Kratom is one amazing tool that has reshaped the lives of many people, by making it enjoyable, giving them an opportunity to live a relaxed life and treating pain if they suffer from any.

It is something that has allowed many to live happy lives. Kratom is the single greatest substance that can aid in reducing anxiety, elevating mood and calming one. Talking about kratom for beginners, this substance may appear confusing.

The common questions that pop into a beginner’s mind when they come to know of Kratom include; What is Kratom?

Which strain is best for me? What is the right dosage for me? What are the different strains?

Will I suffer from any side effects if I take it? What is it effective for? We are here to answer all these questions for the beginners.

Kratom for Beginners – What is Kratom?

Kratom is a plant that grows in Southeast Asia, mostly in different parts of Indonesia and Malaysia.

The generic name of the plant is Mitragyna Speciosa and the active ingredients of the plant are two alkaloids; mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine.

These two alkaloids act on the various opiate receptors of the brain, especially the mu receptors. However, it is not an opiate. This means that it has a safer profile as compared to opiates.

One can build the tolerance to Kratom as well but the threshold to develop tolerance is quite high as compared to that of opiates.

Kratom is mainly used in the withdrawal of opiates and to relieve one from pain as it has an amazing analgesic property.

What are the Various Strains of Kratom?

Kratom comes in various forms. Kratom for a beginner is always interested in the various forms of Kratom and their properties.

The central vein in the leaf of the Kratom plant gives the name to the various strains, so basically there is a White Vein Kratom, a Red Vein, and a Green Vein.

These veins further have types based on their properties, area of origin and there can also be blends of various strains.

However, the type of classification we will discuss is based on the onset of action. So what are the strains that can be labeled as fast, moderate and slow ones? Let’s have a look.

FAST STRAINS: Maeng Da is a fast strain. It produces stimulation and makes one energetic. Maeng Da increases productivity, focus and attention span. It increases sociability and enhances motivation. Thai strains are also considered fast strains.

MODERATE STRAINS: The moderate strains of Kratom are generally derived from Indonesia and Malaysia, so they are called Indo and Malay respectively. These strains are both a mix of fast and slow strains. The effects are variable but generally, they are mild stimulants.

SLOW STRAINS: Bali and Borneo strains are considered slow in nature. They are mainly used for calming nerves, reducing muscle tension, helps in insomnia as they are sedatives.

Kratom Strains By Area, Color & Action

Kratom is not just one tree. The name Kratom represents a certain type of plant which has further divisions based on many factors i.e. locality.

These subdivisions of Kratom are called strains. Kratom has multiple strains, each of which has its own signature benefits.

Some effects are constant in all Kratom strains, but many of the strains are capable of inducing one key effect as its special one.

  • Strain by area of growth: One way to understand strains is to make their groups by their origin. Kratom grows in various locations in Southeast Asia.
    All of these regions have their distinct soil and climate. It gives a little variation in bioactive alkaloids of Kratom for which, Kratom shows different effects.
  • Strains by vein color: Another type to know the difference between strains is by checking their vein color.
    Normally, the leaves of all trees have green color veins. In the case of Kratom, there are three options which include red, white and green. These veins induce particular effects based on their composition.
  • Strains by action: Kratom strains are available in all potencies. There are some strains which are very powerful, some are soothing, and rest are all minor ones.
    The choice to select any among all these are personal. It is necessary to do the background check before purchasing any strain online. On the basis of their mode of action, the strains are fast, moderate and slow.

What are their Benefits?

If you are new to kratom or in search of kratom for beginners, you must be well aware of their benefits.

Various strains of Kratom have various benefits. Mostly they benefit the anxiety and depression patients as Kratom acts as an anxiolytic and an antidepressant.

It helps in creating and enhancing optimism, this one feels more positive and happy. Kratom aids in getting off drugs like hydrocodone, tramadol, Suboxone etc.

It lowers the blood pressure to a considerable extent helping people who suffer from hypertension.

Kratom is a very good analgesic, thus people who suffer from chronic pain, find it quite useful. It suppresses appetite thus it is very useful for obese people. Also, it enhances sexual arousal, increases libido and treats premature ejaculation.

What is the Recommended Dosage of Various Strains?borneo kratom

• Threshold Dosage: 2-2.5 grams (depends on user’s weight)
• Recommended dose: 4-5 grams- At this dose, the user starts feeling the effects and these effects may last up to 6 hours on average.

Balibali kratom
• High dose: 4-6 grams (Sedating effects ensue at this dosage)
• Medium dose: 2.5-4 grams
• Low dose: 2-2.5 grams (Stimulating effects)
• Very high doses of 6-9 grams are used by those who develop tolerance to this strain, but a newbie will start getting effects even at 1.5 grams.

Green Thai

Dosage by gramsgreen thai
• Mild- 1 to 2 grams
• Moderate- 2 to 4.5 grams
• High- 5 to 10 grams

Dosage by Teaspoon
• Mild- 0.5 to 0.9 Tsp
• Moderate- 1 to 2 Tsp
• High- 2 to 3.5 Tsp

Indo Greenindo green kratom
• High dose: 4-6 grams
• Medium dose: 2.5-4 grams
• Low dose: 2-2.5 grams

Maeng DaMaeng Da Kratom
• Threshold dose: 2grams of Maeng Da
• Average dose: 4 grams of Maeng Da
• Large dose: 8 grams and above of Maeng Da

How Shall I take it?

Kratom for beginners are often confused with how they shall take it? Well! here are various ways to take Kratom.

  1. Toss and wash: In this method, use powder Kratom with water. Take a suitable dose of the powder, toss it into the mouth with a big sip of water. Mix it for two seconds and swallow it. This is the most faster absorbing method.
  2. Use with juice: Orange and grapefruit juice are the natural potentiators. If the taste of Kratom is too bitter for a new user, adding it into a flavorful orange or citrus juice is helpful.
  3. Make Kratom Tea: For the tea lovers, Kratom tea can be their new favorite. This is the most commonly used method which is enjoyable and effective. Boil Kratom crushed leaves or powder in water and consume it like tea. Some additives like lemon juice or honey can enhance the flavor if anyone likes it.
  4. Make pre workout drink: For the athlete and sporty users, adding Kratom to the pre workout drink is also a good idea. The benefit of energy boosting helps the user to spend more time for a workout. Also, it masks the taste of Kratom.
  5. Add it into food recipe: For the casual users which are neither sporty nor tea lovers, the best way to use Kratom is to add it to any recipe. Not only it will hide the taste but the fragrance too. Which means all Kratom benefits will be here without the actual experience of using it.

Do I need to Change the Strain Regularly?

Rotation of the strains is necessary to avoid tolerance as well as dependence. If you take Kratom more than 5 times a week you need to rotate your Kratom.

Try burning one strain per day. Take slow strain on one day, fast on another and then go back to a moderate or slow one.

What Do I need to Know as a Beginner?

If you are looking for kratom for beginners then you need to know the following things:

• Stay hydrated
• Take Kratom three hours after eating or an hour before eating.
• To find your sweet spot, always start from the small dose and then gradually increase it.
• Do not overdo it.
• Take extracts and tinctures with caution.
• Do not take Kratom more than twice in one day.
• If you get any side effects, stop taking that particular strain.
• Avoid crushed leaf.

How to Avoid Tolerance?

Tolerance means getting used to something. Kratom tolerance is real but it is a result of poor administration of Kratom.

To reduce the risk of tolerance, it is better to rotate strains. Especially at the beginner level, no user should use a strain for more than 5 times in one week.

The best idea is to use a slow strain one day, moderate the next day and faster on a day after.

The shuffling of strains reduces the risk of addiction and tolerance. It also makes the Kratom experience for new users pleasurable and safe.

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