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Organic CBD Nugs: CBD, Hemp Flower & Pre-Rolls

Key Features

  • Free Shipping On All Orders Over $50
  • CBD products as low as 5 dollars
  • 100% organic products
  • Pesticides-free products
  • Zero additives
  • Zero synthetics


Organic CBD Nugs is an emerging CBD company in the market that brings 100% organic and lab-tested hemp flowers and different CBD products right to your doorstep.

Organic Nugs has a mission to supply the products that are pure and valuable to the customers. The provision of high-quality products with proven scientific benefits is what they strive for.

Let’s look at what they offer and some of the key features that distinguish them from the rest of the market.

Key CBD Strains You Can Find On Organic CBD Nugs

OrganicCBDNugs offers 6 different CBD strains with varying CBD concentrations.

These are:

  • Lifter CBD Hemp Flower
  • Sour Space Candy CBD Hemp Flower
  • Special Sauce CBD Hemp Flower
  • Elektra CBD Hemp Flower
  • Pineberry CBD Hemp Flower
  • Hawaiian Haze CBD Hemp Flower

Lifter CBD Hemp Flower

This strain is known for its “lifting” effect which means that it will help you relax after a tedious task. Lifter Hemp Flower has a CBD content of about 18.96% which makes it one of the purest CBD strains.

  • Price for 1 Gram – $8

Sour Space Candy CBD Hemp Flower

Sour Space is best known for its soothing effect on a hectic work routine. It will help you relax in the evening, so you have a perfect sleep. Its total cannabinoid profile is 16.62% out of which CBD makes 15.89%.

  • Price for 1 Gram – $8

Special Sauce CBD Hemp Flower

As the name implies, Special Sauce is a very “special” CBD strain rich in terpenes. It works like a charm when it comes to calming your nerves. CBD content is 17.5%.

  • Price for 1 Gram – $8

Elektra CBD Hemp Flower

No, the name does not come from a rock band, or does it? Elektra with a ‘k’ is a hybrid strain of ACDC and Early Resin Berry that comforts you after a challenging situation.

With a CBD content of 16.95%, Elektra is sure to become your favorite soon.

  • Price for 1 Gram – $8

Pineberry CBD Hemp Flower

Pineberry is a hybrid strain that comes from wildly famous strains Ringo’s Gift and Early Resin Berry. It gives you a rich flavor of pine. Don’t tell me you never wanted to taste a pine cone. Pineberry has a CBD content of 16.8% making it one fine CBD strain.

  • Price for 1 Gram – $8

Hawaiian Haze CBD Hemp Flower

Hawaiian Haze has been a champ in the CBD market for some time now. With a CBD content of 19.32%, Hawaiian Haze will relieve your anxiety so you’re ready for a perfect beach party.

  • Price for 1 Gram – $8

Should You Buy From Organic CBD Nugs?

We’ll be honest here the packages DO seem impressive. With authentic lab reports displayed on the site, you know you are not getting scammed. When are you buying your next hemp flower?


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