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Kratom Crazy Reviews

Kratom Crazy is a well-known vendor, even though it is relatively old to the market. But the question remains; is the brand good overall? Well, with its many positive reviews, one can safely conclude that they are one of the most pleasing vendors for kratom. Kratom Krazy is one of the top sites to buy kratom today. The approach adopted by them is simple, which in turn is attractive for many customers. Not only are their products of high-quality, but they also make a conscious effort to continually provide their market and their customers with new information about Kratom itself.

Putting all this aside, one can’t help but wonder: is Kratom Crazy as good as the reviews claim? Is the brand itself credible and sincere? Are the products offered of good quality? This article’s purpose will be to answer all these questions.

Products Offered By Kratom Crazy

Kratom Crazy offers a variety of products and all kinds of strains. This feature is accommodating for many and provides customers with various options. All their products come directly from Indonesia or wholesale USA Distributors. Aside from having Kratom in powder, they have also introduced it in the form of capsules. This aspect shows their dedication to their customers.

It is helpful for those who prefer straightforward capsules as opposed to the taste and aroma of Kratom. As highlighted above, their commitment to providing excellent quality products and the various options make it difficult for potential customers not to choose them as their vendor. There are six main categories of products; Maeng Da, Red Bali, Kratom Capsules, Super Green, Red Borneo, and White Borneo.

1. Kratom Crazy Maeng Da

The prices, in this category, range between 19 USD – 425 USD. The products in this category come in the following sizes: 100, 250, and 500 grams, and 1 – 5 kg. This product category has the highest reviews and is also mostly ordered. Reports suggest that the use of Maeng Da can lead to the user being physically and mentally energetic. It can also help in uplifting moods and can alleviate anxiety. High doses of Maeng Da can also lead to a euphoric high.

2. Kratom Crazy Red Bali

kratom crazy red bali

While this may not be the most ordered product of Kratom Crazy, it certainly has high reviews. The products in this category come in the following sizes: 100, 250, and 500 grams, and 1 – 5 kg. The positive reviews go to convince the potential customer that the product is genuinely high-quality. Reports of the product indicate that it helps in sedation and relaxation. Apart from helping with stress relief, it also is a mood enhancer—the prices in this category range between 19 USD – 425 USD.

3. Kratom Crazy Capsules

krazy kratom capsules

The prices, in this category, range between 99 USD – 218 USD. The products in this category come in the following sizes: 250, 500, 750, and 1000 grams. The capsules version is available for every strain. This feature provides customers with a lot of options. It is best for those who do not prefer the powder form of Kratom due to taste and smell. While this product may be the least brought product, the positive reviews lead many to believe that it is a high-quality product and rightfully so.

4. Kratom Crazy Super Green Malay

The products in this category come in the following sizes: 100, 250, and 500 grams, and 1 – 5 kg. This product also, unsurprisingly, has favorable reviews. However, it is not the most bought product of Kratom Crazy. Reports suggest that the use of Super Green Malay helps in pain relief in joints and muscles. It can help in attaining a regular sleep cycle and also helps in uplifting moods. Moreover, it gives an energy boost—the prices in this category range between 19 USD – 425 USD.

5. Crazy Kratom Red Borneo

The prices, in this category, range between 19 USD – 425 USD. The products in this category come in the following sizes: 100, 250, and 500 grams, and 1 – 5 kg. The product significantly helps with pain and allows the user to relax and focus. Overall, this product has positive reviews but is one of the lowest products bought from Kratom Crazy.

6. Krazy Kratom White Borneo

This product also has fairly positive reviews. Reviews suggest that the use of White Borneo can help in increasing energy both, mentally and physically. It also leads to an increase in the users’ cognitive function. The prices, in this category, range between 19 USD – 425 USD. The products in this category come in the following sizes: 100, 250, and 500 grams, and 1 – 5 kg.

Key Qualities Of Kratom Crazy Vendor

The following features of Kratom Crazy are not only vital but go onto make it one of the best vendors. These features give an overall impression of the whole brand.

Legitimate Farming and Manufacturing Methods

The relevant website has laid down the details with regards to farming and manufacturing Kratom in great detail. Moreover, the fact that they work with experienced and passionate farmers further reinforces that. Kratom Crazy also commits to sustainability and proper Kratom drying methods. This feature goes onto prove that the products are genuine and of good quality.

Website is simple to function

The website of Kratom Crazy is pretty attractive and straight-forward. It makes it easier for potential new customers to browse. Overall, it provides the customer with a pleasant shopping experience. This feature is, without a doubt, significant considering how Kratom Crazy is primarily an online vendor.

Good Quality of Customer Service

One of the things that makes an online vendor successful is the top-notch quality with regards to customer service. And in this aspect, Kratom Crazy does not disappoint. Reviews suggest that the customer service was not only quick but also the perfect combination of professional and friendly. What makes it better is the fact that potential customers can also reach representatives on Sundays as well. There are two main methods of contact: a “Contact Us” form and through the phone.


A quick look at the website will prove that one of the aims of Kratom Crazy is full transparency. They do this by continually updating their blog section and also by disclosing their farming methods. Moreover, for each product, they have provided their customers with details. These details include things like: effects, prices in the market, and origins of the product, etc.

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Products provided are of High-quality

For many customers, this is the most crucial aspect and understandably so. In this aspect as well, Kratom Crazy is rated high and is one of the best places to buy kratom. They ensure top-quality products by the following methods; natural farming methods, three lab tests for contaminations, working with veteran kratom farmers, proper drying methods, ensuring the preservation of alkaloids to conserve the natural-ness of the product, commitment to sustainability.

Reasonable Prices and Offers

The prices are fairly lower compared to other online vendors, and because of this, many customers prefer them over other online vendors and consider it the number one, best selling kratom. Not only do they offer products at fairly reasonable prices, but they have a system of coupons and discount codes as well, which further attracts customers. Moreover, there is also a customer loyalty program. Members receive 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20% discounts on their future purchases.

Provides a good shopping experience

There are many aspects to consider here. Firstly, reviews suggest that shipping is fast, and there is also an offer of free shipping for orders above 50 USD. For orders below 50 USD, handling and shipping fees have to be paid, which can go as high as 3 USD. Even if there are problems concerning this, customer service is quite friendly and active.

Moreover, the shipping is mainly handled by USPS or FedEx. Customers can choose the delivery time, which is usually 1 – 2 days or 2 – 3 days. Secondly, the checking out process itself is quite easy to manage.

Customers can pay for their orders by only using e-check / ACH and can also pay with bitcoins. Thirdly, the return policy is desirable for many. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee on all products. Even the procedure for this is quite simple. The customer does not also have to provide a reason for returning the product.

Kratom Crazy coupon codes

All customers can enjoy great discounts at Kratom Krazy by entering a coupon code that can get them discounts of up to 10%.

By entering a simple code, the significant drop in price is not only refreshing but manageable for a lot of people to continue buying from the online vendor. Customers can use the code “kratomcrazy01” and avail price cuts. On several occasions, there are additional discounts with coupon codes like “krazy15off” or “kratomkrazy20off”.

Integrity Of Kratom Crazy

Upon this aspect, a customer cannot compromise under any circumstance. Kratom Crazy is among the best place to buy kratom due to many reasons. While the service of Kratom Crazy may be excellent and the overall shopping experience fun, it does not answer the question with regards to the reliability and sincerity of this brand.

One aspect that proves their credibility is their high level of disclosure with regards to Kratom itself, the farming methods used, and their aims. Moreover, their products are tested three times each for contamination.

The fact that they work with experienced and passionate people further reinforces that. Also, the many positive reviews suggest that Kratom Krazy is, in fact, one of the brands whose reliability can’t be challenged. They always aim to preserve the alkaloids in their product to ensure that their customers experience the product in its fresh and natural form.

Furthermore, they do not work with intermediaries; instead, they directly deal with their farmers. This aspect ensures that the products are not mixed with undesirable chemicals, etc.

Were There Any Incorrect Medical Claims Made By Kratom Crazy?

Kratom Crazy does not make any medical claims. On their website, they have mentioned that they refrain from guiding their customer on how to use the products. They have explicitly said that they will not be taking any legal responsibility. Moreover, they have made it clear that only medical professionals are the ones who are qualified enough to recommend such relevant matters.

Keeping that in mind, for every product, they have mentioned simple benefits and have also gone into detail with regards to origins, etc. Kratom Krazy only ensures its customers with excellent quality products and does not guarantee any results.

Is Kratom Crazy Invloved In Any Unfair Practices?

Kratom Crazy is involved in the unethical practice of indulging in reviews about their competitors. It has a whole blog dedicated to discussing such matters. This practice seriously puts into question the methods used by Kratom Crazy, or Krazy, as many people spell it, for marketing and selling products.

Is Kratom Crazy Active On Social Media Platforms?

Kraken Kratom is not active on social media at all. While they have used many methods to keep their customers interested, such as promotions and coupons, etc., it is disappointing that they have not availed the various opportunities that social media platforms can offer. They could have used it to communicate and update their customers continually with regards to things like discounts and offers.

Shortcomings Of The Brand

There were few negative reviews by customers with regards to payment, and check out processes, making the whole shopping experience very frustrating and unsatisfactory as a result.

Kratom Crazy, or Kratom Krazy, also outsources its shipping and delivery processes. Because of this, they do not have control over the delivery time and can’t ensure quick and fast delivery. Some negative reviews showed that customers experienced problems concerning this.

Another negative of Kratom Crazy is that when it comes to capsules, the customers have no option but to buy a minimum of 250 grams, which in turn equals around 400 capsules. And when it comes to the powder form, the minimum a customer can buy is 100 grams. This aspect may not be a good option for beginners and those looking for fewer doses.

Furthermore, because of contamination with Salmonella and heavy metal poisoning, the FDA has endorsed consumers to avoid Kratom. It is also not exactly healthy for children below 18. Also, the overuse of Kratom may lead to addiction. Hence, one should be careful when following the frequency and dosage.


With the disclosure provided and the low prices offered, one can conclude, without a doubt, that Kratom Crazy is a reliable and legitimate vendor. The top-notch quality and the diversity of products also convince potential customers of its sincerity. While there may be a few negatives with regards to an overall shopping experience, one can conclude that the positives of Kratom Crazy make it worth it.

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