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7 Best CBD Vape Oils For Sale in 2024

Cannabidiol is among the hundred-plus natural cannabinoids found in cannabis. The compound, when extracted from the plant can be refined into many products, depending on individual needs and market demands. Recently, CBD vape oils have found increasing popularity, and are sought extensively across the globe for their numerous advantages.

While stores around the world try and fill their shelves with CBD vape oil products, the problem as to which brands can be trusted remains a question for many.

Many parts of the world are still debating on whether or not Cannabis should be legalized. Many states in the US are now trying to implement policies to allow residents to use Cannabis for medicinal purposes.

CBD vape oil has become the latest hot trend in the medical world and has gradually dominated the market because of its enormous benefits.

Over the past years, CBD oil has penetrated the market with different forms, and many companies are now selling CBD extracts, liquids, vape oils, tinctures, and capsules online and in stores. Due to the massive popularity, CBD oils are now available in dispensaries in various forms.

While CBD oil has been considered a miracle cure for many chronic diseases, lack of awareness about the policies and the products are pushing people to cut corners from its usage.

The quality of CBD vape product matters to determine its efficacy, as low-quality and poorly manufactured CBD oil can be harmful to health.

Considering the fame of CBD vape oil, many young people want to try it for different purposes, but the most important thing is to educate the consumers about it.

In this article, we will be discussing all the necessary information that you must know while purchasing the best CBD vape oil.

From Where To Buy The Best CBD Vape Oil?

If you want to buy the most reliable and most efficient CBD vape oils, here are our few suggestions. Many companies are selling CBD vape oil that is not 100% pure and safe to use.

To save yourself from such products, try out these recommended websites to order high quality and efficient CBD vape oil.

1. Pure CBD Products – (www.cbdpure.com)

CBDPure is one of the best online websites to order CBD vape oils.

  • CBDPure uses a chemical-free CO2 extraction process.
  • Their products are 3rd party laboratory tested.
  • They offer certified hemp grown in Denmark.
  • The product price range from $29.99 to $79.99.

2. Elixinol Hemp Brand – (www.elixinol.com)

It is one of the best options to get high-quality CBD vape oils with excellent efficiency.

  • They use organic hemp oils with the CO2 extraction method.
  • Their CBD Vape oils are made from full-spectrum extracts.
  • The price range of their products ranges from $39 to $249.

3. CBD Vape Oil By Verified (www.verifiedcbd.com)

Being one of the top online vendors, Verified CBD has earned a name in delivering excellence and perfection in every product they manufacture. The online store sells three CBD vape oil flavors; Menthol, Razzleberry, and apple. Each flavor comes in a 30ml (1oz) bottle containing 1500mg of CBD.

The vape oils are known for their high quality and potency and are guaranteed to provide 99% pure lab-tested CBD extracts derived from organically grown hemp in the USA.

In addition to this, their vape oil has zero THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis that is responsible for causing high.

The brand also offers free worldwide delivery and a 30 days money-back guarantee. Not only this, but their vape oils are also being currently sold on a 55% discount offer, which is due to declining on September 20.

So, go grab your share before it’s too late, and enjoy the ride towards a carefree and peaceful life.

4. Koi CBD Vape

With its 6 distinct CBD vape oil flavors, KoiCBD provides one of the best CBD vaping experiences to their customers. They sell high-quality products that are grown under the supervision of the Colorado Department of Agriculture Program.

Apart from the 6 premium flavors, Red, Blue, Gold, White, Pink, and Jade, Koi CBD also presents its users with three extraordinary flavors; Tropical Popsicle, Raspberry Iced tea and Fuji Apple Nectarine Strawberry.

These oils are tested to be 100% THC free, thus making them a suitable option for consumers who are either students or who work in offices that usually perform drug screening tests.

In addition to this, the brand provides the option of tracing the batch of products for potency, quality, and consistency.

The vape oils each come in a 30ml bottle, with concentrations that can be switched between 100 mg, 250 mg, 500 mg or 1,000 mg, depending on user preferences and daily requirements.

The website, however, does advise allergic and inexperienced users to not consume the product without any prior help from a medical professional.

The products have also been deemed unfit for pregnant and lactating mothers.

5. All PUR CBD Vape Oils (AllPurcbd.com)

This CBD brand is highly recognized for its amazing products. It is amongst the most popular CBD vendors, that sell a variety of CBD products.

All PUR CBD tinctures come in three different flavors; Natural, peppermint, and salted caramel. The product comes in a 30ml (1oz) dropper bottle that is easy to use and dose with.

In addition to this, the brand provides the customers to choose between three concentrations of CBD; 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg, which tend to deliver different levels of therapeutic effects depending on user preferences.

The vendor also provides free shipping on all products and 30-day money-back guarantees without asking any questions.


fx CBD provides 9 mouthwatering CBD vape juices that include flavors like Fruity cereal, Blue raspberry, Rainbow, Strawberry Kiwi, Strawberry milk, Wild Watermelon, Fruit smoothie, Strawberry Taffy and Strawberry jelly Donut.

These oils come in 30ml unicorn bottles with three different concentrations; 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg of CBD. These products contain a perfect concentration of organic, full-spectrum CBD to satisfy the hemp-related needs of all individuals.

In addition to this, these vape juices contain a value of 0% to less than 0.3% THC, which means that they can be consumed safely without worrying about drug testing.

7. Hemp Bomb

When it comes to CBD vape oils, Hemp Bombs tops the charts for its exceptional services, remarkable quality and the extensive range of products.

The brand sells 12 different flavors of CBD vape juice in strengths that start from 75mg and rise up to 250mg, 300mg, 1000mg, 2000mg and 4000mg of CBD. Below is the list of all the flavors of CBD vape oil available at Hemp Bombs;

  • Arctic spearmint blast
  • Crisp Honeydew Melon
  • Crushed pineapple paradise
  • Glazed chocolate donut
  • Roasted Colombian coffee
  • Farm fresh strawberry milk
  • Sugar cookie kryptonite
  • Sweet mango seduction
  • Vanilla cupcake swirl
  • Exotic watermelon Kush
  • Whipped Marshmallow dream
  • Wild blueberry jam

Along with the multiple flavors and concentrations, Hemp Bombs also provides superior quality CBD vape products that are extracted and refined in the most user-friendly techniques, producing the purest, potent and phenomenal CBD vape oils.

The oils are available in 16.5ml, 60ml, and 120ml bottles, and can be bought depending on how much the user wants to start with.

The brand also has full teams of highly trained professionals at the customer’s disposal, who help deal with their problems, making sure they make informed decisions.

What Is CBD Vape Oil?

CBD vape oil is slightly different from the conventional CBD oils that come in the bottles. The simplest way to consume CBD extract is to put a few drops under your tongue and you are done.

However, consuming CBD vape oil is a bit diverse. CBD vape oil, also known as CBD e-liquid, is the standard term used to describe CBD oil that is specially developed to be vaped.

CBD vape juice or CBD e-juice are the names associated with pre-filled cannabis CBD oil cartridges, that is different from the pure CBD oil you usually get in a bottle. The cartridges for CBD vape oil are explicitly created using a CO2 extraction method and can be replaced over and over again with the CBD infused liquid.

As per the policies and law frameworks, most of the CBD vape oil is extracted from hemp. After extraction, these pure oils are mixed with different isolates and additives to make tinctures and other forms.

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Most of the companies tend to mix vegetable glycerine (VG) or Propylene Glycol (PG) to the CBD oils so that the smoker can maximize his vaping experience from the CBD substance.

CBD Vape Oil And Its Uses

CBD Vape oil is used to serve different purposes, which makes it a top-rated product among the circles.

Many people consume CBD for medicinal purposes, but the idea of vaping is somewhat still in its formative time. Vape oils are specially formulated to be suitable for vaping only to cater to the following purposes:

CBD Vape Oil For Anxiety And Depression

Vaping CBD oil can help to deal with anxiety and depression.

The cannabidiol impacts our endocrine system to balance the body hormones in a way that helps in reducing the production of cortisol, thus decreasing anxiety, stress, and depression.

Also, vaping CBD oil can help reduce extreme reactions in the form of fear and panic.

CBD Vape Oil For Sleep And Insomnia

When used in modest doses, CBD vape oils are mildly mind-altering. Vaping can turn out to be extremely beneficial for patients with sleep issues.

Inhaling CBD vapors a few hours before bedtime creates a balancing effect in your mind that facilitates a good night’s sleep. The mild sedative properties of CBD oil will help to combat your insomnia with better sleep patterns.

CBD Vape Oil For Pain

CBD oil is used by many people experiencing chronic pain, as it is considered effective in reducing pain, inflammation, and overall discomfort.

Spiff of the CBD vape oils will create an analgesic effect, which assists in reducing overall body pain along with anti-inflammatory effects.

With vaping, you cannot only stop the chronic pain, but this will also help in reversing acute inflammatory diseases.

CBD Vape Oil For Energy And Euphoria

CBD Vape oil is an ideal and convenient way to boost positivity and energy. Vaping CBD oil will help in promoting happiness, calmness, and muscle relaxation.

With so many amazing benefits, you couldn’t stop yourself from using CBD vapor oil. However, keep on reading to have more detailed knowledge about vaping CBD oil.

Scientific Studies On CBD Vape Oil

Vape oil can prove to be beneficial and exceptionally useful for the treatment of various diseases, from mild to severe. Many patients are turning to CBD for help and favorable treatment.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Though, there are many treatments commonly available for the treatment of lung diseases that includes radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or surgery.

However, due to the growing acceptance of natural remedies, many patients prefer the use of CBD vape oil for improving lung function.

Study 1

According to the study approved in October 2017, the human clinical trial was conducted that examined 2982 individuals between the period of November 2011 to January 2015.

The ages of the individuals were from 40 to 80 years. The study involves different factors including a number of cigarettes smoked, the amount of CBD consumed, as well as the lung function ability.

The study clearly showed that people who often exercise their endocannabinoid system with vaping CBD are more active and are less likely to develop lung disease or COPD.

Study 2

In a 2011 study, 10 people suffering from social anxiety were included in the research who had never received any treatments for their depression. These individuals were given either a placebo or 400 mg of CBD.

The patients who were given CBD vape oil had successfully improved their depression and anxiety symptoms in comparison to the placebo ones.

Patients Success Stories Of Using CBD Vape Oil

Many patients have taken advantage of CBD Vape oil to deal with different issues. Check out the following honest reviews about CBD vape oil:

  • Breckenridge resident Matty Ciao was a patient with Multiple sclerosis for 10 years. He started having six to eight seizures a year in 2012 as a result of this chronic disease. The 27-year-old Matty shared, “I tried over nine seizure medications, and none of them worked. I decided to try using CBD while also staying on my seizure medication in March 2016.
    Since then, I have had only one seizure.” He started vaping CBD on a daily basis up to two to three times a day. He shared that his goal was to keep CBD in his system 24/7.
  • A patient, Shannon Donnelly was suffering from suicidal depression and severe anxiety. She also suffered from panic attacks. In 2013, Donnelly began a regimen of CBD vape oils and pills, and she says that her panic attacks were gone. Donnelly shared, “I feel like CBD has changed the way my brain works.
    I no longer catastrophize day-to-day. I now use CBD for confidence. It helps me feel better about all the situations I am in, whether at work or personally. It is my plant ally.” If you are looking for great emotional balance and relaxation, vaping CBD is an excellent choice.

Things To Consider Before Buying CBD Vape Oil

CBD Vape oil is highly demanding among the people of all ages. If you are willing to change your life by vaping CBD, you must know the essential things that need to consider before buying CBD Vape-Oil.

1. CBD Oil Percentage Catch

One of the main things to watch out while purchasing CBD oil is its percentage catch. If it is mentioned in the product that 350mg CBD is present, it doesn’t mean that you are getting precisely 350mg of CBD with the vaping.

It is always important to understand the real level and percentage of CBD you are getting while buying the CBD Vape oil.

2. Quality And Transparency Of CBD Vape Oil

It is often hard for the buyers to differentiate between the good CBD Vape oils from the bad.

If you are considering purchasing CBD oil from a good brand, always make sure that the company is using a third-party lab to test their products and they transparently share the lab results with their customers.

3. Beware Of Popping Marketing Efforts

Avoid falling for different promotions and discounts for the low-quality CBD products. Make sure that good and quality brands don’t need to oversell their products with cheap marketing tactics.

Instead of looking for the least priced CBD products, always shop around by making an educated decision.

4. The Extraction Process Of CBD Vape Oil

The extraction process will determine the quality of the CBD vape oil.

Among all the extraction processes, the vape oil extracted with CO2 extraction is considered pure and effective.

The Recommended Dosage Of CBD Vape Oil

One of the most common questions associated with CBD vape oils is the right amount that should be vaped. It is important to stay low and go slow with the vaping. It is recommended to start off with low amounts at a slower pace for the beginning vaper.

On your first day, it is better to get started vaping 10 mg of CBD. If you notice positive results, continue with the same dosage for a week or so. Considering that every individual is different, if you don’t feel any changes, you can try 20 mg CBD the next day.

You can work up your vaping up to 30 mg of CBD per day. Vaping CBD oil once is a week is generally enough for most of the users to get relaxed and calm.

You can go higher with the dosages, but 200 mg is the maximum dose of CBD that can produce the highest level of efficacy once vaporized. Following are some average recommended dosages:

  • For sleep disorders and insomnia – 40 to 160 mg of CBD.
  • Schizophrenic patients – Can inhale from 40 to 120 mg of CBD for a month.
  • Chronic pain patients – Can inhale between 2.5 mg to 20 mg of CBD daily for 3 to 4 weeks.


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