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CBD Chewing Gum: Make Everything Fun

CBD chewing gum is a soft, sweet, and flavored rubbery substance made from the sap (thin fluid) of trees like Manilkara zapota which is commonly known as Chicle or Chikoo.

Chewing Gums are one of the best stress busters that we have been enjoying since ages! But imagine the gum you are chewing comes with a multitude of benefits medically! Wouldn’t it be a plus to experience such a treat?

CBD chewing contains natural, biodegradable ingredients that have no harmful effects on the environment if discarded or even swallowed.

CBD comes with numerous body related advantages. One of the most efficient ways to enjoy them is through the chewing gum as it gets absorbed and is effectively and efficiently transported throughout.

However, when taken in the form of pills, it goes directly to the digestive system. As a result of which, it usually passes through unabsorbed!

Chewing CBD? What Is The Buzz Around It?

Chewing gums is not an alien concept, and it has been around since the Mayan times. Though many companies today use synthetic chemicals to make, CBD chewing gum is a fresh treat! They are made 100% organically and therefore offer a lot of benefits.

Despite the fact most of our innovative discoveries harm the environment one way or the other, CBD gum helps give back to the environment.

Eventually, they do not have any negative impact in the long run. So, you get sustainability as well as medical benefits in a single package.

The regular chewing gum remains in the environment even after being discarded. Hence, poses as much a threat as discarded cigarettes butts. On the other hand, the CBD gum disintegrates and becomes dust.

CBD chewing gum helps in strengthening the endocannabinoid system that fights insomnia, anxiety, immune system or pain sensitivity issues.

It reinforces the mind and bodily functions. It is a blessing in disguise for people who use hemp oil for medicinal purposes.

Hemp oil users can now enjoy their daily consumption of cannabidiol oil by just popping in the required dosage through CBD chewing gum and still enjoy the fresh minty feel of the gum!

With the discoveries revolving around the benefits that the CBD gum offers, more and more people are now interested in consuming it.

The traditional method of CBD capsules is not as effective, but chewing gum provides a comfortable way to consume it daily.

Thus, the consumer has no worries about the drops or the hemp odor that usually remains after consumption.

How CBD-Chewing Gum Works?

What scares people most about this new world is their lack of knowledge about how it functions.

Although this may seem to be a very technical and overwhelming concept, bear with me while I explain how simple it is. Now, the main idea behind how CBD gum works and how you use it.

Most manufacturers use a xylitol base of the gum that carries the CBD. When you chew, the CBD is released directly in your mouth, and the bioavailability comes into play. The Lecithin in the gum breaks down the CBD, and it gets absorbed in your saliva.

Now, if your idea of chewing gum is to swallow the saliva, the CBD carrying saliva will reach your digestive system. If you do not swallow your saliva, the CBD will stay in your mouth and be absorbed by the mucous membranes in your mouth.

Now, people tend to ask what the preferred way is to consume CBD gum to get maximum efficiency. This depends solely on the route CBD takes to reach your bloodstream.

When you swallow your saliva, the CBD in the saliva must travel from your mouth to your digestive system, which somewhat dilutes it. It then gets absorbed into the bloodstream. This is a long process and thus less efficient.

On the other hand, if you choose not to swallow your saliva, you will end up with a direct absorption to your bloodstream through the mucous membranes, which enables much more CBD to be absorbed in your blood.

After being absorbed in your bloodstream though, there are chances that you might not even notice its effects. CBD is very subtle in the way that it works, and its results may be delayed and prolonged.

However, it will lead to mood elevations slowly and make you feel great as absorption continues.

How Is It Made?

The resin used for the chewing gum is sourced from the natural habitats like the Sapodilla tree. It is not like synthetic gums. The texture is therefore different.

Flavors for the gum are added through essential oils like mint and wild peppermint. It also contains Sunflower lecithin. CBD with no THC or less than 0.3 percent allowed is what you will mostly find being used in your CBD chewing gums.

Although most producers are very secretive with the recipes of their CBD chill gums, the general ingredients found in these chewing gums are all organic such as xylitol, essential oils, and lecithin.

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Benefits That CBD Chewing Gum Offer

What a user will want to know about using CBD bubblegum is what benefits it provides and whether those benefits more than offset their costs or not. Here are a few advantages that CBD chewing gums offer:

1) Easy To Take

The best fact about CBD chewing gums is that they are easy to carry around and are also easy to consume. You pop one in your mouth and get going without any trouble about grinding the herbs or filling the chamber of your vape kit.

You also do not need to worry about the hemp oil capsules, and it is all sorted in one gum!

2) Efficient

When it comes to the bioavailability, the CBD absorption rates are the highest through chewing gums.

In case you use pills or capsules, there is a chance that it can pass your digestive system unabsorbed and be released as waste. On the other hand, if you are taking a 10 mg CBD gum, the same amount is absorbed by your body.

3) Discreet

CBD chewing gum offers terrific benefits. The best part is that it is straightforward to use and unobtrusive.

You need not to fear any smell. After chewing the gum, all you left with is the perfect minty fresh smell. It is also beneficial for the teeth.

4) Take Off Smoking Habit

People who often smoke, usually take chewing gums to enjoy fresh breath. The solution of getting rid of the habit and clean smell is combined as one in CBD chewing bubble gum.

5) Helps Relieve Tension And Strengthen Internal System

Chewing gum is one of the most common methods to mitigate nervous as well as muscular stress. CBD gums help release the inbuilt tension and at the same time ensure that the homeostasis process of the body remains in balance.

Redefining The Medical Landscape With CBD-Chewing Gum!

CBD gums offer a variety of medical benefits such as relief from pain, stress, anxiety or even depression. It can help boost the mood. The best part about these gums is that they offer instant relief.

If a person is suffering from backache or joint ache, they can enjoy instant relief. The CBD gum immediately gets absorbed into the system and consequently provides the desired comfort.

Where To Find The CBD Chewing Gum!

But all these medical breakthroughs will come when the manufacturers get into competition and start innovating. At present, many different manufacturers are making their brands of CBD chewing gums. Some of the brands available in the market are:

  • Endoca: This is one of the very few CBD gums that are sugar-free. Each piece of Endoca CBD chewing gum contains 15mg of CBD. The pack contains ten gums.
  • CanChew Gum: The CanChew gum contains around 10mg of CBD in each gum. The CanChew CBD gum is also sugar-free and is available in mint flavors and packs of 32 gums.
  • MedCBDX: The Med CBDX packs 10mg of CBD in each tablet. Each pack of MedCBDX contains eight tablets of gums in each box.

The CBD Statistics And CBD-Chewing Gum Market Potential

Of course, all the information as mentioned above is not worth anything if there is no actual backing for the entire discussion.

Statistics suggest that by 2020, the full spectrum CBD oil sale will rocket by 700%. This, even to people not particularly well-versed in statistical analysis is a severe figure.

CBD is allowed in all 50 US states and the predicted stats clearly show that there is an increasing demand for it, with expectations of legalization in more countries in the future.

Chewing gum industry is already worth 990 billion US Dollars, and the diversification of CBD gums is going to add a few more billions worth’s of business.

Much essential oil like peppermint, mint and chamomile oils are being used as flavorings. This warrant a massive boost to the industry.

As this legalization begins to take root in the future, so will the market for CBD chewing gum and it will expand manifold.

This coupled with the fact that CBD has potential in the fields of medicals tends to reiterate the potential for CBD.

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