Tips For Finding The Perfect Kratom Strain For First-Time Experience

Trying something very first time is always a tricky one.  An excellent first-time experience makes you a regular user of it. Whereas a bad first-time experience may make you hate a product. It is the case with Kratom.

An even trickier situation arises when you don’t follow the regular protocol before trying a new Kratom strain. The chances are that it can go wrong and you will think that Kratom is not your thing.

A typical reason to not get the desired effects of Kratom or not getting enough of them at the first time is associated with frequent mistakes.

What first timers don’t realize is that there is a way to make their first Kratom experience worth it. Here is a complete guideline for making your first Kratom experience pleasant and enjoyable.

Why should anyone try Kratom?

The miracle tree of Southeast Asia has benefits for everyone. Famous for centuries as a healing herb, it is not medically approved for its various benefits for the users.

Research conducted by American Chemical Society, published in ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters studies medicinal benefits of Kratom alkaloids.

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It explains the pain management by Kratom along with the overdose risk of this classic analgesic tree. For its benefits, it is an equivalent but safe alternate of morphine.

The study also describes that opioid addicts can get relief by using Kratom. And not just the medicinal but Kratom has euphoriant properties too. The chances of addiction with Kratom are minimal.

In the USA, the use of Kratom is widely increasing. Department of Medicinal Chemistry, University of Florida, explains the recent trends as a survey report.

It was an anonymous cross-sectional online survey, which was performed in 2016. Approximately 10,000 current Kratom users were a part of it.

It shows that most, middle-aged American men are Kratom users. Majority of them (68%) use Kratom for self-treating the pain, but emotional and psychological boosting properties are also a big reason (66%).

This survey report shows that the recent trend of shifting the alternate therapeutic methods.

These are enough reasons to convince anyone to try Kratom. It is beneficial for the patients with day-to-day pains, chronic pain diseases, and nootropic boost.

How much the first experience matters for Kratom use?

The first experience of anything matters more than anything. It helps you to define the pattern of using that particular product.

The world is now shifting to the herbal alternatives, leaving the medicines for their potential risks. The natural products are safe and secure to use. Also, they have least side effects risks.

Kratom is exceptionally potent, but for the real effects, it needs some specific user guidelines to follow.

It includes a selection of a suitable Kratom strain, a particular form in the right dose. All these make the first experience enjoyable or a total disaster for a new Kratom user.

How does Kratom work for you?

Leaves of Kratom, scientifically called Mitragyna speciosa have incredible benefits for its users.

It includes stimulation, mood elevation, energy boosting and analgesic effects. The western cultures are adopting Kratom as an alternative medicine.

The rich alkaloids of Kratom, Mitragynine, and 7-OH Mitragynine can modulate the opioid receptors in the brain.

In this way, they act as partial agonists of the MU-receptors and very competitive antagonists at KAPPA and DELTA receptor sites.

It means they exert the otherwise natural control of adrenergic, serotonergic and dopaminergic receptors. All the signature effects of Kratom are maintained by these activities.

It is safer than opiates like heroin, morphine, and others. There is the least possibility for Kratom to go against the user. That too is only possible when the usage of Kratom is mismanaged.

Best tips to make first Kratom experience enjoyable

Now that Kratom has all convincing points for you to try it, you should look for a fantastic Kratom start. Kratom is a famous plant, but still, there is a lot that the first timer on Kratom may not know.

Here are the three primary tips to make your Kratom experience enjoyable.

  1. Find a relevant Kratom strain – Why is that important?Kratom is usually referred to only one tree but what most of the people don’t know is that it has certain types.These types of Kratom are called strains. They are known for distinctive effects of each one of them.Kratom is a profoundly relaxing and medicinal herb, which doesn’t make it much of an opiate. It is similar to the opiates but not an opiate itself.It is perfect even for a person who has never tried Kratom before. The only precaution that one should follow is to select the right Kratom strain.There are plenty of Kratom strains available at leading Kratom vendors. You may see different names sold under the category of Kratom and Kratom products. The formal categorization of Kratom gives you three classification groups.Type of Kratom by origin; It is by the area where it grows. For example, the natural Kratom producing regions are Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei and surrounding areas.Type of Kratom by vein colour; The leaf veins of Kratom are not always green. They are available in red and white colours too. These shades signify the severity of Kratom alkaloids, which is visible by their respective effects.Type of Kratom by form; Kratom and its products are available in many forms. You can select between dry leaves, powder, capsules, tincture, resin, enhances strains, etc.All these indicate a different potency of a Kratom alkaloid. Enhanced products are artificially enhanced, powders and capsules have the original Kratom leaves mix.For a new user, it is necessary to selecta- A strain of one particular origin, i.e., Thai, Malay, white vein Indo Kratom, etc.
    b- A particular vein colour, i.e., red vein Thai, green vein Malay, white vein Indo Kratom, etc.
    c- A suitable form i.e. powder, capsule etc.In all cases, starting from the mediocre strain is better. Trying higher strains when you don’t have a previous experience may become problematic.Red vein strains are usually the potent ones. White is mostly nootropic support. Only the green vein is a smooth, stable combination of both. So it is better to try either white or green strain of Kratom as a first timer.Using Kratom powder is the most common among whole Kratom community. The new users prefer to use either powder or capsule because of their original Kratom essence. All other products are not suitable for a first time Kratom use.However, this selection also depends upon the tolerance level of the Kratom user. If the tolerance is high, even a red vein, higher Kratom strain will also work fine.It is vital to self-evaluate yourself before you start finding the suitable Kratom strain for the initial use.
  2. Start with a low doseDosage is the key for all Kratom users. Kratom is highly dosage sensitive.The best effects of Kratom show up at a moderate dosage. In this regard, it means that high doesn’t mean better concerning Kratom.For all the new users, the best is to try from a low dose. If you aren’t sure that how much Kratom will be sufficient, the wisest idea is to consider the minimum dose.The threshold dose for Kratom that works for most of the new Kratom users is between 1.0g to 2.0 gram.In many cases, even the 0.5 g also works. Here is how to adjust a dose for first Kratom use.Take 0.5g or 1g of your selected Kratom strain.
    Give it some time to work. Naturally, it takes 15-30 minutes for the effects to show up.
    If nothing happens in one hour, repeat the dose.
    Wait for the effects again. It is more likely that results will show up if they didn’t hit the user at first dose. For all others, this will act as a lower dose.The best spectrum of Kratom effects shows up on the dose between 2.0 to 5.0 gram, which is a moderate dose. You can consider this dose once you try the basic Kratom dose for some time.
  3. Know the right way to consume KratomOne common question that comes from many new Kratom users is that which is the right form of Kratom to use.All Kratom products are a derivative of actual Mitragyna speciosa. There is no extra thing involved.Even the enhanced strains are potent versions of the same strains that are otherwise available in powder and capsule forms.For the new users, using powder and capsule is better. Capsules are easy to use but slightly expensive.Kratom powder is an inexpensive, top-selling and straightforward form of Kratom. Extracts and other products are suitable for the experienced Kratom users only.For powder usage, you can either take it directly or add it to a fruit juice or food. There is no such requirement if you are using Kratom capsules.By following these basic tips, you can make Kratom work best for you, even at your first Kratom experience.These tips are based on the user experiences of Kratom community, which are open for all the readers at different forums. For more specific information, search for the individual queries.
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