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About this product

OPMS Gold capsules and tinctures are the epitomai of all Kratom based products. The pills, however, are more popular as they are more effective. The reason for that is the process of extraction used explicitly for this, which no other brand can compete with. This cold water extraction process is essential to keep the alkaloids intact and not have particular alkaloids damaged during extraction. If other extraction methods are used, those alkaloids are often flushed out.

OPMS Gold Capsules are only available in three packages; 2 count, three count, and five-count packages. Any other package or loose pills being offered to you are fake and counterfeited. It is essential to steer clear of them since they might contain synthetic cannabinoids and synthetic opioids. Another important noticeable feature is the printed three-leaf logo on all OPMS Gold capsules.

As far as the prices are concerned, these capsules are relatively reasonable. You can acquire a two count pack at a price as low as 19.99$ while that price increases to 27.99$ for a three-count package and 48.99$ for a five-count pack. Although they claim to have all of their products labs tested for diseases like salmonella and ecoli their tests are not available to the public. This means you would be relying on their word of mouth if you choose them.

About this strain

OPMS Gold extract is made up of Green vein Maeng Da Kratom which means a lot of its effects are derived from this specific strain.

  • Being a behavior-altering drug, the most significant effect of this strain is anxiety relief, a better mood, and a stronger focus. It calms and relaxes you physically, not as much as the Red Bali Kratom strain but just enough.
  • Apart from this, the Green vein Maeng Da in the form of OPMS Gold capsules is also used for pain relief and as a sedative.
  • OPMS Gold capsules contain more than 20 alkaloids, all of them being natural and many of them containing various types of isomers of mitragynine.

As far as the dosage is concerned, it is majorly dependent on one’s body weight, body chemistry, and severity of the condition they are dealing with. It is, however, recommended to start with two capsules or one drop if you are using the tincture.

About this brand

Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions have been a vendor for Kratom extract products since 2009. Born in 2005, the goal of this establishment was to find alternative methods of extracting from Kratom without damaging the alkaloids. They have been the leader of the Kratom and Kava extract industry since 2010, and their popularity is only growing over time.

The main reason for the success of OPMS and its Kratom based products, specifically the Organic Purified Mitragyna Speciosa or OPMS Gold Kratom, is the extraction methods used by OPMS. OPMS uses unique cold process extractions, which make it stand out in the market.

Apart from their extraction process, which further boosts the popularity of OPMS is the fact that all of their products are all-natural and are never tainted. OPMS only sells its products to authorized distributors and stores. If you can’t find an authorized retailer near you, you can email OPMS, and they will direct you to the closest authentic retailer to you.


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