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Can Kratom Help With Depression And Anxiety?

Kratom is herbal fix for almost all psychological conditions. People are turning their way to herbal solutions for even everyday problems.

Well, the question is can Kratom work against depression and anxiety? You will get the answer here.

Kratom being one of the most useful plants has a lot more to offer. Usually, these psychological conditions remain unknown for long.

Many of the people are fearful to confess it in front of others. The majority of them are hesitant to visit a doctor.

All these factors suggest using an easy, handy and safe thing which is accessible to all.

Fortunately, Kratom fulfills all these traits, for which it is a traditional herbal choice to treat stress.

Mother nature has solutions for almost every health problem which is why the trend of green alternative is becoming popular these days.

The alternative medicines such as Kratom offer a safe solution with the same effects as that of chemical-based medicines.

One of many benefits of Kratom is to provide stress-free state of mind which is highly active for the body.

It will elevate the mood, arises the feeling of relaxation and calmness. Some extreme Kratom strains may lead this to euphoric feelings as well.

Depression and anxiety in the modern era

As per research studies, millions of people are a victim of depression and anxiety.

The situation is not of the USA, alone but the whole world is facing it. A general stress is not what depression and anxiety are.

However, it may lead to these conditions in the long run. Some alarming body signals which indicate a psychologically disturbed mind are as follows.

  • Low self-esteem
  • No confidence
  • Lethargic body
  • Lack of motivation
  • Sadness
  • Reduces focus
  • Difficulty in concentrating
  • Feeling trouble while sleeping
  • No social life
  • Deep thoughts
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Loss of appetite
  • Irregular eating habits

These are only a few signs which indicate that the body is under stress.

When these conditions are more prominent, it leads towards anxiety. The typical solution to such problems is relaxants, calming laxatives.

These medicines are chemicals which are dangerous for the body. In this situation, a herbal alternative is very much helpful to improve the situation overall.

Kratom as an anti-depressant and anti-anxiety

Being an ancient medicine, Kratom is already famous in Southeast Asia. Now the popularity of Kratom has no boundaries.

For centuries, Kratom has helped against many health issues; both physical and mental.

The international fame of Kratom is mainly due to the fine powder and capsules of different Kratom strains.

Various Kratom strains help in many ways to the body, out of which one is psychological support and stress relief.

Here is a summary of what Kratom offers to its users in psychological support.

Kratom helps to enhance mood

The most common effect, which is widespread in multiple strains is the mood enhancing element. It contributes to strengthening the body emotionally.

A Kratom using person may feel relieved when an unexpected life challenge hits their way. A regular Kratom user initiates an optimistic perspective.

Kratom boosts the energy levels

Kratom adds vitality to the body which elevates the energy levels. Once anyone starts using Kratom, one of the most noticeable change is stamina and strength which lasts the whole day.

Kratom improves cognitive abilities

Using Kratom in any form helps to enhance cognitive abilities of a person. It may sharpens the mind, open the new end or have adverse effects.

It also contributes to improving focus on a particular thing. This effect of Kratom is significantly helpful for the workaholics out there.

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Kratom makes the body relax

Usually, when the body is under stress, all systems are under it. Kratom as a relaxant helps to ease this difficulty.

It induces the calming effect in the brain which is eventually spread to the whole body.

Kratom reduces body pains

One of the most striking features of Kratom is its analgesic property.  The consequences of depression and anxiety are not just mental but physical also.

When the body is under continuous stress, it may start a pain in head or body.

So Kratom will be helpful to ease the pain without any hassle. In this way, Kratom is alternative of painkiller too.

Which Kratom to use for relaxation?

There are some varieties in Kratom, each of which offers a different thing. Usually, most of these strains are helpful to make the body relax.

Depending on the stress levels of the body, it is vital to choose the right strain.

The strain can be selected as per symptoms or requirements of the user. Some of the best Kratom strains for anxiety and depression are as follows.

Red Kratom strains

Red Kratom strains have bright red veins in their leaves. Almost all red varieties are famous as soothing strains.

They help to make the user relax, happy and comfortable. In some premium strains, this relaxation may lead to sedation and peaceful sleep.

White Kratom strains

If stress and tension bring to mind lack of motivation and loss of interest, white Kratom is here to help.

These special Kratom leaves have prominent white veins which depict a soothing property.

White strains of Kratom will help natural boost which enhanced concentration too. There are multiple choices to make from white strains.

Which are the best strains for anxiety and depression?

 Which strains to avoid?

  • Thai
  • Maeng Da

How much is Kratom dosage sufficient for depression and anxiety?

Stress is a result of both physical and mental factors. Their reasons can be many, but the solution is only one.

Although various products suggest the difference in bodies but a herbal miracle like Kratom is usually same for all.

The general instructions for taking Kratom include starting from low dosage and gradually increase it.

For lighter feeling, only 1-3 grams is sufficient. The moderate dose is between 3 to 7 grams. The higher dosage is over 7 grams.

Using Kratom powder and capsules both bring same results. The only precision necessary is in dosage determination.

What are users saying about Kratom?

The online discussion forums suggest that Kratom is helpful as a natural stress control.

It not only controls depression but also helps to reduce the risk, which otherwise induces anxiety.

A regular use of Kratom elevates the energy, enhances mood and concentration. Many of the users have endorsed Kratom as an alternative to laxatives.

The closing thoughts on Kratom For Anxiety & Depression

Over the past two decades, Kratom has become a popular herbal medicinal choice.

The popularity is not just in Southeast Asia but around the world. It is helpful in pain control, opiate addiction, energy boost, and stress release.

Due to the major alkaloid component, Kratom is better and equally effective as the chemical stress release. However, it must follow an accurate dosage for each user.

Jennifer Kurtz
Jennifer Kurtz studied medicine at the New Jersey School of Medicine (Rutgers). She is passionate about developing her knowledge of Cannabis, Nootropics, Kratom, and nutritional supplements. In addition to attending medical webinars and conferences, she loves to write research-based articles for magazines, healthcare professionals, and medical agencies.

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