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Thought Cloud CBD Oils Review

CBD oil extracted from the plant hemp has quickly gained traction as more and more people are hopping onto the bandwagon due to the variety of benefits it provides.

According to many people, CBD oil has provided them with immediate relief from various ailments, like pain, spasm, arthritis and even cancer. One company that claims to be the purest source of CBD oil is Thought Cloud.

About Thought Cloud

Thought Cloud, founded in 2017 by a holistic medical practitioner, is one of the best sources CBD product that is legal, 100% organic, and have no psychoactive effects that induce a high due to no THC present in their products.

The manufacturer processes CBD oils with all the nutrients and goodness to help relieve pain and stress. Some of their oils make use of coconut oil as a base, which not only makes them taste good but also helps improve the process of digestion.

They source their CBD oil from hemp plants organically grown in Colorado and tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure purity and top-notch quality.

Every batch is available after thorough tests to provide high-quality products that treat the entire system rather than just evading the symptoms. The brand offers a variety of products. Today, I am going to share hl comic’s Thought Cloud review.

Thought Cloud CBD Highlights

Customer Support – Thought Cloud has a supportive customer support service. They try their best to ensure your shopping experience with them is hassle-free and seamless. Their team provides immediate consultation and help when required.

Organic – All the products on their website are 100% organic. The ingredients in their CBD oils are all-natural and organic.

Safe – All of their CBD oils are safe to use and have no adverse effects.

Made in the USA – All the products at Thought Cloud are the result of processing in a high-tech facility in the USA. This facility has specialized staff that controls quality. Their products are tested extensively for purity and quality before packaging and delivery. Thought Cloud also utilizes Colorado-grown hemp plants, unlike a lot of other brands that import it from shady sources.

Free Shipping – Thought Cloud will ship your order within 24 hours with no additional fee.

Complete Guarantee – The best part is if you are not satisfied with the results of their products, they offer a full money-back guarantee. You can redeem this offer within 30 days of purchase.

Best for Starters – If this is your first time trying out CBD oil, Thought Cloud is the best choice. All their CBD oils come with complete instructions detailing how to use it and what the dosage should be. Therefore they are perfect for individuals who have zero clues when it comes to CBD oils. If you want to use CBD, purchase from the best online shop and Thought Cloud will always appear in your search online!

Thought Cloud CBD Products

  • The Signature Series

There are 3 potencies and flavors in the 60 ml Signature Series bottle: Daily, Super, and Ultra. The proper dosage for these CBD oils is two droppers, two times per day. The “Daily” bottle has 900mg of CBD.

I recommend it to people who are relatively new to CBD and are looking for a good-tasting oil. The “Super” in the series has 1800mg of CBD and MCT oil (extracted from coconut oil).

The price of this formula is a bit on the heavier side as it has a higher potency than daily. However, if you are planning on purchasing this, I recommend utilizing a Thought Cloud coupon. Coupon codes and discounts are an exciting addition to your shopping experience.

If you are familiar with CBD oils and are looking for a stronger formula, the “Ultra” bottle would be perfect for you. It has 3600mg CBD. The three flavors available in this series include Organic Cherry, Organic Apple, and Organic Grape. The best CBD Oil for sale is easy to find now, as Thought Cloud delivers nothing but the best.

  • Full Spectrum CBD in Coconut Oil
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An infusion of CBD and coconut oil, this product is available in the following CBD strengths: 3000mg, 1500mg, 750mg, and 500mg. The CBD oils in full-spectrum series are 100% non-psychoactive. Depending on the potency, the cost of this series ranges from $31.99 to $149.99.

If you prefer mixing your CBD oils in a smoothie or a drink, I recommend opting for this formula as it is non-flavored and only has a mild taste.

There is also a range available in the Full Spectrum series which is manufactured specifically for pets.

Whether it’s a cat or a dog, it can help alleviate your pet’s anxiety and also fix a variety of other issues such as allergies and a compromised immune system.

  • Full Spectrum CBD in Cold Pressed Hemp

Similar to the coconut oil-infused CBD except this oil has cold-pressed hemp. The potency of this product also ranges from 500mg to 3000mg, and the prices differ according to the strength of CBD.

  • Sustainable Isolate CBD in Coconut oil finds this product to be a perfect remedy for migraines, acute pain, or even menstrual cramps. If you are sensitive to cannabinoids like THC, this CBD isolate is for you. This formulation has a less strong impact as compared to the Full Spectrum series. I recommend this for people who want to make sure there is no trace of THC in their oil and do not want a high. (None of the Thought Cloud CBD oils will make you feel high)
  • High CBD Inflammation and Allergy in Coconut Oil

I highly recommend this product to anyone who has a common cause of inflammation and allergies. This series is specifically designed for that. The formulation has 50% CBD and comes in strengths of 450mg and 800mg. If you are cautious about the impact CBD oil is going to have on your body, start with this option.

  • Rubi Vape Bundle

This bundle comprises of a CBD vape juice and a Vape Pen. There are five flavor options available for the CBD vape juice. ThoughtCloud manufactures vape pens to trigger concentrated CBD oils, making it an extremely elevating CBD oil option.

Apart from the tinctures and oils, this vape pen is a safe option, safe for lungs, and you can feel an immediate change only by inhaling a few times. I tested both the cheesecake and strawberry flavors of this vape pen. This method of consumption is one of the fastest ways to experience CBD oil benefits. And if you enjoy vaping, it’s the perfect option for you.

However, keep in mind that you will get a taste of the vape oil so if you are not a fan of strong flavors when it comes to vaping, this may not be for you.

Final Thoughts on Thought Cloud CBD Review


1. Organically grow hemp from Colorado
2. Formulations available for pets
3. Free shipping
4. Non-psychoactive
5. Natural flavoring
6. Discount coupons available
7. Detailed and easy to understand instructions for starters


1. Some vape oil flavors can be intense
2. The FDA has not approved CBD oils

In my opinion, Thought Cloud is one of the best CBD oil sources in the USA, for all the reasons stated above and more. Additionally, since they provide a 100% money-back guarantee as well as free shipping, there is no reason to give their CBD oils a try.

Moreover, comparing their CBD oil products with other similar brands, it can be easy to spot the high quality of their products. Not to forget, the rates of Thought Cloud products are also relatively reasonable than others. To sum it up, I had a great experience ordering CBD oils from them.

Asad Khan
Asad Khan is an independent health journalist who specializes in food policy and global health. He is a senior fellow for investigative health journalism at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

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