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Which Are the Best Kratom Strains For Beginners?

One amazing thing which is winning the herbal alternate products is Kratom. It is serving its users in the best possible way which is by treating the health problems in an enjoyable way.

It is a lesser-known fact that Kratom has made life easy for many people across the world. It helps in reducing stress, burden, fatigue, anxiety, pain, and initiates an optimistic approach. It’s stable and safe nature compels people to try it for their day to day routine work.

For beginners, it may appear confusing at the start. There is a lot of information available on the best Kratom strains but many of these things seem contradictory to each other. That is why confusion arises. The beginning users are unable to decide which strain to use, how much to use, which form to try, and similar questions.

The risk of addiction also fears them. Here is the answer to everything. This article is a complete description of the best Kratom strains that new users can try.

A Brief Introduction of Kratom

Kratom is the native deciduous plant of Southeast Asia, primarily, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Borneo, and Brunei. It is safe and affordable which is why Kratom is so much popular. Any routine problems like low confidence, motivation, irregular mood swings and loss of focus are solvable with Kratom.

What is kratom and is it as dangerous as people say?

Health Benefits of Kratom

The amazing benefits of Kratom are helpful to solve such problems that otherwise need nootropic or medicinal treatment. The mechanism of work by Kratom involves interaction with brain opioid receptors. Two receptor sites that it hits are μ-receptor and Kappa receptor.

The alkaloids of Kratom behave like an opiate and binds to these sites. After binding, they govern the release of neurotransmitters which further help to initiate the body’s responses.

The addiction from Kratom is certainly possible but with a heavy dosing of it. It is 100% controllable and preventive so there is no such risk of destructive health damages. The benefits of Kratom include the following.

10 benefits and uses of kratom

Knowing the Top Kratom Strains For Beginners

Kratom is not just one tree. The name Kratom represents a certain type of plant which has further divisions based on many factors i.e. locality.

These subdivisions of Kratom are called strains. Kratom has multiple strains, each of which has its own signature benefits.

Some effects are constant in all Kratom strains but many of the strains are capable to induce one key effect as its special one.

Strain by area of growth

One way to understand strains is to make their groups by their origin. Kratom grows in various locations in Southeast Asia. All of these regions have distinct soil and climate. It gives a little variation in bioactive alkaloids of Kratom for which, Kratom shows different effects

Strains by vein color

Another type to know the difference between strains is by checking their vein color. Normally, the leaves of all trees have green color veins. In the case of Kratom, there are three options which include red, white, and green. These veins induce particular effects based on their composition.

Strains by action

Kratom strains are available in all potencies. There are some strains that are very powerful, some are soothing and rest are all minor ones. The choice to select any among all these are personal. It is necessary to do the background check before purchasing any strain online. On the basis of their mode of action, the strains are fast, moderate and slow.

Best Kratom strains to try for Starters

Fast strains – Maeng Da For Beginners

Among fast Kratom strains, the best one to try is Maeng Da. It has stimulatory and energetic potential at a low dose. It increases the potential to enhance personal traits. It increases productivity, motivation, focus, and concentration. Meanwhile, the energetic perspective keeps hitting at the same time.

As a result of this, a visible increase in confidence, sociability, and concentration is achieved. Maeng Da is called a fast strain because it takes less time to start the effects. This time is exceptionally less for new users. The effects last for good 4-6 hours.

Thai maeng da kratom strain

Moderate strains – Indo Kratom, Malay Kratom For Beginners

The category of moderate Kratom strain means that they have a moderate effect to show. It also means that it is between high and low strains, makes them suitable for most of the users. It includes Indo and Malay strains that belong to Indonesia and Malaysia respectively.

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They show stable effects which usually provide a number of benefits at any stage. Unlike higher and lower strains, moderate strains show multiple effects, all of which show intermediate effects. These benefits are stable and can not cause any side effects for anyone.

super green malay kratom strains

Slow strains – Bali Kratom, Borneo Kratom For Beginners

Slow strains are not less potential. By slow, it means that their mode of action is slower. It includes Bali strains and Borneo strains which are ideal for the beginners.

At the start, usually a person he has no prior experience of Kratom. Using a slow strain has a clear benefit over others as it shows the body’s response too. These strains are helpful to reduce stress, muscle tension, sleeplessness, fatigue and are generally mild sedatives.

Red vein Bali Kratom strains

How many doses will initiate the effects?

The dosage recommendations are different for different strains. A general dosage outline is as follows.

Maeng Da

  • Threshold- 1-2 grams
  • Common- 2-4 grams
  • High- 6 grams and more

Indo Kratom

  • Threshold- 1-2.5 grams
  • Common- 2.5-4 grams
  • High- 4-6 grams

Bali Kratom

  • Threshold- 1-2 grams
  • Common- 2 -4 grams
  • High- 4-6 grams and more

Borneo Kratom

  • Threshold- 2-2.5 grams
  • Common- 3-5 grams
  • High- 6 grams and more

How Beginners Can Take Top Kratom Strains?

There are numerous methods to try such as,

Toss and wash: In this method, use powder Kratom with water. Take a suitable dose of the powder, toss it into the mouth with a big sip of water. Mix it for two seconds and swallow it. This is the most faster absorbing method.

Use with juice: Orange and grapefruit juice are the natural potentiators. If the taste of Kratom is too bitter for a new user, adding it into a flavorful orange or citrus juice is helpful.

Make Kratom tea: For the tea lovers, Kratom tea can be their new favorite. This is the most commonly used method which is enjoyable and effective. Boil Kratom crushed leaves or powder in water and consume it like tea. Some additives like lemon juice or honey can enhance the flavor if anyone likes it.

Make pre-workout drink: For the athlete and sporty users, adding Kratom to the pre-workout drink is also a good idea. The benefit of energy-boosting helps the user to spend more time on a workout. Also, it masks the taste of Kratom.

Add it into food recipe: For the casual users which are neither sporty nor tea lovers, the best way to use Kratom is to add it to any recipe. Not only it will hide the taste but the fragrance too. Which means all Kratom benefits will be here without the actual experience of using it.

Additional advice for Kratom beginners

  • Always start from a low strain and gradually move to higher
  • Take a low dose first to experience Kratom and the body responses
  • Do not try extract and enhanced strains at the start
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated
  • Do not overdose
  • Do not take more than two doses per day
  • In case of an unusual effect, stop using that strain
  • Avoid consuming leaves directly

How to avoid Kratom tolerance?

Tolerance means getting used to something. Kratom tolerance is real but it is a result of poor administration of Kratom.

To reduce the risk of tolerance, it is better to rotate strains. Especially at the beginner level, no user should use a strain for more than 5 times in one week. The best idea is to use a slow strain one day, moderate the next day and faster on a day after.

The shuffling of strains reduces the risk of addiction and tolerance. It also makes the Kratom experience for new users pleasurable and safe.

How to prevent kratom tolerance and dependence

Here are some helpful kratom beginner resources:

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