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CBD Kratom – your one-stop shop for all Kratom related shopping. Kratom supplements have been in great use nowadays because of their immense health benefits and have become the first choice for all nature lovers who search organic stuff for all sort of remedies.

CBD Kratom products are highly productive in enhancing the overall wellbeing of users, offers clear-headed energy and have heightened analgesic properties.

Varieties of Kratom powders are available in the market, but not everyone delivers what they claim. Various vendors claim to provide different Kratom strains, but what they all do is change the label.

CBD Kratom is the one vendor which separately dry Kratom leaves according to their properties, maintain their alkaloid potency and crush them accordingly.

Strains offered by CBD Kratom

CBD Kratom gives you following different Kratom strains, each possesses special characteristics and offer unique effects.

  • Red Kratom
  • Yellow Kratom
  • Green Kratom
  • White Kratom
  • Mixed Kratom

1) Red Kratom Strains by CBD Kratom

The Red CBD Kratom Strains are the potent strains (only yellow strains are stronger than red strains) and offer extremely euphoric effects to the consumers.

Red Kratom strains are derived from Kratom leaves located on the taller parts of the trees and therefore these leaves receive more sunlight, hence are more potent.

These strains are ideal for those looking for analgesic effects with a combination of relaxing aroma.

Types of Red Kratom strains offered by CBD Kratom& their unique properties:

Red Kratom Strains Unique Properties
Red Bali Classic, ideal for modest ecstatic effect
Red Vietnam Offers a strong sense of euphoria and relaxation
Red Thai Unassertive euphoric feeling
Red Maeng Da Analgesic & provides the strong euphoric effect
Red Borneo Enhanced concentration, pain reliever & euphoria
Red Indo Offers a clean, energetic experience
Red Dampar Highly relaxing and soothing
Red Malay Euphoric and analgesic properties
Red Sumatra Feelings of relaxation coupled with mild euphoria
Red Gold Euphoria & burst of energy
Red Riau Helps you wind down & an elated feeling
Red Bantuagie Strong euphoric effect
Red Dragon An intense red strain which offers intense, joyous feelings
Red Horned Maeng Da Strong pain reliever

2) Yellow Kratom Strains by CBD Kratom

Yellow/Brown Kratom Strains by CBD Kratom bear characteristics which resemble Red Kratom Strains a lot.

These strains are made from the same leaves from which Red Strains are derived, but these leaves are fermented, and because of this or extended drying time, they provide heightened euphoric effects.

Types of Yellow Kratom Strains offered by CBD Kratom and their unique properties:

Yellow Kratom Strain Unique Properties
Yellow Borneo Clear-minded energy, euphoric effect & body relaxation
Yellow Kapuas Strong relaxation along with mild euphoria
Yellow Gold Provides strong euphoric and elated feelings
Chocolate Borneo Effective pain reliever, extremely euphoric and enhance concentration & focus
Dark brown Bantuagie Offers clear-minded energy, relaxation, and euphoria

3) Green Kratom Strains by CBD Kratom

Green Kratom strains by CBD Kratom are made from least dried green leaves of Kratom trees; these leaves are located at the bottom of the tree and receive minimal sunlight.

Those in search of clear-headed energy, serenity, and the anti-stress remedy should take green strains.

Types of Green Kratom Strains offered by Wicked Kratom:

Green Kratom Strains Unique Properties
Green Maeng Da Effective painkiller & energy booster
Green Malay Enhances mind stimulation & provides trivial euphoria
Green Vietnam Enhances mind stimulation, energy &provides heightened euphoria
Green Cambodian Relaxing & Euphoric
Green Dampar Provides focused energy, concentration with a hint of euphoria
Green Borneo Mild pain reliever gives you energy, focus & concentration to complete tasks
Green Sumatra Energy& euphoria combined with hints of relaxation
Green Riau Boost the energy level with an elated feeling
Green Indo Strong energy booster and highly euphoric
Green Dragon Intense strain n & minor dose offers heightened euphoria
Green Bali A balanced blend of energy & relaxation
Green Kapuas Composed & controlled energy & euphoria
Dark Green Borneo A strong combination of energy & ecstasy
Green Bantuagie Offers an energy rush in the body
Green Horned Maeng Da Analgesic with a combination of a good sense of energy
Super Indo Elated feeling coupled with a strong sense of energy

4) White Kratom Strains by CBD Kratom

CBD Kratom derives White Kratom strains from the leaves which lie in the middle of the Kratom trees; these leaves receive a moderate amount of sunlight and are in the middle of drying spectrum, thus offer moderate effects. They are useful pain relievers and provide clear minded energy and relaxation.

Types of White Kratom Strains offered by CBD Kratom and their unique properties:

White Kratom Strains Unique Properties
White Bali Offers relaxation with some pain relief and a hint of clear-headed energy
White Borneo A strong analgesic effect with the ability to focus
White Maeng Da Heightened relaxing feeling with strong pain relieving the effect
White Dampar Blend of relaxation & elation
White Dragon Intense relaxing effect & by being potent, the small dosage will be enough
White Kapuas Mild energy enhancing effect with some hints of relaxation
White Sumatra Endless relaxation with strong euphoria
White Bantuagie Highly relaxing and soothing effect
White Indo Stimulating white strain with some sense of pain relief and relaxation
White Gold Offers clear headed energy & some pain relief
White-Horned Maeng Da More energetic than relaxing

5) Mixed Kratom Strains by CBD Kratom

The specialty of CBD Kratom is the Mixed Kratom Strains; these strains are made with a unique blend of Kratom strains.

Mixed Kratom Strains are ideal for anyone searching for a pleasant blend of energy, euphoria, pain relief and relaxation and anyone from a beginner to a veteran can take pleasure from them.

Types of Mixed Kratom Strains offered by CBD Kratom and their unique properties:

Mixed Kratom Strains Unique Properties
Mixed Maeng Da An ideal combination of euphoria, relaxation, energy & pain relief
Mixed Malay / Malay Silver Highly energetic with a beautiful blend of pain relief, relaxation, and elation
Hulu Kapuas Kalimantan Traditional euphoric strain with a balanced feeling of energy & relaxation

Pricing of CBD Kratom Products

CBD Kratom stands above its competitors in the products and packaging varieties it offers. It provides Kratom products in both powder and capsules form for the convenience of users. Check out their products & packaging range.

Kratom Capsules:

Kratom Capsules Price Servings Split Packaging
10 Capsules/pack $7.95 2 – 3 servings; ideal for beginners No
30 Capsules/pack $19.95 6 – 8 servings Yes; can order 3 packs of 10 capsules each
90 Capsules/pack $49.95 17 – 19 servings; sufficient for a month No
210 Capsules/pack $109.95 40 – 50 servings; for regular Kratom users No
½ kilogram Capsules/pack $360.95 Depends upon the usage Yes; it can be split into 4 different strains
1-kilogram Capsules/pack $590.95 Depends upon the usage Yes; the order can be split into 8 different Kratom strains

Kratom Powder:

Kratom Powder Price Servings Split Packaging
10 grams $9.95 3 – 4 servings; for beginners or for trying a new strain No
30 grams $24.95 7 – 10 servings Yes; can order 3 strains of 10 grams each
75 grams $59.95 15 – 20 servings; sufficient for a month and regular Kratom users No
150 grams $109.95 30 – 50 servings Yes; can order two strains of 75 grams each
300 grams $199.95 60 – 100 servings; sufficient for the whole family Yes; split your order in 2 strains of 150 grams each or 4 strains of 75 grams each
1 kilogram + 50 grams $490 More than 1000 servings Yes; split your order into 7 strains of 150 grams each, or, order 3 strains of 300 grams weight & one strain of 150 grams.

Kratom Extracts:

Kratom Extracts Formula Price Servings
House Kratom Extract (3 grams) 10:1 red strain extract $19.95 2 – 3 servings
Raw Kratom Liquid Extract Shot 10x red strain blend $29.95 3 servings/shot

Customers reviews of CBD Kratom

CBD Kratom has earned itself some happy, loyal customers as reviews suggest that the buyers are extremely happy with the purchase. Check out some first-hand reviews of CBD Kratom products.

“Absolutely wonderful customer service! and absolutely the best high-quality kratom around! CBD definitely puts a lot of love into its work! you will not disappoint after using its products!”

“I have been taking Kratom for 3 months now. And started using CBD right from the start. I have ordered 4 times to this point. The quality of every single item I have received has been outstanding.”

“I have been taking Kratom for fibromyalgia pain and fatigue for a couple years now. I have tried several different vendors and countless strains. So far, with CBD, I’ve only had some of his reds but they are amazing! A little definitely goes a long way. Lol Excited to try some of his whites and greens”.

How to find Coupon Codes of CBD Kratom?

Coupon Codes have been used worldwide to promote products and to facilitate customers by giving discounts; Kratom vendors also make shopping quite stress-free for Kratom users by providing them discount codes.

Use these codes at the checkout on their web pages to avail discounts. All you have to do is to copy the code and paste it in the given “Coupon Code” box at checkout, and the discount will be applied.

In Google Search, type “Coupon Codes for Kratom powders” and the results will direct you to the latest Kratom offers. Following websites update promo & coupon codes for Kratom products on a regular basis. Follow them & they will keep you informed about the latest offers.


Final Thoughts about CBD Kratom

CBD Kratom offers an extensive range of Kratom products, from red to yellow, to green and white, it offers all varieties of these strains.

Apart from these, its mixed strains provide a unique & pleasant blend of effects (the effect varies from person to person & largely depends upon the dosage).

Furthermore, the flexibility CBD Kratom offers in the products packaging, powders, capsules, extracts, etc. make them a premium Kratom brand for sure.

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