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Phoenix Tears | Rick Simpson | History, Benefits & Uses

If you are a regular CBD user, Phoenix Tears is a term that you must have come across often! For all the people who require CBD for health issues rather than recreation; the Phoenix Tears are also known as Rick Simpson Oil or Full Extract Oil.

CBD extract users might not need a long introduction of this extract, but all potential users can benefit from the information and learn how Phoenix Tears can change their lives forever.

Phoenix Tears and Rick Simpson

Rick Simpson holds a high position in the world of medicinal cannabis oils. Rick Simpson is a Canadian cannabis activist who created a new kind of extract which was more powerful and unique.

Rick’s innovation and inquisition to try something new resulted in a more potent extract of cannabis oil that has helped millions of people.

How It All Started

Rick Simpson was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, which is a type of skin cancer. The doctors denied cannabis as an effective treatment.

Being a cannabis activist, Rick Simpson decided to create an oil treatment that he applied to his cancer growth topically. Within a limited time of four days, Simpson’s cancer growth disappeared!

After the refusal of medication from the medical world, Simpson’s experiment on his cancer growth was a breakthrough while the medical field was stigmatized.

Since then, Rick Simpson started cultivating cannabis and created his oil, known as the Rick Simpson Oil.

This oil was distributed for free among those who needed it to combat serious health issues. With time, this oil became famous by the name of Phoenix Tears.

What Is Phoenix Tears Good For?

Rick Simpson’s oil can be called revolutionary since it reduces cancer cell growth. Up till a few decades ago, cancer was a menace that didn’t have a proper cure for everyone.

This oil extract also reduces anxiety and depression. Phoenix Tears reduces pain and significantly increases appetite, which results in increased energy.

Users of Phoenix Tears have been able to improve their heart health with regular use, and skin conditions have also improved drastically.

The Use Of Phoenix Tears

You name a health issue, and Phoenix Tears turns out to be a solution for it! From internal health problems, organ functions to carcinogenic growth, this oil is beneficial for a long list of the issues. The oil can be used in several ways such as applying topically, ingesting or vaping.

The first method used for the Phoenix Tears oil was the topical application. Rick Simpson applied the oil in this manner. Therefore, it became a known method of consumption.

However, with time, several other ways of using the liquid were devised. Since cancer growth took four days to disappear, numerous small ailments can take only a few hours to diminish!

Applying Phoenix Tears on the skin does not require any tools, so it remains a quick and easy way of consumption.

Rick Simpson Oil (Phoenix Tears) For Vaping

The thick extract cannot be used in vaporizing pens efficiently, but users can thin the liquid by adding organic vegetable glycerin.

If you wish to use the concentrate in its pure form, it will require a special pen that can handle thick liquid.

The good news is that Rick Simpson offers a few recipes for vapes on the website, so you can avail the opportunity and find a perfect blend for your vaping experience!

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Oral or Sublingual Use

Another popular method of consumption is to take the Phoenix Tears by mouth. The oil is available in capsule form so people who mind the taste can use this method and benefit from the goodness of this extract.

Ingesting the oil by placing it under the tongue is also an effective way. People who use the oil sublingually (by putting under the tongue) feel that it affects them very quickly and for an extended period.

People use the Phoenix Tears in edibles such as baked goods and foods to benefit from the organic supplement while enjoying a snack!

Since eating the oil as a food ingredient means that the concentrated oil will enter the digestion system; users feel the effects after digestion occurs.

This process takes at least 30 minutes, and the results remain for up to eight hours. However, the impact of Phoenix Tears may slightly vary with individuals.

Where To Buy Phoenix Tears

There are several online shops in the United States and Canada that sell the charismatic oil. Ganja Express, CBD Oil Canada and Canada Bliss Herbals are some of the prominent names apart from the Phoenix Tears Foundation.

You can also log on to Rick Simpson’s website to learn more about this creation while you also get updates on the latest news in the cannabis industry. You will get to know about the creator of this extract and his new ventures as well!

Rick Simpson’s fight with the conventional medical field and the pharmaceutical industry is an ongoing process that requires support from users.

You can donate for the cause and also order informational books about how the oil can help you and others with numerous health issues.

Some Popular Phoenix Tears Products

Rick Simpson oil is not just sold as oil nowadays. With time and progress in the industry, capsules, oil, vapes are all available for users to enjoy! You can find soft gel capsules that contain this potent oil. Users can also use flavoured oils for oral use.

What Is The Difference Between CBD and Phoenix Tears?

The CBD products that are commonly available in the United States have 0.3% THC. THC is a cannabinoid in the cannabis and hemp plant that has a psychoactive effect.

The FDA and other health regulatory bodies have allowed CBD supplements if they contain less than 0.3% THC.

On the contrary, Phoenix Tears has a higher amount of THC. You can find products containing this oil, with a THC content of over 600mg.

The different potencies and dosage options available in all Phoenix Tears products are for various purposes. For example, a Phoenix Tears oil with 600mg THC will not be suitable for vaping but will be an excellent supplement for topical application or ingesting.

Like with all-natural supplements, users are advised to start a low dosage and then find their optimum dosage to avail maximum benefits.

All cannabis oil users will always recommend Phoenix Tears and while the excellent results may be common observation for all; the dosage for all organic products varies with individuals!

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