Sulawesi Kratom Review

Mitragyna Speciosa commonly known as kratom is a herb belonging to Rubiaceacea family found in most parts of the world. Kratom is famous for its incredible health benefits and it is used in the treatment of various diseases. Sulawesi kratom is a new platform supplying kratom to vendors in large quantities. Let’s have a review of this new brand based on the following factors, and check whether it fulfills our standards or not

About Sulawesi Kratom

Sulawesi kratom has earned the reputation of providing high-quality kratom in bulk.  It has been providing kratom powder in bulk since 2015 to Canada, USA, Germany, Netherlands, and other parts of the world. It is the right place to buy Sulawesi Indonesian kratom powder in bulk.

Address: Jl Sui raya Dalam, 05 Pontianak – West Borneo, Indonesia
Emai: [email protected]
Telephone Enquiry: +62 821-5477-6423 – WhatsApp: +62 821-5937-4928

Is Sulawesi kratom AKA GMP certified?

No! Sulawesi kratom is not AKA GMP certified. American kratom association is a platform for all kratom vendors to financially aid them to secure kratom from getting ban. For AKA GMP certification, participants have to complete self-sufficient third-party audit to ensure their compliance with this association. After checking from AKA official website, it is clear that Sulawesi kratom has no financial support to this program as its name is not mentioned in AKA GMP participants and their name is also not mentioned in the category of pending participants.

Is Sulawesi kratom making false medical claims on their product description?

It is seen that kratom has many health benefits, but there is no scientifically proven evidence that kratom is used for medical treatments.  Sulawesi kratom is not making such claims. They provide Kratom in bulk and is not for treating any disease.

 FDA won’t allow any kratom brand to make medical claims on its benefits! According to them, Kratom is not safe for health and its over-dosage can lead to death. If any brand makes such claims, then they are going against FDA regulations. Sulawesi Kratom is following their rules and not making such claims.

Is Sulawesi Kratom Lab Tested?

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Yes! Sulawesi Kratom undergoes various test in the labs. They ensure provision premium quality kratom powder prepared from completely natural kratom leaves free from additives and fillers. Sulawesi kratom undergoes following tests in laboratory.

  • High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography
  • Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry
  • Thin Layer Chromatography
  • Organoleptic testing
  • Microbiology Testing- yeast and Mold count and testing for salmonella
  • Chemical Scanning- testing pesticides and heavy chemicals
  • Physical Analysis

Is They selling Kratom with false names?

No! Sulawesi Kratom is not selling kratom with false names as the names of kratom products are correctly mentioned with their category and according to customer’s reviews, no one faced the problem regarding this. Some of their products include:

  • Red Bali Kratom
  • Maeng Da Sulawesi Kratom
  • Green Sulawesi Kratom
  • Green Malay Kratom
  • Red Sulawesi Kratom
  • 5 way Kratom Split Kilo
  • Yellow Sulawesi Kratom
  • Red Borneo Kratom
  • White Thai Kratom

Is Sulawesi Kratom Cheaper Than Other Brands?

Sulawesi Kratom is present at quite affordable prices than other Kratom brands. When it comes to buying Kratom in higher quantities, Sulawesi Kratom is a suitable platform for this purpose. Kilos pack of Yellow Sulawesi Kratom, Green Sulawesi Kratom, Maeng Da Sulawesi Kratom, and Yellow Kapuas Kratom cost $35 and this price is not very high. We must say that they are selling kratom all around the world at reasonable prices.

Are They Active On Social Media?

They are online 24/7 on their official website, Facebook, and Instagram. If you need any assistance, or you want to buy Kratom in large quantities, you can contact them anytime. They offer quick service as they give replies within minutes.

Are They Offering Money Back Guarantee?

Yes! Everyone who buys Sulawesi Kratom is given 30-day satisfaction money-back guarantee. If someone is not satisfied with the product or receives the wrong product by mistake, he is given the chance to ship this product back to the company with a 100% refund.

What is the shipping method of Sulawesi Kratom?

All their kratom products are shipped to all the parts of the world. After receiving payments either through bank accounts or some other ways, they prepare the shipments. In the USA, Canada and Europe regions, it takes approximately 7-10 days and in Asia zone, it takes 5-7 days for shipment. When your order will reach the DHL office, you will receive your tracking number on your details so you can easily check out your tracking details.

Customer’s Reviews

  • The order reached exactly on time agreed, but there was a little delay in getting tracking number.
  • This is the best place for kratom vendors to buy in large quantities because their prices are affordable when it comes to buying kratom in large quantities.
  • Their online support is active all the time and their communicating skills are good and it helped a lot.

Their quality, price, and service make it a perfect choice to buy kratom in bulk.

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