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About this product

Digital Buddha Kratom is the right choice for you if you are looking for something effective. It is lab-tested for genuineness. The good news is that we share lab details with interested customers. Get ready to dive in and unwrap the goodness of all three Kratom strains as this unique blend serves it all!

  • Packed with alkaloids, Digital Buddha Kratom is a potent product.
  • Made from natural ingredients.
  • Easy to consume, it comes in powder form.
  • Mix in smoothies, juices, yogurt, and milkshakes and enjoy its effect.
  • The recommended dose is 5 grams of powder 3 times a day.
  • For stronger effects, try increasing the dose.

The Digital Buddha Kratom blend is available in two quantities. The 1 oz.-pack is for $7.99 whereas we sell 250 grams of the powder for $30.99. You do not have to worry about buying different strains as this product has made it easier for you.

Many kratom strains have become popular due to their efficacy and strength to work for people suffering from pain, anxiety, and several health issues. The people who suffer from health conditions that hamper their routine or ability to execute everyday chores and activities find a permanent solution in kratom.

The various kratom strains have unique properties, so what will happen if different strains are combined to create a blend that can address a wider range of health issues? Kratom blends are always in demand and perform better than individual strains.

The Digital Buddha at Kats Botanicals is a blend of three strains. It contains 50% white vein, 30% green vein, and 20% red vein kratom. The combination and specific percentage of the various types of kratom make Digital Buddha an ideal pick for a variety of health issues. The white, red and green vein kratom has different kinds of results and the fact that 50% of Digital Buddha is white vein makes it an invigorating and mood-enhancing strain.

About this strain

Kats Botanicals introduced the Digital Buddha after studying the impact of all the three vein types of kratom. The percentage of all kinds of kratom makes it a unique blend as it offers a wide variety of positive results for health. Some of the remarkable properties of this strain are that it is mood-enhancing, refreshing, and stimulating. For users seeking pain relief, it is an ideal supplement as this kratom blend does not make you feel sedated or drowsy. This impact means that you can carry on with your daily routine without any pain! The Digital Buddha flushes away the anxiety and negative thoughts to offer relaxation. In short, you get to experience all the qualities of three strains at the price of one.

Digital Buddha: A marketing gimmick!

The name Digital Buddha, just like the product is unique and diverse. You may find names like Red Indo kratom and White Bali kratom to be self-descriptive but the Digital Buddha is different! This name resonates with the Buddhist origin of the botanical and gives an earthy ring.

Kratom is native to the Southeast Asian region, which was also home for Buddha. The name is synonymous with the peace and tranquility of meditation while the impact can be an awakening or realization of self. Just like the name, this strain is also an invigorating and tranquil supplement that gives freedom from pain while energizing the body. Like the kratom strains named after their origin and color, this particular strain is not a type of kratom but a blend of various types.

On the Kats Botanicals website, the Digital Buddha is said to take you on a spiritual journey. This statement explains how this strain will benefit people who have been suffering without a solution to their health issues! Kratom blends are a potent and effective way to help various concerns but the marketing strategy of the online shop is a successful one. Users often want to experience the tranquility and pain-free state, which is well-depicted by the name Digital Buddha.

The users’ views

The users’ reviews and experiences shared on the Internet are insightful and give a firsthand glimpse of various kratom products. The Digital Buddha users rave about it and call it ‘the best blend’, ‘very euphoric’ and ‘not overwhelming’. The kratom strain is often compared to the serene effect of meditation, which was Buddha’s way of finding inner peace.

About this brand

Based out of New Jersey, Kats Botanicals came to the Kratom world in 2016. It has garnered success in a short time and earned the trust of Kratom lovers. We deal with top-class quality Kratom that is grown and harvested in the lands of Indonesia. We are proud to deliver the cleanest and safest Kratom to our valued customers. At Kats botanicals, we sell lab-tested products only. We make sure that all products are 100% natural and free of contamination.

Our product line includes a variety of Kratom strains. Powders, capsules, extracts, Kratom blends are available in different strains. You can also find turmeric, Shilajit, and CBD products at the store.


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