Charlotte’s Web CBD Reviews, Uses, And Dosage

Charlotte’s Web CBD

Charlotte’s Web CBD Story

Charlotte’s Web CBD is the name of the CBD oil, which is non-psychoactive and a type of medical cannabis. This oil showed excellent results as a supplement for the treatment of various health issues. Patients saw good results, especially children, who had intractable epilepsy.

The seven Stanley brothers developed the plant named Charlotte’s Web in 2011. They crossbred the Cannabis strains with the industrial hemp plant. As a result, they got a plant with low THC and high levels of CBD. The Charlotte Web plant is perfect for people who do not want to experience the high feelings associated, which usually occur with the use of marijuana. This brand is among the best CBD brands in the United States. They sell CBD products with a purpose. Read on to know how and why.

People also call Charlotte’s Web CBD the Hippie’s Disappointment due to the low levels of THC in it. The Stanley brothers are planning to move the operation to Uruguay from Colorado, which will allow them to import Charlotte’s Web CBD to all the states in the US as hemp.

  • History of the name Charlotte’s Web

The brand takes its name from a girl, Charlotte Figi, along with her twin sister named Chase. The sisters were born on October 18, 2006, to the couple named Paige and Matt. The little girl Charlotte, who was three months old, experienced around 1,200 grand MAL SEIZURES within a month. These epileptic seizures used to occur after every 30 minutes, and these seizures were so violent that her parents placed DNR over her medical records.

Charlotte’s parents fought for years and rushed her to the hospital now and then. The little girl went under several X-rays, scans, and many other tests, but doctors could not diagnose any disease. However, after each day, her health deteriorated, and seizures lasted for longer. After, many tests it was suggested by the doctors to have her tested for the Dravet’s syndrome

  • What is Dravet’s Syndrome?

Charlotte had the syndrome named Dravet, which you might know as severe myoclonic epilepsy in the infants. It is a condition that cannot be entirely controlled by the medicines and eventually develops in children during their first birth year.

The severity of such seizures increases with each day leading to muscle cramps and seizures, which last for around 30 minutes. Charlotte also appeared healthy when she got Dravet’s syndrome.

However, with each passing day, she lost her cognitive as well as physical development, and her body functions deteriorated. Initially, doctors advised the ketogenic diet, but the seizures relapsed, and no medicine helped in curing her condition.

  • The Severe Condition of Charlotte

Charlotte suffered from a repeated type of cardiac arrest, which led her to stay in a wheelchair, and she couldn’t even talk. Charlotte’s condition was so severe that she needed a feeding tube along with Oxygen.

It was eventually advised by the doctors to induce her with a medical coma, which would allow her body to rest. However, Charlotte’s parents tried all the secondary options after she was discharged from the hospital until they tried medical marijuana.

Charlotte’s father Matt saw a video of a boy from California who was treated with the use of medical marijuana, so he decided to give it a try.

  • Marijuana Treatment

For marijuana treatment, her parents needed the support of at least two doctors to get Charlotte enrolled in the medical cannabis program. There were no doctors who would support the treatment for a child as the success of the medical cannabis for children needs further studies.

Then two doctors named Dr. Margaret Gedde and Dr. Alan Shackelford supported Charlotte for the use of medical Cannabis. Charlotte was advised with 3-4 mg of CBD for each pound of her body weight which allowed her to be seizure-free.

In the beginning, her parents tried marijuana termed as R4 and paid around $800 for the 2 ounces. According to Charlotte’s mother, she was entirely seizure-free for at least a week after they started using marijuana for her treatment.

As soon as Paige- Charlotte’s mother, learned about Stanley brothers and their creation. She named them as “ROBIN HOODS OF MARIJUANA.” The Stanley brothers helped Charlotte with her condition by creating the propriety hemp genetics and sold their product at meager prices so that they can help the patients suffering from the disease. There were times when Charlotte did not laugh for around 6 months, and she only used to cry. However, after the marijuana treatment, Charlotte is a healthy and a perfectly happy little girl.

In 2014, Charlotte could speak up the complete sentences, and she used to ride her bike, feed herself, and lived a happy life. The Stanley brothers Charlotte’s CBD oil is helping the children who suffer from the same Dravet’s syndrome, which leads to the death of the children before they enjoy their adulthood.

Each one of the 40,000 children is affected by Dravet’s syndrome, and many families have moved to Colorado so that they can easily purchase Charlotte’s Web CBD oil for their children.

Today, Charlotte is around nine years old, and she is enjoying life like other children of her age group. Charlotte loves to paint and perform hiking to the nearby lake. She has recently completed her second grade at school, and she is living her life to the fullest.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Reviews

There are different Charlotte’s Web Hemp products which include the following:

  • Everyday Hemp oil 200 mg, the price range of everyday hemp oil is between $39.99-$99.9
  • Everyday Plus Hemp oil 500 mg, the price range for every day plus hemp oil is between $ 74.99-$188.99
  • Everyday Advanced Hemp oil 1500 mg, the price range for everyday advanced hemp oil is between $ 149.99- $274.99

Other CW products include Hemp infused cream and body balm. They also offer products for dogs to keep them healthy such as the CW Paws.

The standard bottle contains around 10 mg of Hemp extract in each serving of 1 ml. All the versions of these bottles are available in Mint Chocolate or Olive Oil flavor. There are different sizes of the bottle as well such as 30 and 100 ml.

Everyday Hemp Oil

Everyday hemp oil offers you with beneficial effects of cannabinoids.
It maintains the wellness and health of your body.
It offers support to your wellbeing. One of the best CBD oils available online, with more cannabinoids and more benefits, is easy to get from Charlotte’s Web.

Everyday Plus Hemp Oil

Every day plus comprises of the high strength when compared to the basic version. It offers around 25mg of Hemp extract in each ml.It is twice stronger than the everyday hemp oil.
It offers support to your mind and body with the beneficial effects of the cannabinoids.
It helps in maintaining the complete wellness of your body.

Everyday Advanced Hemp Oil

Everyday Advanced Hemp oil comprises of 50 ml hemp extract in every 0.6 ml of oil. This oil is the flagship product and it is 8 times stronger than the everyday hemp oil.

The products are non-psychoactive in nature. All of them are made and grown in Colorado, a state of US.

Charlotte’s Web Hemp Everyday oils helped people with the improvement in mood, sleep, pain and assisted them in the reduction of anxiety along with inflammation. Some customers even described Charlotte’s Web Hemp oil as the LIFE CHANGING product.

The oils worked immediately and are highly efficient. However, Everyday Advanced is considered expensive by some customers, but it is still cheaper when compared to the pharmaceutical medicines.

  • Ingredients
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The Charlotte’s Web CBD oil has the following ingredients:

  • Mint flavored with oils either Sunflower, organic or natural flavor.
  • Mint Chocolate which contains Hemp extract i.e. parts of aerial plants, Organic chocolate and MCT Fractionated form of coconut oil.
  • Olive oil or unflavored comprises of hemp extract from the parts of aerial plants, organic form of extra virgin olive oil.
  • Flavors

The Charlotte’s Web has three flavors:

  • Flowery
  • Earthy
  • Sweet

The flavor, as well as the smell of Charlotte’s Web CBD oil, is amazing. It’s not that strong as the typical marijuana-based products. Charlotte’s Web products are easier to digest without any bad taste.

The Price Range of Charlotte’s Web CBD

The prices of Charlotte’s Web CBD products range from $39.99- $274.99 for 30ml and 100 ml each respectively. Other than the oils, Charlotte’s Web also offers the CBD capsules as well as Charlotte’s Web coffee.

The website provides the customers with buy 4 get one free offer to enjoy the perfect range of all the products. The Stanley brothers also offer the customers with the CW accessories.

Badges Won by Charlotte’s Web

The following badges are:

  • Quality verified
  • Safety verified
  • Charity verified
  • Mission verified
  • Innovation verified
  • Science verified
  • Trusted by the families
  • Crafted naturally

Charlotte’s Web Hemp oil uses

Charlotte’s Web hemp oil is gaining popularity in the medical field because it does not make you feel like you are under the influence of the treatment and does not lead to high or euphoric feelings.

The uses of Charlotte’s Web hemp oil include the following:

  • Aids in relieving pain and inflammation
  • Helps in treating the chronic pain
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Helps in the improvement of drug and nicotine withdrawal symptoms
  • Schizophrenia
  • Epilepsy disorders
  • Cancer
  • PTSD, Anxiety disorders, and OCD
  • Diabetes Type 1
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Acne

The Charlotte’s Web hemp oil is considered safe for children as well as the people who cannot live with the impaired or limited daily activities. It is ideal because Charlotte’s Web hemp oil has no psychoactive properties.

Charlotte’s Web CBD Dosage

Charlotte’s Web hemp oil is ideally known for its anti-epileptic properties, which have a positive impact on treating Dravet’s syndrome. According to Doctor Gedde, Charlotte’s Web works best for patients when they consume around 3-4 mg for each pound of the bodyweight for a day.

For example, if a child weighs approximately 100 pounds, he/she must consume around 300-400 mg of Charlotte’s Web hemp oil in each day.

As mentioned by the company, you must consume 1ml of the hemp oil each day to achieve the maximum and best results.

Every bottle comprises of the dropper, the bottle of 30 ml has a dropper of 0.5 ml while a bottle of 100 ml consists of a 1ml dropper.

You just need a drop the oil underneath the tongue, or you can also add it to your coffee, salad any other drinks or food items.

Factors You Need to Consider While Consuming Charlotte’s Web Hemp Oil

Keep these few things in mind while you get started with Everyday basic, everyday plus or Everyday advanced oils:

  1. Try to be consistent.
  2. Pay complete attention to your body.
  3. Take the oil at the specific time of the day, it is recommended to consume it at night.
  4. Make a log journal and write down the timings, dosage, and improvement in it.
  5. Lifestyle factors.

So, to conclude, you need to be consistent as well as patient. Keep this in mind that Charlotte’s Web hemp oils work in the body naturally, so it will take time to provide you with the best results.

Every individual is different, so you need to start with less quantity and gradually increase the dose. It is recommended to start with a 1/4th of the dropper each day for at least 7 days.

If you find a difference, then it means you found your sweet spot, then double up your dose or step up with the initial amount.

You can also consider taking the same dose two times daily but keep the pattern consistent. If you still feel no changes, step up by doubling the night time servings for another week.

Continue by increasing or doubling the dose until you find your correct dose. If you feel that your dose is very strong, then consider taking half step down, i.e., reduce it by 1/8th of a dropper.

For healthy individuals, it is advised to consume 1/8 Tsp. for treating depression, anxiety, and aids as an anti-inflammatory agent.

For people suffering from mental issues, cancer, pain relief and epilepsy, you need to consume the higher dosage. It is advised that you can consume around 2-1200 mg of Charlotte’s Web hemp oil each day for treating the different ailments.

The dosage conversions include the following:

  • 1/8 teaspoon = 0.62 ml. = 30.5 mg (milligram) dose of CBD
  • 1/5th teaspoon = 1 ml. = 50 mg. of CBD
  • 1/4 teaspoon (1.23 ml.) = 61.5 mg. of CBD
  • 1/3 teaspoon (1.64 ml.) = 82 mg. of CBD
  • 1/2 teaspoon (2.46 ml.) = 125 mg. of CBD
  • 1 teaspoon (5 ml.) = 250 mg. of CBD

Charlotte’s Web CBD Vape Pen

Charlotte’s Web CBD vape pens are natural and easy to use. They serve as a perfect method for consuming the CBD easily as well as quickly.

These vape pens are specially formulated with the advanced concentrations of CBD and other cannabinoids that are non-psychoactive. Each vape pen comprises of the following:

  1. Vaporizer pen which is filled with the CBD hemp extracts
  2. It provides you with the 350 puffs
  3. You can easily throw it away when used
  4. It contains 50 mg of CBD
  5. It has no THC, PG or VG
  6. The battery and the cartridge is inside the vape pen

Ingredients of Charlotte’s Web vape pen

  • Propylene Glycol
  • Artificial or natural flavors
  • CW Hemp extracts


The flavors of vape pen include the following:

  • Natural
  • Mint chocolate
  • Strawberry

Charlotte’s Web vape pens are lab tested for their potency along with the residual solvents. They contain 10-20 times less amount of plant material when compared to other CBD or hemp products.

Charlotte’s Web vape pens are more straightforward to use. You just need to unpack the vape pen, switch on the button and enjoy the most exceptional vaping experience.

Charlotte’s Web Hemp Oils, Hemp Capsules Reviews

It does appear to be twice as strong as anything else on the market.purchased: Everyday Plus Hemp Oil $74.99.

This has been a nice product, and under the limited time of use thus far, it seems satisfactory. Time will tell us more just how effective it is.purchased: CW Simply Hemp Capsules $34.99.

This product is an absolute must on our home for every member of the family! One of the best values and highest quality hemp-based products that exist today.purchased: Everyday Advanced Hemo Oil $149.99.

It is a great cream and one of the best values in its class.purchased: Hemp Infused Cream $49.99.

Final Thoughts on Charlotte’s Web CBD

Charlotte’s Web is a perfect brand to choose if you are planning to consume CBD most efficiently and safely. They provide you with the high quality and reliable products which are trusted by all the families.

The company of Stanley brothers chooses the best plants for extraction of the CBD hemp oil and other CBD products. However, you need to consult your doctor or physician while you are planning to buy such products.


  1. I have been scammed by this Charlotte’s web company!!! I was going to try the product and see if it did as they promised it would. They are a complete scam and this product did me no good!! I hope that nobody else will be scammed into buying a larger supply and promised a 60 day money back guarantee if you buy the larger size!!! I did and when I tried to get a refund and was after 30 days they would not give any refund! I was scammed out of over $270 and hope to let ever website I can find that rates this company that they don’t do what they say and the product didn’t do a thing at all for me as I tried in the morning, for sleep at night and even 3 times per day at high doses and I would have gotten more out of a glass of water!!! Please don’t be scammed by this company!

    A reputable company would refund an unsatisfied customer if they were fair at all because I was lead to believe if I bought a larger size I would be given 60 days and when the product was no good for me, they said well, sorry your just too late!!!


  2. I have not had a problem with them and I didn’t buy straight from the company I got through this Amish market my problem is I need a higher dose from them ,so I found the company but after reading what you just said I don’t know this is the first hemp anything that has helped me and believe me I have tried alot I cannot work so its hard for me to buy this hemp stuff since I have to watch my money doctor’s will not let me work and cannot collect SSI because I am married and my husband is supposed to take care of me what a bunch of crap that is and I worked all my life till I got sick but that’s my problem anything else out there worth taking?


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