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About This Product

You can find the Urban Ice Organics Maeng Da Kratom in 3 different forms. From capsules to powders and liquids, they stock it all.

There are various sizes when it comes to packaging for pills. While some packs contain 175 capsules, which cost 69.99$, other slightly smaller bottles contain 100 capsules and are worth 49.99$. This is the same for powders and liquids with different sizes available.

Apart from that, they also offer free shipping at purchases of more than 75$.

One important to notice the downside of Urban Ice Organics is the fact that although they claim to be lab-tested, their tests are not available publicly.

This means that you will be relying solely on their word if you choose to buy their products. The reviews, however, are very positive and encourage people to test Maeng Da of Urban Ice Organics.

There are certain things; however, that one needs to know about Natural Organix Maeng Da Kratom.

  1. Incorporating the use of Urban Ice Maeng Da in any form can help improve the concentration skills of people. Improved concentration has an impact on the productivity and efficiency level of every individual.
  2. It boosts the level of energy, and therefore people can work for an extended period without feeling tired or experiencing fatigue.
  3. It is a behavior-altering drug, which means that you are going to be more talkative, feel euphoric, and even have more motivation in some instances.
  4. When it comes to the dosage, it is highly dependent on the physiology, weight, and reason of the use of a person. Initially, however, it is still recommended to not go past 1 or 2 grams with a wait of at least 45 minutes before doses.
  5. Among other phytochemicals, Kratom also contains the indole alkaloids mitragynine (9-methoxy-corynanthidine) and 7-hydroxy mitragynine.
  6. The primary source of this specific strain in all of its colors is Thailand.

About This Strain

Kratom strain is the vein color in which the powder is readily available under the brand name, i.e., Urban Ice Organics. It includes red, white, or green veins. Maeng Da Kratom is the second most potent strain of Kratom and has particular effects that are different from other strains like the Red Bali.

Read the details about this special Maeng Da strains over here.

About This Brand

When it comes to Kratom brands, the United States of America has them in a surplus. Due to the ever-growing demand of Kratom and the increasing awareness with regards to the medicinal properties that Kratom has, many people have started incorporating it into their daily life.

Few authentic brands are selling pure and organic Kratom. One such brand is Urban Ice Organics. It deals in providing Kratom in various forms, which includes powder, capsules, liquid shots, and extract oil.

As the vendor has various types of Kratom; therefore, the price range also tends to vary. Kratom infused capsules can either be purchased for $6.99 or $79.99 as the quantity tends to change.

The price of organic Kratom powder sold by this vendor starts from $32.99 and goes up to $169.99. One can also find out about the latest deals offered by the brand to make the powder more accessible.


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