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How To Enhance The Kratom’s Euphoric Effects?

If you are a regular Kratom user, you may sometimes feel that it is just the typical experience.

After the long-term experience with Kratom, most of the users express that the effects sometimes feel less.

There is a dire need of something which is as good as Kratom but higher as per effect like Euphoric effects.

These similar effects are common if the Kratom which a person uses is old.

Storing it for too long may sometimes change the chemical composition, and you may feel it’s not the good old Kratom anymore.

Honestly, there is no alternative to Kratom. Kratom feels so good that no one can revert to chemical alternatives after using it.

There is no way that this problem will have a fix with a substitute. The thing which can fix is to enhance its euphoric effects.

You may have heard about enhanced Kratom strains which have more alkaloids in them for even more benefits.

It’s a similar thing, only except that a user can practice it safely at home. Also, there is no requirement of any specialized Kratom or alkaloids for it.

Just the regular Kratom and a few enhancing agents will work well. Here is how it can be helpful for you.

You may have heard about enhanced Kratom strains which have more alkaloids in them for even more benefits.

It’s a similar thing, only except that a user can practice it safely at home. Also, there is no requirement of any specialized Kratom or alkaloids for it.

Just the regular Kratom and a few enhancing agents will work well. Here is how it can be helpful for you.

What does enhancing Kratom mean?

Enhancing or potentiating means to add strength to something. As per Kratom is concerned, enhancing is a chemical technique to make it more stable.

Anyhow, this article is telling you about the home-based, easy way to experience euphoric effects of Kratom that work efficiently for you.

It involves no industrial process, just simple home based techniques which will work for you.

Nature is amazing; it has a helping system where all elements can help each other. This goes for the plants as well.

As Kratom is a plant, its euphoric effects can be more strong with certain types of other plants, food elements or even with the systematic methodology.

It is more like a remedy to make Kratom work for you.

How does Kratom potentiators work?

The elements which helpful for making Kratom more powerful follow an easy way to.

The idea behind adding these enhancing agents to Kratom is to make the effect intense but slow so that the user enjoys them.

The higher effects like “Euphoria” (euphoric effects) is less likely to achieve in small dosage.

The user needs a high dosage to get the euphoric feelings. It suggests using the enhanced Kratom which makes the effects prolong and high.

The science which favors this effect of Kratom is to slow down the metabolism.

The enzyme cytochrome P450 which is responsible for controlling the alkaloids of Kratom to the blood plays a vital role.

This enzyme is influenced by the particular type of foods.

So the idea is to combine your regular Kratom with specific additional components which help to reduce the activity of enzyme P450.

By this way, the effects will be higher, as the dosage is greater but long-lasting.

How to get intense Kratom euphoric effects?

There are multiple ways to enhance Kratom. A careful combination of Kratom with certain food products is very much helpful as per user reviews.

Once you use a higher dose of Kratom with supplementary food, the euphoria is more strong and lasts longer than the regular Kratom dosage.

Not just the euphoria, all other effects such as stress relief, pain control, stamina, energy, and concentration improves too.

How to enhance the effects of Kratom?

Following are multiple ways to increase the euphoria and other higher effects of Kratom.

Boosting Kratom Effects with Natural Foods

By far the easiest and simplest way is to combine Kratom with a food element. It is safer and most convenient of all methods.

Here is a list of top food ingredients with which Kratom works best for euphoric effects.

  • Turmeric Powder

Who doesn’t acknowledge the benefits of turmeric? Above all elements, turmeric is the favorite most of users who are common worldwide.

Turmeric is a strong spice which boosts the effects of Kratom. Turmeric Powder easily mixes with Kratom powder, or you can take turmeric powder before taking Kratom. Both ways it works best.

  • Grape Fruit

One of the most healthy fruits on earth, grapefruit makes a perfect combination with Kratom powder.

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It is interesting that many of the Kratom users already prefer to use Kratom powder with fruit juice mainly citrus.

It’s more like a remedy to increase the euphoric effects of Kratom with grapefruit juice.

This is an excellent combination which is 200% efficient but remembers that grapefruit itself is very reactive.

It may enhance the effect of Kratom but affect the digestive enzymes.

The elements of grapefruit have linkage with metabolism which is why it is a popular choice for weight loss too.

However, this may not be a useful point when Kratom is in it. For euphoria, sedation, opiate withdrawal and pain management, this combination is the perfect one.

  • Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is a sharp and intense spice which is popular for its role in detox and cleansing the body from inside. It enhances the production of saliva which improves the digestion.

It is a favorite weight loss agent and chronic pain relief. When in combination with Kratom in powder form, both these ingredients complement each other.

Cross check the user sensitivity to the cayenne pepper before mixing it with Kratom.

The addition of cayenne pepper in Kratom will enhance the effectiveness of both.

Cayenne pepper and Kratom are not advisable in equal ratios because of highest potency for each other.

Usually very less, around 1/4th of cayenne pepper can work well as per Kratom’s quantity. It can be increased later on with time.

  • Black Pepper

Another effective but not as such famous enhancer of Kratom is black pepper. Mixing both these can increase all effects of Kratom by 300%.

However, make sure that you aren’t allergic to black pepper before using it.

  • Watercress

Watercress is a type of lettuce which can be helpful to use with Kratom. It does improve the effects of Kratom, but that increase is very less as compared to up listed food choices.

Boosting Kratom effects with teas

If you are not a fan of food, tea is always a good alternative. Herbal tea is necessary to follow a healthy lifestyle.

An addition of herbal products like chamomile, green tea, passion flower, etc. will be excellent for your health.

Kratom is an equally useful component to make tea like all rest. It will provide the most soothing effects to the body.

Combine Kratom alone or along with chamomile and green tea for the extra benefits. If a user wants alertness and focus, Kratom can even mix well with coffee.

Boosting Kratom effects with supplements

The third choice to make the regular Kratom more strong is to add supplements. Following are a few good options for this recipe.

  • Valerian Root: popular as a herbal component, this root has supplements commonly available in the market.
    They are mainly used for peaceful sleep and relaxation. Kratom and Valerian root supplement can go well together for the stress release, sedation, and euphoria.
  • Cat’s Claw: Cat’s Claw is another potent supplement which has similar alkaloids as that of Kratom.
    When you combine both, the alkaloid amount is more than twice. This leads to more potent effects of Kratom.
  • Caffeine: Caffeine is an effective component fo tea and coffee. However, you can easily get its supplement from the market.
    Taking caffeine supplements with or before Kratom will increase the cognitive function to a higher level.

 How to take Kratom with its potentiators?

More than what to combine in Kratom, the problem is how to take it. The enhanced formula will not work well if you are not using it in the right manner.

For example, using the Kratom right after food, tea or supplement will not work.

For the best results, consume the additional components 30-45 minutes prior to taking Kratom.

Except for tea, which can even have Kratom inside it. This method, however, needs experience and personal preference as well.

Final thoughts on enhancing Kratom euphoric effects

Euphoria is an effect which is only common after higher dosage. It suggests that Kratom has to be high enough to create this effect.

If the user experience with Kratom is static to the same level of results or the Kratom which is in use is old, both way Kratom needs a boost.

This boost can either be a natural eatable or a supplement.

It is safer to use a natural enhancer like tea, juice, spices than chemically modified supplements.

Euphoric effects begin to show in 10-15 minutes after taking the dosage. For best results, switch and experiment with enhancing agents.

Christina Earle
Christina Earle is a licensed psychologist practicing in Oakland, California since 1999. She provides counseling to people who are struggling with managing stress, and anxiety related issues. In her free time, she often writes on mental health conditions that educate the individuals to explore ways of improving their health.

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