective as CBD oil in relieving pain or catering to mood disorders.

Another essential factor that uplifts the quality of Not Pot gummies is the fact that they are 100% vegan. This characteristic of these gummies targets the vegan market of CBD consumers which is something that not a lot of stores or retailers do.

Not only does this give vegan customers access to CBD, but it also provides the customers with a healthier way to consume CBD. Alongside the healthiness, you’ll get a kick out of the delectable strawberry flavor of the gummies.

All of the gummies at Not Pot are Full Spectrum. This quality denotes that they contain all of the cannabinoids, including THC. For people who want the whole experience of CBD, these gummies are perfect.

On the other hand for people who want a milder version of CBD in the form of Isolate or Broad Spectrum these gummies aren’t suitable. Isolate CBD is one that only contains CBD and no THC or any other cannabinoid.

Broad Spectrum on the flipside includes all the cannabinoids except THC. Not Pot doesn’t provide these two types of CBD gummy bears people, who want these can’t use their products.

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