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Where To Buy Riau Kratom Tea Powder?

Riau Kratom is the newest addition to the Kratom family originates from a certain region of the Indonesian province named Riau that is located on the Southeastern coast of Sumatra Island.

This new strain has garnered a lot of popularity in the last year. This strain comes in three veins colors, Red, Green White Riau Kratom, and some vendors are even selling a Yellow Riau Kratom.

This strain takes the qualities from both Sumatra, and Indo Kratom strains to produce a new kind of leaf that is high quality and is also very well balanced.

Riau is the perfect strain when it comes to beginners because it has well-rounded effects and tastes nice.

How To Buy Good Quality Riau Kratom Tea Powder?

Kratom is not regulated in the US or on an international level yet, that is why one should be careful before buying Riau Kratom online or locally.

  • When choosing a vendor make sure that you live somewhere where it is legal because the Riau Kratom sellers might not ship the product to a place where it is considered illegal.
  • Always ensure that kratom product checked thoroughly by 3rd party labs and the lab results have deemed the product safe. Also, make sure that the lab results are displayed on site.
  • Match the price of Riau Kratom on different sites before buying. If a company is selling the product at a low price, then something is surely amiss. It is crucial to buy Riau Kratom from a brand that offers a good quality product at a reasonable price.
  • Kratom Riau is a plant product, therefore, it is susceptible to contamination and spoilage. This can be avoided by proper packaging and lab testing. Ensure that the vendor you are buying from is packing the products in airtight bags.
  • The reviews of the actual users who have had already bought from a particular vendor can be a lot of help. Such reviews are present on a number of Kratom forums and you can avoid any seller having bad reviews.

If you are looking to buy Riau Kratom strain, go through our tested top 8 best sellers online and locally.

Top 8 Riau Kratom Tea Brands We Recommend

1) Original Harvest Kratom

This brand sells Riau Kratom that has been originally harvested on Riau Islands.

Key Features:

  • The brand is selling Riau Kratom in three veins i.e. Yellow, Red, and White.
  • The strains are available in the capsule form as well as in the powdered form. Original Harvest also has Riau Kratom in the form of ground leaves available.
  • The Riau Kratom powders will cost you $19.95 for one oz. A pack of 100 capsules retails at $24.95 at the site.
  • The Mitragyna being sold at the website is organic and quality Kratom sourced from farmers of the Southeast Asian region.
  • The vendor tests their Riau Kratom from third-party labs to ensure the safety and quality of their products.
  • The packaging is careful and airtight to avoid any kind of contamination or adulteration.

Website: https://www.originalharvestkratom.com/
Price: $19.95/1oz

2) Kratom Crazy

As the name suggests, this website is perfect for those who are Kratom crazy as it sells premium quality Kratom.

They also offer free shipping on certain orders and are recognized by a number of international Kratom forums. They have a no questions asked return policy in place as well.

Key Features:

  • Among a number of other strains, Kratom Crazy is also selling some of the best Riau Kratom. They are selling the Red vein of Riau with all the information regarding the strain displayed.
  • Riau is available in powdered form on the vendor’s website. Nothing but the best manufacturing practices are used to formulate these products.
  • The products are tested by accredited labs, and any batch that is contaminated in the slightest is removed and does not make it to the website. The brand has the lab reports displayed on the website.
  • The vendor sells various buying sizes. Their Red Riau retails at 19.99$ for 100 grams and 89.99$ for a kilo.
  • The brand sources its Riau directly from the originating islands from the most trust-worthy farmers and cultivators.
  • The products arrive on your doorstep in sealed discrete packaging to avoid complications of any kind.

Website: https://kratomcrazy.com/
Price: $19.99/100gms

3) Authentic Kratom

This vendor sells premium and potent Kratom with accessible prices. They have free shipping on all of their orders to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Staying true to their name, Authentic Kratom has some of the best Mitragyna amongst various U.S. vendors. They also have free samples that let you have a taste of what you are buying.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Kratom is selling both Red and Green strains of Riau on their website. They are also selling blends of both the veins.
  • The Riau kratom on the vendor’s website is available in powdered form.
  • The brand is selling Riau in various serving sizes retailing from 10.49$ for 1 oz. to 104.99 for 10 oz.
  • All the Mitragyna batches are tested thoroughly by independent third-party labs to ensure proper safety. The lab results are available on the vendor’s website.
  • The Mitragyna being sold by the brand has been imported from the humid rainforests of Riau guaranteeing quality.
  • Your kratom is carefully packed in airtight packages to ensure the freshness of the leaves as well as preserve the alkaloids.

Website: https://www.authentickratom.com/
Price: $104.99/10oz

4) Christopher’s Organic Botanicals

This vendor sells a quality product at reasonable prices. They prioritize the comfort of their customers above everything else and make sure that no compromise is made in terms of quality.

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They have a variety of shipping and payment options to make sure that the customers are as comfortable as possible.

Key Features:

  • They have all the major veins of Riau Kratom available on their extremely navigable webpage. The brand also has attached information regarding the strain.
  • The prices are extremely reasonable and the smallest serving size is 2 oz. You can get 2 oz. from the vendor at an easy 18$.
  • All of the products being sold on the brand’s website have been lab-tested, and the test results are displayed on site. This guarantees satisfaction along with quality and safety.
  • The products are packed in airtight containers and the Mitragyna is imported from the best cultivators of the Southeast Asian region resulting in you getting the richest Kratom.

Website: https://www.christophersorganicbotanicals.com/
Price: $18.00/2oz

5) Kraatje

This vendor sells carefully picked products straight from the source, and the pricing is very reasonable as well. The brand is of European origin, and it is one of the few brands that operate from that region.

Key Features:

  • The vendor is selling some of the best Red and Green Kratom and these strains are available in both powdered as well as encapsulated forms.
  • The products are available at affordable prices and a number of payment methods are also available. You can buy 50 grams of Riau Kratom from the website at 14€.
  • It has quality kratom that has been sourced from the best cultivators in the Southeast Asian region.
  • All of the kratom batches are tested from third-party labs to ensure that only the best product reaches your doorstep.
  • The products are packaged in airtight containers and packs to ensure freshness.

Website: https://www.kraatje.eu/
Price: €14.00/50gms

6) Supernatural Botanicals

They offer a variety of kratom strains and are deemed one of the best. The brand is included amongst some of the best kratom vendors in the market.

.They have a number of positive reviews and also have been mentioned on various kratom forums as the best vendor.

Key Features:

  • The brand has two veins of kratom available. One is the white vein and the other is pure Riau Kratom powder.
  • These strains have been imported from the most trustworthy farmers in the Southeast Asian region. Their Riau is imported from the Riau islands and is of the best quality.
  • You can get quality Riau from Supernatural Botanicals at a price of 11.95$ for a gram.
  • All of the products are lab tested to ensure safety in terms of both physical and chemical properties.
  • The kratom powder is mostly either bright green or reddish-brown depending on the vein.

Website: https://supernaturalbotanicals.com/
Price: $11.95/grm

7) PurKratom

They are recognized by the American Kratom Association and have a good quality product.

Key Features:

  • The brand is selling some of the best quality Riau in powdered and encapsulated form.
  • They have the AKA GMP certification and follow all the manufacturing practices that have been proposed by the American Kratom Association.
  • All of the products are lab tested by independent accredited third-party labs to ensure zero adulteration and the best quality.
  • The Mitragyna on their site has been organically grown and imported from the rich forests of Thailand and Indonesia.
  • The products come to you packed carefully in airtight containers to preserve quality.

Website: https://purkratom.com/
Price: $15.99/10oz

8) Galactic Botanicals

They have high-quality strains of Kratom that have been imported from trusted farmers of Southeast Asia.

Key Features:

  • The brand is selling some of the best quality red and green veins of Riau Kratom in the powdered form.
  • They have imported their Mitragyna from the best farmers in the tropical areas of Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia.
  • 30 grams of Riau Kratom can be bought at a reasonable 15.50$, making it not only good quality but also budget-friendly.

Website: https://www.galacticbotanicals.com/
Price: $15.50/30gms

Before purchasing Riau Kratom – go through the effects and key features of this amazing strain.

Red strains of Kratom are generally more relaxing in their nature. The same is true for Red Riau.

It is rich in alkaloids that serve to relax the user’s body and mind and induce a feeling of euphoria. This strain also has amazing analgesic potency because of the high concentration of painkilling alkaloids.

These alkaloids act on the opioid receptors of the brain and work similarly to opioids. The advantage that Red Riau has over painkillers is the less addicting characteristic. It also is used to bring a sense of tranquillity to the user’s mind.

Green vein is generally considered to be more energizing than the rest of the veins. Green Riau also lies on the energizing and revitalizing side of the spectrum as far as associated benefits are concerned. This strain is sweet in taste and is also highly fragrant in nature.

The effects usually remain for a short period but are very intense. Green Vein Riau provides relaxation, stress release, enhanced concentration, stimulation, confidence boosts, and physical activeness. It also helps to better your focus and generally increase your work ethic and productivity.

Here are some more spots to buy your favorite kratom strains:

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