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Functional Remedies CBD Review

Functional Remedies CBD is a well-known CBD brand all across the USA. It has had its products published in a large number of international news articles. Functional Remedies CBD has also gotten unique awards because of its quality products. A hemp grower named Tim Gordon founded the company itself. Tim Gordon was cultivating hemp back in 1990, and his dream has continued from then till now. The founder of the company has always put a significant amount of stress on creating products that would be useful. The company has stressed on uniqueness rather than the same run-of-the-mill products made by familiar CBD brand.

Tim Gordon is not only the president of Functional Remedies CBD now but also the chief science officer there. He has used his knowledge of hemp, gained over more than twenty-five years, to make exclusive CBD products that cater to customers’ demands. Tim Gordon has dedicated his entire life to being a vessel between people and the healing power of hemp. He has introduced new breeding methods for hemp and has five patents pending for those breeding methods.

The objective of the company

Functional Remedies CBD in unlike the other CBD companies of the market because they have a distinct goal and purpose. The entire team of the company strives to achieve that goal. The mission of the company is simple. It aims to provide the general public with all of the benefits that hemp has to offer. They have adopted scientific methods of hybridization, breeding, and extraction that makes their hemp of the best quality. The company is focused on bringing only the best on the market. The company puts a lot of effort in the scientific research of the hemp that they make. This feature has made the company one of the best CBD brands in the US. It has had products featured in news articles on leading channels like ESPN, Fox News, Golf Digest, CNN, etc. The company has been operating for more than two decades, and over that time, Functional Remedies has perfected its hemp growing and extracting techniques. The company has left no stone unturned in its efforts to bring balance and betterment to the lives of its customers.

Is the company Functional Remedies reputable?

In the CBD industry, the reputation of a company is significant. Everything from product quality to the available range influences the status of the company. In this regard, Functional Remedies does not disappoint. Their product range is concise and to the point. They have varieties of products which are being worked on and investigated. They are a completely independent company that cultivates its hemp and then extracts it themselves too. This method enables complete quality control. Functional Remedies CBD has won a large number of awards for their quality products and innovative cultivation and extraction techniques.

As the team at functional remedies both grow the hemp and manufacture the products, they prioritize quality above all else. The company has integrated modern genetic engineering techniques and scientific procedures into the traditional benefits of hemp. This approach has resulted in a range of products that are the epitome of quality and purity. Various news mentions, positive reviews, and awards that the brand has received only works to strengthen its excellent reputation in the CBD market.

The available spectrums:

In the CBD industry, the product spectrum is essential. There are three spectrums of CBD products. These include full-spectrum products, broad-spectrum products, and CBD isolates. Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum products have added cannabinoids and terpenes in addition to the CBD.

On the other hand, CBD isolates are pure crystalline CBD with a 96 to 99% purity. Functional Remedies CBD has a constant focus on full-spectrum products. They have unique manufacturing methods that allow their full-spectrum products to be fully infused with the benefits that the other cannabinoids have to offer.

The scientists working at Functional Remedies CBD believe that the only way to ultimately benefit from the goodness of agricultural organic hemp is by utilizing as much of it as possible. These nutrients can be utilized by not letting the additional cannabinoids in the hemp plant go to waste. For this purpose, the company focuses on full-spectrum products. The “entourage effect” is given by these products as they are so expertly manufactured and formulated. In this, the various cannabinoids and terpenes work in perfect synergy. This type of formulation lets the customers benefit from all the goodness that hemp has to offer.

What makes Functional Remedies different?

After the legalization of CBD, there was a boom in the hemp industry. Both the supply and demand increased a considerable amount. In such a market environment, a brand needed to be unique to succeed. Functional Remedies is different from all the other CBD brands in the market.

One of the most significant differences that Functional Remedies products have from the other brands is the integration of science into their products. There are more than two decades of plant genetic study. It is the only 100% vertically-integrated hemp company in the US. This term means that the company independently grows its hemp and manufactures its products. Therefore, the room for error is almost nullified because of the absence of external parties.

Another incredibly unique feature of Functional Remedies is their extraction process. They have spent decades to perfect their LipidTrans™ process. This method does not break the cellular bonds and maintains the benefits of the hemp. On the other hand, the CO2 extraction method opted by other brands results in the breaking of molecular and cellular bonds. This type of extraction results in the stripping of nutrients and decreasing the benefits of organic hemp.

The Functional Remedies Website

A company’s website design is a significant reflection of its approachability and professionalism. The website design of Functional Remedies is extremely informational. The brand makes sure that their customers are completely informed about their products before they buy anything.

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Because of this reason, the website has articles integrated into their website design. They have a blog format which has informational articles that people can read. Functional Remedies also has articles explaining their unique extraction techniques. These articles allow people to see why Functional Remedies is better than the other brands in the market. There is a separate page full of frequently asked questions. Customers can have many of their queries answered from that page. If the customers have any further questions, they are catered by the brand’s team as well. The entire format of the website is a display of the professionalism and informative nature of the company.

Products sold by the brand:

Although the range of product provided by the brand is not that diverse, the concise selection provides the customers with the best only. The company makes sure that all of the products sold by them are of the best quality. The products sold by this brand include:

  1. Hemp Oil:

The hemp oil sold by Functional Remedies is famous for its nutrient amount and inoffensive taste. The company sells it in three potencies. These include 250mg, 500mg and 1000 mg. Their bottles come with a dropper inside that makes it easy to use. Their hemp oil is full-spectrum and gives the amazing “entourage effect.” The superior farming techniques and genetic engineering principles make the Functional Remedies hemp oil better than the others present in the market.

  1. Hemp Capsule:

The hemp capsules sold by Functional Remedies are also available in three potencies including 10mg, 25mg, and 50mg. The capsules are very beneficial for the user who are beginners in the CBD world because the strength is not too high. The capsule bottles have 30 capsules in each bottle, which gives you a pill a day for almost the entire month. The price ranges from 50 $ to 184 $, which is not expensive, considering the quality of the capsules.

  1. Endospore Range:

Functional Remedies has launched an Endosport range with hemp oil tinctures, capsules and a relief salve formulated for athletes. These products hone and better the athletic performances of the players. These products better the body’s homeostasis by keeping the Endo-cannabinoid system of the human body healthy.

  1. Hemp Relief Salve:

The hemp relief salve manufacture by Functional Remedies is an innovative way to incorporate CBD use and skincare. It is for topical use only, and many users claim that it has been life-changing for their aches and pains. The salve is twistable, and in each twist, there is 500mg of hemp content present.

The credibility of the company:

The extraction and cultivation methods show the reliability of a particular CBD brand.

Furthermore, the THC quantities and clear labels and information is also proof of credibility. Functional Remedies CBD is a vertically integrated company and owns all of its farms. They are responsible for cultivating their hemp. The brand has combined science and genetic engineering into their cultivation methods, and this has helped their crops thrive. The thriving crops, in turn, produce the best quality rich CBD extracts. The experienced scientists at Functional Remedies make sure that all the important photo-nutrients of the hemp plant remain intact.

Functional Remedies extract their CBD from organically grown hemp in their farms. The team makes sure that there is nothing adverse present in their soils. For this reason, the units of Functional Remedies regularly collect and analyze soil samples. These soils are tested to investigate their mineral concentrations and optimum plant conditions. Any deficiencies are rectified using completely natural fertilizers. Drones that fly over each plant monitor defects like weeds and insects on the plants. The information from these drones is analyzed. These methods are employed to ensure that no plant is infected or unhealthy.

Lab testing:

The transparency of a CBD company is shown by how honest they are. Functional Remedies CBD makes sure that they keep nothing undercover and that all information is displayed on their website. Their products are labeled explicitly in both strengths and spectrums. Furthermore, the tests performed by a brand serve as another seal of approval. Functional Remedies conducts inspections on all their products in external labs. Multiple labs with incredible reputations conduct rigorous tests on the Functional Remedies products. The brand then makes the products go through its series of tests to ensure that their products have the maximum number of nutrients.

Our experience:

Our experience with the brand has been satisfactory in all aspects. The brand was easily approachable, and the order arrived on time. Their CBD oil was what the brand had advertised it to be. In a few uses, the beneficial effects of the hemp oil were observable. Their sport product range is just as fantastic with quick results. All in all, the experience was great from ordering to receiving and usage. The brand would Tbe recommended for people who are looking to avail the fantastic benefits that hemp has to offer.

Customer service and approachability:

Customer service and approachability are vital for a CBD brand. Many brands in the market are not approachable to the general public. The case is entirely different in the case of Functional Remedies. They are entirely transparent with their customers. They have the results of their lab tests displayed on their websites. They have their email and contact numbers displayed on their website. Furthermore, there is a complaints section and well as an FAQ section where the customers can approach the company. They also have an active social media presence on all the leading social platforms.

The negatives

There are not a lot of negatives when it comes to Functional Reviews because the team has spent decades perfecting their products. There are a large number of informational articles present on the website. This overcrowding makes the navigation of the site a little difficult for shoppers. This problem is evident for new users. Even though they have a thirty-day return policy, they have limited their business to the US. If the brand spread out more, they can quickly increase their customer pool.


The fantastic scientific technologies and breeding techniques opted by Functional Remedies CBD makes it one of the best brands in the market today. They have opted for LipidTrans™ extraction process, which ensures the maximum amount of photo-nutrients. These nutrients, in turn, make sure that customers get the most out of the CBD products. Functional Remedies is, without doubt, one of the most trustworthy companies of the current market.

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