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Premium Kratom Discount Deals

Kratom, a miraculous herb, is having extraordinary effects, is widely used nowadays by many people who believe in mother natures healing power. This makes finding an authentic and desired product a difficult task that seems almost impossible.

Even if you get your hands on pure natural Kratom strain, the prices are skyrocketing due to it’s growing popularity and always mutating strains giving all types of mental as well as physical benefits.

We all want loopholes that can allow us to enjoy premium quality Kratom but also is easy on the pocket. After extensive research on Kratom brands and their reviews, finding their authenticity and price ranges.

We’ve successfully found discounts and deals for you from various brands. You can select the brand of your choice according to their products and price ranges. These High-quality brands are:

1) ZenLife Naturals Deals


Zen life naturals another name in the vast industry of Kratom herb, offering premium quality Kratom from the forests of Indonesia to the comforts of your house. The main goal is to provide incentives and pure quality directly from Indonesia. They offer a blend of all goodness Kratom herbs.


Like every brand that cares for its costumers, Zen-life also has several exciting deals for their customers.

Monthly Deals

They offer a new deal every month. In the ongoing month of August, they offer a Summer sale called ” Mix and Match Kilo.”

You can choose any four different strains from their collection, each packet being of 250 grams making the whole deal of 1 kilogram. This all for only $90 the original price would’ve been $120.

To stay up to date with their deals every month subscribe to their newsletter and grab the deals as soon as possible.

Customer Reward Program (Zen Points)

Zen life for showing their love and how much they value their loyal customers have customer reward programs for their returning customers.

How To Earn Zen Points?

Zen points are earned when to register to their website; you make one zen point for each dollar you spend on their products and a hundred Zen points when you leave a review for them.

These Zen points can be redeemed as free customer gifts, discounts, and sample products.

Weekend Deals

In addition to their monthly deals, they’ve weekend deals as well. There is an ongoing weekend deal; you can buy any 500g custom Kratom powder blend at the fixed price of only $55.


2) Supernatural Botanicals Discounts


The official site, if you want to explore them on your own, is as below.

Super Natural Botanicals

Supernatural botanical is a US-based vendor website for kratom. It is GMP certified and according to the standards of the FDA. They’ve four principles for their business, autonomy respect, no malpractice as in impure product, justice, and beneficence.


They have many deals and discounts to offer to make the shopping experience memorable for their customers.

Coupon Code Deals

Use the code ”snb10off” and get a site-wide 10percent discount on all of their products. Add this coupon code when checking out of the shopping cart.

It is applicable to all products on the site. This is not available in stores but can be used online only.


If you subscribe to their daily or weekly updates through your email and make an account on their website, they offer weekly deals and discounts in promotional campaigns only for subscribers.

Product Discount

There are different discounts on different products. Currently, they have a 10% discount on crushed leaves Kratom.

Pop Money

If you make your payment by Pop money app, you get an additional 10% discount on your total amount.

Free Samples

On purchase of above $30 you get free Kratom samples.

How To Use Coupon Codes?

For regular Customers, Supernatural botanical automatically add coupon discounts in their total payments.

Products On Sale

These two products are currently on sale and can be availed by everyone, whether they are new customers and without a coupon.

3) Sulawesi Kratom Discounts and Rewards

Sulawesi Kratom

Sulawesi kratom is a Kratom supplier Indonesia; it has a GMP certification and lab testing facility providing premium quality pure natural Kratom to herb lovers.

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Discount Deals

Discounts and rewards are what make a customer, returning customer. Sulawesi Kratom also has many discount deals to attract more customers. These discounts are exclusive for regular customers, and you can do it too by making purchases and registering yourself.

Reward Program

For each dollar you spend on their products, you get one point in your account. To start collecting reward points, make an account on the Sulawesi Kratom website, and make a purchase. The number of dollars you spend is the number of points you receive.

When you’ve collected 250 or more points, you can redeem them and get discounts and deals on your further orders.

Refer To A Friend

You get $10 every time you refer to a friend Sulawesi Kratom website or their products, and they make a purchase. Send your referral to a friend link from your account to social sites for each purchase made through that link you’ll get a $10 cash in your account.


Subscribe to their newsletter to stay up to date on their deals and discounts. Subscription is also essential if you want regular costumers discounts.

Gift Certificates

Buy $25- $100 gift cards and send them to someone as a gift. This way you get discounted offers for yourself and your loved ones too.

In Store Discounts

Sulawesi Kratom website doesn’t show any walk-in deals; all of their Discounts and deals are for online subscribers and customers.

4) Authentic Kratom Deals and Free Samples

Authentic kratom is a leading brand that offers Kratom in different strains in its pure form. They import fresh herbs from Indonesia Malaysia and Thailand.


Promotions (Save On Kratom)

Kratom has become very popular and in-demand nowadays, promotions and discounts make it easy for users to get more significant amounts at reasonable rates.

Big Kratom Deals

The ongoing promotion offers a 30 percent discount on all Kratom orders,; this doesn’t require a coupon code and is automatically redeemed on check out.

Free Ounces Of Kratom

You can get up to 5 free ounces of Kratom, depending on the number of dollars you spend on your actual orders.

  • Spend 50 dollars to get 1 ounce free.
  • Spend 75 dollars for 2 free ounces.
  • Spend 100 dollars and get 3 free ounces.
  • Spend 200 dollars and get 5 ounces free kratom, also called the hot deal.

You get to select the strain of your free kratom from a choice of 35 different strains and blends.

Free Priority Mail Shipping

Spending $40 makes you qualified for free priority shipping. You get your kratom at your doorstep in 2-3 days.

Free Shipping on all orders.
On orders of $200 or more, you get Free 2nd day Air shipping.

5) Divine Botanicals Coupons and Bundles


Divine Botanical’s goal is to give their customers the best product they can get their hands on in the market in the US.

They are GMP certified and have a six-step purification and quality control system. They have a wide range of Kratom products at an average price range

However, you can get Kratom in it’s purest form and still save some of your money. They also offer some discounts so that you don’t miss out on those Kratom wonders.

Coupon Codes

Divine botanicals offer discounts on their site up to 15 percent. This discount is site-wide and needs a coupon at check out.

  • Coupon code for 15% discount is: KingKratom.
  • Coupon code for 10% discount is: Divine10.


Make an account on their official website and subscribe to their newsletter via email so that you don’t miss out on seasonal and exclusive deals.

In-store Discounts

Divine botanicals don’t mention their stores on their websites. This means that they deal only online. Coupons and deals are applicable only on the site. All the products are up for a discount.

Kratom has miraculous effects on both the mental and physical state of humans. Easing aches to mental stresses, kratom provides energy as well as soothes the body. This increasing demand is all due to its properties.

However, above is your mini-guide to get some of that Kratom magic without spending a fortune on it.

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