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Sumatra Kratom: Types, Benefits, Dosage, And Price

Sumatra Kratom is around us for centuries, and it’s a part of Southeast Asian culture since then. Typically the natives roll it and smoke like a cigarette. Interestingly, it only made its way to international destinations during the past few years.

As the name tells, it belongs to the island of Sumatra, near Indonesia. It is a rainy, humid, and tropical island that is ideal for wild vegetation. Kratom naturally grows here, and the predominating strain is what you know as Sumatra Kratom.

Unlike other strains, Sumatra Kratom leaves are unique for their properties and effects. Here is a complete guide on Sumatra Kratom that every new Kratom user must-read.

Origin Of Sumatra Kratom

Kratom is a native tree to Southeast Asia. One of its growing regions is Sumatra, which is one of the highly populated islands of the world. Sumatra is a part of Indonesia and has a population of over fifty million people.

Mitragyna Speciosa, commonly famous by the name of Kratom, is one of the naturally growing species of this area. The natives of this area have been using this strain in their everyday life for thousands of years. People chew Kratom leaves for the relaxing effects loaded with energy.

Thankfully the strain of Sumatra is now available to all countries of the world due to international recognition of Kratom. Sumatra strain is a good option if someone wants to switch from mainstream Kratom strains.

Types of Sumatra Kratom

Sumatra Kratom is available in three different sub-types. Like all other Kratom strains, Sumatra grows in red, green and white vein leaves. But the most common of these are red and white veins. Green Sumatra strain is strong, but they are not as common as the other two.

1) Red vein Sumatra

Using a red vein Sumatra Kratom will give you the following.

  • Pain relief
  • Stress relief
  • Relaxation
  • Regularity in the sleep cycle
  • Sedation

Out of all these, the pain relief effect is most potent and more pronounced than the other two varieties. Red vein Sumatra leaves are also the most sedative of all. For anyone looking for a good night’s sleep, pain relief, and physical relaxation, red Sumatra is the best choice.

Red vein Sumatra kratom Strain

2) White vein Sumatra

Don’t ignore white vein Sumatra, as it is one of the most diverse Kratom strains. A little experiment in dosage changes its nature. At a low dose, it provides a kick boost of energy and stimulation. Gradually increasing the dose, effects become more relaxing and painkilling. Not as medicinal as red Sumatra but white vein Sumatra Kratom is a unique choice for any Kratom user.

White vein Sumatra Kratom Strain

3) Green vein Sumatra

Green vein Sumatra, a rare to find strain has its own set of effects to offer. It is an effective painkiller that comes with awakening. The user doesn’t feel sluggish or drowsiness. He spends the day with an energy boost and improved work performance.

This is not all, green vein leaves of Sumatra Kratom are anti-anxiety to some extent. It may help to overcome the early signs of stress and depression. Lastly, it is also useful for extreme mood swings and disorders.

Green vein Sumatra kratom strain

Health Benefits of Sumatra Kratom

Sumatra strains have a unique chemical composition. It provides medicinal and enjoyable effects together for both physical and emotional impact.

It is nearly impossible to summarize the effects of Sumatra Kratom as different strains produce some results. However, here is a quick analysis of what it may bring to its user.

Pain Relief

The most prominent effect of Sumatra strains is pain relief. It is mainly due to the rich alkaloid content dominant in red vein leaves. However green and white vein leaves also show masking of pain. The chief alkaloid responsible for analgesia is 7-hydroxy mitragynine (7-OHM). It is a potent opioid agonist alkaloid that somehow works exactly like the human brain’s natural endorphins and enkephalins. That’s why red vein Sumatra Kratom products are best for pain relief.

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Stress Relief

Once the body steps into the calming mode, the muscular relaxation removes physical stress. The stress relief impact is the characteristic feature of this strain. This anti-stress ability of Sumatra Kratom shows up within minutes. Red vein leaves are sedating that’s why experienced Kratom users prefer to use it before bed. This way it induces peaceful sleep.

Sleep Regularity and Insomnia

The sedative varieties in Sumatra Kratom such as red vein leaves are highly effective for sleep. Interestingly, it acts even better when a user uses it a couple of hours before bedtime. For a complete sleep regulation, try using red Sumatra Kratom products and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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Mood Stabilizer

Not just one but all varieties of Sumatra Kratom have this mood-enhancing effect. On the right dosage, it brings a euphoric feeling, which improves the mood and makes the user feel good about him. The intensity of this effect varies among different vein color leaves. Usually, white vein Sumatra leaves are more energetic, and red vein leaves are sedative, soothing, and relaxing.

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Strongest Sumatra Strains

The strongest Sumatra strain is no doubt the red vein Sumatra Kratom. It is available in both capsule and powder form. It has a high painkilling and relaxing effect that makes it a perfect medicinal strain. It is sedative, which further enhances its effects.

On the other side, white Sumatra strain is also dominant but non-sedative. Instead, it shows an active and enthusiastic Kratom strain, best for daily use. Green Sumatra shares the properties of both red and white vein Sumatra strain. A user can select any of these sub-types of Sumatra Kratom by his usage and requirements.

Dosage guide

Sumatra Kratom is highly dosage sensitive. It means it is necessary to scale down the dose so that the user takes the right amount and enjoys the desirable effects. Although there are no severe health risks of exceeding the dosage to a few grams majority of Kratom users, agree on it to be more effective and enjoyable at a low dose.

Hence the best is to start from the low dose and gradually increase it. This increase is based on the tolerance level of the user. Following is a general guideline for the readers for Sumatra Kratom.

Primary dose – 1.0 to 2.0 grams
Best dose – 2.0 to 3.0 grams
Strong dose – 3.0 to 4.0 grams
Extreme dose – 4.0 to 5.0 grams
Maximum dose – 6.0 grams and not anymore

This 6-gram is the maximum dosage that habitual Kratom users recommend. Anything more than that is not advised. Being herbal doesn’t mean that Kratom is 100% risk-free. Like all other herbal products and medicines, try to take a moderate dosage only. Additionally, Sumatra Kratom is a strong strain that requires cautious usage.

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Best Methods To Take Sumatra Kratom

Sumatra strain is available in different forms such as powder, capsules, etc. Its powder is just like any other herbal powder, and you can add it to any food recipe of your choice. Sumatra capsules are the same powder contained in soft gel capsules.

Different manufacturers package them on different potency. Kratom capsules are easy to use and make an accurate dosage. Some best methods to take Sumatra Kratom are as follows.

  • Toss n wash method (direct oral intake of Sumatra Kratom powder)
  • Herbal tea (boil Sumatra Kratom powder into water)
  • Add to drinks (mix Sumatra Kratom powder into juice, shakes, smoothies, etc.)
  • Add to food (mix Sumatra Kratom powder into salads, gravies, soups, etc.)
  • Capsules (take Sumatra capsules like dietary supplements)

Price of Sumatra Kratom in Market

Sumatra Kratom is an affordable strain that is available at nearly all-leading online Kratom stores. The price is lowest in powder form, it starts from $11.99 and increases with your selected quantity.

Sumatra Kratom capsules are a little expensive for the extra amount of capsule packaging. Some big Kratom sellers also deal with bulk purchases. Here is a list of trusted online Kratom vendors of all time.

1) Kratora (buykratom)

Kratora is the name that supplies premium strains on guaranteed affordable prices. Here you can find green Sumatra Kratom and red vein Sumatra Kratom in powder form. The price starts from $11.9 per 1 oz for both. You can order up to 1 lb (454g) in one go. Click here to view the product description.

2) Authentic Kratom

Authentic supplies nearly all best-selling Kratom strains in the purest form to your doorstep. Here you can also find Sumatra Kratom in capsule form. The price for 250 XL capsules is just $250. Additionally, it also facilitates bulk purchases. Here is a link to the site.

3) Supernatural Botanicals

Anyone looking for herbal powders, seeds, oils and blends, supernatural botanicals is the ultimate best online Kratom seller. It delivers superior quality of all herbal products in 3-5 working days. Click here to check the in-stock Kratom products.

4) Purity Kratom

Purity Kratom is one of the best Kratom sellers online that ships Kratom and other herbs. Here you can find a wide range of Kratom products in power, tea blends, capsules, resins, and extracts. Click here to buy the Kratom at the best price.

5) Purkratom

The team of purkratom ensures delivering the purest Kratom strains from organic sources to all of its customers.

The prices are a little higher on this site as you can buy red vein Sumatra powder (1oz) at $16.99. But it comes with guaranteed satisfaction or else you can get a 100% refund for your order. Click here to read about the available Kratom strains here.

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