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Sol Botanicals Kratom Tea Powder Review

Brand Name: SOL Botanicals
Address: Miami, Florida USA
Ph: +1-888-765-0023
Email: support@solbotanicals.shop
Website: https://www.solbotanicals.shop/

For the past few years, many online vendors sell Kratom – a traditional medicine used for treating multiple health problems. Those unfortunate folks who have less knowledge of the market rely on all of the vendors who sell fake Kratom products.

Here Redstorm Scientific has gone through every essential feature of ‘Sol Botanicals’ and brought the following to review to you.

Let’s dig in!

About Sol Botanicals

Sol Botanicals source their Kratom directly from the largest island in Asia named ‘Borneo Island of Indonesia.’ The brand is rooted in nature, and so shares a deep relationship with the farmers that allow them to acquire a consistent source of Kratom.

Sol Botanicals is nothing like another Kratom vendor. The foundation of the company rests on unleashing the benefits of this god-gifted plant. It brings wellness into the life of people. All in all, the website is user-friendly, so it is convenient to get any information needed.

Product Highlights of Sol Botanicals

They Cover the Journey from Seeds to Shelf

One of the best features of any company is the variety they offer. At Sol Botanicals, you buy Kratom in the form of powders and capsules. The herb is available in various types that further divided into strains; Maeng Da, Borneo, Bali, and many others. These strains are then categorized into 3-4 veins; red vein Kratom, yellow vein, green vein, and white vein.

In totality, the following three dominant strains, in green, red, and white veins, can be found at Sol Botanicals.

1. Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da is a very ancient strain of Kratom that is well-known for its medicinal characteristics. The locals use Maeng Da Kratom to make a supreme drink to present their guests on the events of festivities.

Sol Red vein Maeng Da: It performs actively as an antidepressant and is perfect if you are trying to quit alcohol.

Sol Green vein Maeng Da: It is considered to be a very mild strain, but it is indeed valid and useful. People use it for medicinal and therapeutic properties. Moreover, it is also used as morning tea by some people as it includes effects that uplift a person.

Sol White vein Maeng Da: People praise it for its ability to provide a significant energy boost to the body and bring relief from multiple health conditions.

*It is worth noticing, however, that Maeng Da Kratom has not only been used for medicinal purposes but also for refreshment purposes.

2. Borneo Kratom

The majority of people know that Borneo is a small island in Asia and also one of the most populated islands in the world. This Island has a perfect combination of the humid climate and fertile soil. This is the reason why Borneo Kratom that grows here has diverse effects.

Sol Red Borneo: It is the most popular one. From powerful pain relief to euphoria and sleep regulation, it works for all. These effects last for four to six hours, depending on the quality of the product. The best time to use it is in the afternoon or night so that the effects do not hinder the routine work.

Sol White Vein Borneo: It is less popular than Red Borneo, but works in a very natural way. White Borneo leaves are known for its stimulation and analgesia qualities that bring relaxation without sacrificing energy. In short, it acts as a mood-booster and moderate pain reliever that you can use any time of the day.

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Sol Green Vein Borneo: It is an all-time favorite of both new and experienced Kratom users. The intense pain-relieving and anti-anxiety effects of this green vein Borneo strain represent the true essence of Kratom. It is entirely side-effect free and not excessively sedating. You can use it daily to pass along a tough workday.

3. Royal Thai Kratom

Red Thai shares almost the same benefits as offered by other red vein Kratom strains, such as the ability to relieve pain and anxiety. While it shares similar red strain effects, one advantage that many consumers enjoy is mood-enhancing. Yes, Red Thai can boost the mood of a person. Even at just moderate dosages, it relaxes the mind.

Salient Features

Lab test report

Lab testing is perhaps the first thing to consider when buying Kratom. Since transparency is the utmost priority of Sol Botanicals, their products have to go through rigorous testing procedures. Their products are tested for arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury. Also, they make sure that the alkaloid content is legal.

You can check tests for each product available on their website. Just open the lab test page on the site and enter the product number to get the report. 

Are they making false medical claims on their product descriptions or blog?

In the past, some Kratom vendors receive warning letters from FDA because of making false claims on their site. Sol Botanicals understands this and complies with all FDA regulations as given. The brand has mentioned that none of their Kratom products is being sold for medical purposes.

Customer feedback on social sites

Sol Botanicals has a huge fan following. They have gathered several positive reviews on different social sites. Before making a purchase, we recommend you to go through their customer review on Kratom forums.


At Sol Botanicals, the prices are affordable as compared to the competitors. The price range for Kratom capsules (60 counts in one bottle) is 16.99$ – 19.99$. For Green Maeng Da, the price is 19.99$, while for the Green Borneo strains, the price is 16.99$.

Similar to capsules, the Kratom powder is also comparatively very reasonable. The price range is from 11.99$ to 14.99$.

Shipping and Payment

Sol Botanicals have same-day shipping available on all orders placed before 4:00 pm. EST, excluding Saturdays and Sundays. Their standard shipping method is USPS Retail Ground service included with your purchase — free of charge to you.


The brand also provides return shipping. If you wish to return a product (within 30 days of purchase), the return shipping cost will have to bear by you.


Once the company receives your return product, the team will send you an email to notify you about the item received. Once the item is inspected and approved, you will get your refund as per the company’s policy.

Aka GMP qualified or not.

The AKA GMP Standards Program issues a certificate to brands that establish a higher level of Kratom manufacturing process, as outlined in the AKA GMP Standards Program. SolBotanicals doesn’t currently have the GMP certificate, but the procedure is pending.

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