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Review Of PA Botanicals

It is true that in the Kratom market, there are many vendors and suppliers. And all of them claim to be the best. One of these famous vendors is PA Botanicals. A leading Kratom brand, PA Botanicals, is a family-owned business and is based in Western Pennsylvania. Aside from having a smooth-running store, it also has an online store. While the brand certainly may be famous, you cannot ignore questions regarding the quality and credibility of the brand. Customers would be right to research and look for answers. This article aims to answer some of these essential questions. You will get more clarity on where to buy the best kratom online as you finish with this review!

Pricing Of The Products And Deals

Specific price ranges for each category of products are mentioned below. A quick sweep of all the products would lead one to safely conclude that the prices offered by PA Botanicals is relatively reasonable. Another aspect that makes PA Botanicals attractive is that they continuously provide good level discounts. They also offer military discounts.

The “Rewards Program” can be availed by both old and new customers. Customers get points for every action conducted on the website, such as; creating an account, sharing the site on Facebook, making a purchase. It does not coast anything to acquire these points, and it will also never expire. There are also points for customers’ birthdays.

These points will then be added to the customers’ accounts and be converted into discounts. Not only is this program very elaborate, but it is also very appealing to customers. There is also an affiliate program, which offers a commission of 10% for each sale.

The coupon codes visible on the homepage are the occasional discounts that customers can enjoy on special days! Price cuts of up to 20% or even 30% are available, and it only takes a coupon code! Just enter the code as you book order and enjoy a fantastic price cut for the best quality kratom from online vendors in the US.

Products Offered By PA Botanicals

Aside from offering a variety of strains for Kratom, PA Botanicals also provides other products, such as; CBD, herbs, botanicals, etc. Some of the strains available are; Green Vein, Red Vein, Yellow Vein, Maeng Da Kratom, and White Indo. You can also try samples, which cost around 3 USD. The size of these samples is 10g.

Customers can also opt for bigger sample packs, that offers three products. This option costs about 23 USD – 40 USD. Furthermore, Kratom can be bought in bulk as well.

The following are the main categories of products offered:

1. Kratom

First, there is the sub-category of Kratom Powder. The prices, in this category, range between 6 USD – 125 USD. In terms of quantities, customers are provided with a lot of choices: 28, 56, 112, 168, 224, 448, and 1000 grams.

In this category, Ultra Maeng Da Kratom Powder and Bali Kratom Powder have the highest reviews and also are the most bought products. Reports suggest that Maeng Da Kratom has the effect of making the user alert. It helps with fatigue and stress. It also helps with stress and pain relief. Bali Kratom Powder helps in anxiety relief and sedation. Reviews indicate that it helps in improving moods and relaxation.


There is also the option of Kratom Capsules. This sub-category is perfect for those who don’t prefer the powder form due to taste and aroma. In terms of quantity, customers have only one choice, which is; 100 counts. The prices, in this category, are 15 USD.

White Maeng Da is the most bought and highly rated product in this category. This product helps users increase their energy both, in the mental and physical sense. High doses can lead to a euphoric feeling. Just a single dose helps users in improving their moods.

Extracts and tinctures

There is the sub-category called Kratom Extract. “Kratom Extract 10% Mitragynine,” the only product offered, costs around 3 USD – 25 USD, depending on quantity. For quantity, customers have two options; 1 and 10 grams.

Inside the sub-category of Kratom Tincture, which has only one product, that costs 30 USD. It is a liquid extract, with the following quantity; 0.3 fl oz.

The fifth sub-category is called Enhanced Kratom. Here, customers can create their blends by using any strains they desire. This blend will contain 10% Mitragynine Extract. And in terms of quantities, customers are provided with a lot of choices: 28, 56, 112, 168, 224, 448, and 1000 grams.

2. CBD By PA Botanicals

This product as a high rating and the quantity offered is 1000mg. The products cost around 100 USD. Reviews suggest that this product helps in making the user energized and also makes them calm.

3. Kava By PA Botanicals

The products in this category, while not mostly bought, do have a high rating anyway. The prices, in this category, range between 4 USD – 28 USD. In terms of quantity, the following are available; 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100 grams. Kava, in general, helps with fatigue, nausea, and anxiety.

4. PA Botanicals Akuamma

There is only one product available in this category, that costs 12 USD – 125 USD. In terms of quantities, customers are provided with a lot of choices: 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 16 oz, and 1 kg. Akuamma helps in stress and pain relief. It also helps in boosting the immune system.

5. PA Botanicals Herbs

There are many options available in this category. The prices are around 5 USD, with quantity being 28 grams. A popular product from this category is Licorice roots.

6. PA Other Botanicals

This category has a diverse range of products. The prices range between 4 USD – 15 USD. Kava Root Tincture is a great product. The effects of Kava have been highlighted above.

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Shopping Experience With PA Botanicals

To start purchasing from PA Botanicals, every customer must create an account. Through this account, the customer can pay for and track their orders. These customers also regularly receive email updates. Checkout is quite fast and easy.

The payment procedure is straightforward, and there are many options for customers, which are; money order, bank transfer, cashier check, and ECheck.

The representatives of PA Botanicals are quite easy to reach. And reviews suggest that customer service overall is quite friendly. There are three main methods to contact the representatives, which are; email, phone, and a form.

The representatives are available from 11 AM to 5 PM on not only weekdays but also Saturdays. This feature makes PA Botanicals quite easy to reach. Once the query is handled quickly, the customers can promptly proceed with their orders.

Refund policy

While the Refund and Return Policy of PA Botanicals is simple; it is not exactly attractive at the same time, precisely because of the 5 USD charge. However, this unappealing feature can be overcome by the following conditions (for compliance with the policy).

If the product returned is sealed and not opened, then 100% cash will be returned. If the product returned is opened and 90% of the product is left, then 100% cash will be returned.

Coupon codes

PA Botanicals has an effective discount policy, and while customers enjoy economic products, they can also use coupon codes to get further cuts. On special occasions, you can apply coupon codes appearing on the website to get up to 20% off on your total billed amount.

Easy layout

The website of PA Botanicals is quite simple and easy to function. All the other relevant links are at the forefront and are easy to spot.

PA Botanicals is quite expressive about their shipping methods. Currently, on their website, they have listed down a few states to which they can’t ship their products. They have also issued a warning for holidays season; that sometimes, it may take one more business day to ship the product.

These notices allow customers to plan ahead and not waste their time. Free shipping is offered on orders above 149.99 USD. There are many options for customers. Firstly, there is first class shipping, which costs 3.99 USD.

Secondly, there is the option of Priority Shipping through USPS, for which the duration is around 2 -3 business days. It costs 6.99 USD.

Thirdly, there is Priority Express Shipping through USPS, which costs about 29.99 USD. The duration for this shipment is 1 – 2 business days. For this option, customers are recommended to place the orders before 11 AM (EST).

Apart from all of this, PA Botanicals also allows its customers to include any extra notes necessary for the shipment of the product.  

Standing of PA Botanicals

PA Botanicals has a good reputation in terms of quality. A strict 3-step quality control procedure followed. Moreover, they also claim to be GMP compliant. They are consistent with their quality because they have maintained strong relations with the same supplier for four years.

Each product is tested for contamination, heavy metals, salmonella, etc. Recent lab results have also been published on their website.

User reviews are welcome

These factors show that PA Botanicals is transparent when it comes to their practices and quality. It shows that they are confident about their top-notch quality products. However, this aspect is reinforced by the fact that they have also posted short descriptions for every product. There is also a link in the website, called “Reviews,” which highlights the customer satisfaction.

An important aspect to consider is whether PA Botanicals is involved in any unethical practices. On the face of it, they are not. They don’t make any medical claims but publish simple descriptions of the products.

Moreover, they have explicitly mentioned how the FDA has not evaluated the website. In the sections of “Terms of Service” and “Privacy Policy,” PA Botanicals makes it clear that they are not making any guarantees with regards to results of the products. Moreover, they have disclosed that they will not be held liable for any adverse effects, etc.

Inadequacies Of PA Botanicals

Many have negatively remarked that the samples offered by PA Botanicals are quite expensive. Moreover, while the website is easy to navigate, the fact is that some links are incorrectly labeled. An example is: when one clicks on the category of “Variety Packs,” one is led to the link called “Kratom Samples.”

While the brand is devoted to transparency, one aspect that undermines this is the fact that they have entered brief descriptions for products. And these descriptions are quite hard to understand and don’t put across anything worthwhile. Another aspect that undermines this transparency feature is the fact that even their FAQ section is incomplete or insufficient, as it has only two questions.

Fewer capsule options

Another essential inadequacy is the fact that the vendor offers very few options for Capsules. This problem is made worse by the fact that in terms of quantity, customers have the option of 100 counts only.  

Also, there is a link for Military Discounts, but interestingly enough, no description or anything else has been added to this page. However, this mystery puts into question whether the link was put up for a legitimate reason or not. Some reviews on Reddit also suggest that customer service is not as efficient as others. However, it must be noted that PA Botanicals apologized for this issue and promised to rectify it.


The drawbacks of PA Botanicals are indeed many. But if one focuses on the quality of the product, they will find that PA Botanicals do not disappoint. Other factors (such as the purchasing experience) do indeed matter. But the customers’ main concern is quality. And again, reviews have suggested PA Botanicals have the best quality products.

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