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CBD Prices: How Much Is CBD Oil Cost?

Different vendors sell CBD oil products at varying prices. We don’t see any regularity in the costs of CBD oil.

The reason being that the DEA and FDA do not regulate CBD products.

Many sellers claim that they are using premium quality CBD in their products, which makes their product expensive and other vendors rant about premium processing methods.

All in all, we do not know if we can trust these vendors and invest our money in such claims.

This article will discuss in short, the CBD prices and cost of various other CBD products. It will help you identify reliable sellers and assist you in price checking of the products that you buy.

Why is there so much disparity in the prices of CBD oil?

There are CBD companies that sell CBD at 10 cents per milligram, and companies that sell it for prices ten times higher.

For this disparity we can rightly thank the 80 years or more federal prohibition of cannabis and its derivatives.

Had there been no prohibition, had the DEA and FDA approved of Cannabis and CBD, it would have been better regulated, and there would have been standard pricing for all products.

The irony is with little regulation of the substance at hand, we have almost none or very negligible research.

I always wonder why do people invest in Advil so much but not in CBD? Advil is not addictive, but CBD is derivative of Cannabis so let’s judge it and place it in Schedule I substances and put a full stop to discovering all the benefits of CBD oil.

According to various sellers, the CBD oil prices are high because of less production of Cannabis in America, unregulated Cannabis and CBD market, limited access to patients, reduced consumer information and greed.

What is the pricing of CBD oil?

For a patient like me who are struggling with chronic pain on a daily basis, it is challenging to manage financial crises that come with buying ‘unregulated, un-standardized CBD oil’.

Many patients like me are worried to pay $200 bills for CBD oil for a month, and so they go back to Advil which costs you around $11 per month.

So, can you afford this luxury medicine? Yes, you can!

I discovered that if you buy Hemp or CBD oil in wholesale from European countries, it costs you only 0.5-1 cents per milligram of CBD. The companies from where we buy CBD products sell the items at least at a 400% markup by using the processing, packaging and shipping cards.

Also, the CBD prices are high in US as compared to Europe, because America has limited growing hemp.

At the same time, if you look at the CBD oil pricing in America, you will be shocked. The company Pine Tsunamis sells strains of CBD for $184 an ounce. It means that if you are buying 10 milligrams of pure CBD, it costs twice more than that of pure gold.

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How do you calculate the cost of CBD oil?

Usually, the contents of CBD products are on the bottle and CBD is listed in percentage or milligrams. You can find the cost of CBD per milligram. You need to divide the total amount you paid for the CBD oil by the milligrams of CBD present in the bottle. For example, you got 100 milligrams of CBD oil for $50, so each milligram of CBD costs $0.5.

Where you can buy CBD oil products?

Mostly, CBD oil and other CBD products like CBD vape oil, CBD suppositories, CBD topical creams, CBD tinctures are available online. This method of buying is secure and convenient and brings the product right to your doorstep.

Also, you get a lot of time to think about the product and check CBD seller reviews before buying. Most of all you can compare the price of that product with other companies.

CBD oil is also available at dispensaries that offer CBD and Cannabis products. However, to buy from dispensaries, you need to show your prescription or need a card indicating that you are certified by a doctor to purchase this CBD product as part of your continuing care.

CBD containing compounds are also available at Brick and Mortar stores. When you engage with a retailer, do ask about lab testing of the products.

Prices of CBD oil and other CBD products

The prices mentioned below are from well-known CBD sellers;

• CBD oil capsules (1000mg) cost around $70
• CBD chocolate bar (60mg) cost you around $24
• CBD for pets (200mg) price around $50
• CBD Hemp oil cost is $0.20 per milligram

How do you identify fake CBD oil sellers?

They will come with slogans that say CBD oil is going to cure all your ailment and has a solution to all your medical problems. Do not trust them!

Such scammers will claim to sell high-quality products when in reality they won’t be even providing any lab results. They even don’t conduct any lab testing.

They will also use the term ‘premium’ and ‘high quality’ in all their products to attract customers, but they are mostly fraud.

Read reviews about all vendors and do your research before buying any CBD product.

Never buy any product that has no labels, it is hazardous to your health.

Why does CBD sold at higher prices?

Sometimes the vendors provide good quality CBD oil and products. Naturally, you can expect higher prices. Some of the reasons why CBD is sold at higher rates by some reliable vendors are as follows:

• The extraction method is the CO2 method
• The product contains a higher concentration of CBD
• The company is using third-party testing
• The hemp is organically grown
• The CBD derived from plant sources in the United States
• The vendor is following rules and regulations regarding processing
• Other beneficial substances added to CBD oil

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Jay is a freelance writer and certified health coach with a master’s degree in Dietetics from Boston University. He asks people to make nutrition decisions that align with their personal values. His writing focuses on Diet, Nutrition, CBD, Kratom, and food habits, which has become an integral part of online publications and blog content for authority websites. He is passionate about providing scientifically sound information backed by high-quality evidence. Jay loves hiking, traveling, and exploring different cultures and their eating habits in his free time. He is enjoying his life with his wife & kids in New York.

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