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Green Leaf Kratom Review

Over the past decade, botanical products and herbs have started to attract a lot of mainstream attention. People all around the world are leaning towards healthier natural alternatives to modern medicine.

One such option has been Mitragyna Speciosa, commonly known as kratom. Kratom is a plant that is indigenous to the Southeast Asian region, including Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

The plant has been used locally by the natives of the area. Farmers working in the fields of Thailand used to chew on the leaves of kratom because of the energy boost and other benefits associated with the plant.

Kratom leaves are now being used all over the world in a variety of different forms. Although many legal complications are surrounding the plant and its usage, people still rave about the uses of the plant.

Mitragyna is now one of the most used herbs. There are multiple forums dedicated to the discussion of this plant and reviewing it.

Green Veined Kratom

There are three veins of Mitragyna being sold. These include red, white, and green-veined kratom. All three of these veins have their benefits associated with them.

Furthermore, every customer chooses their preferred state depending on their preferences. Many brands also sell various blends that have different strains mixed.

The green and red-veined kratom strains are probably some of the best-selling strains present in the market. The green-veined strains have a reputation for being an appropriate and balanced strain. It is neither too sedating, nor is it too empowering.

The green strained kratom is a favorite because of the fantastic benefits associated with the strain. Some of these benefits include:

  • Boost of energy

Green-veined kratom strains provide a boost of energy when it is used. Many customers have praised this ability of the green strains. This strain is associated with helping with procrastination.

These strains are not as sedating as the red strains and therefore are a fantastic choice for people looking to be more energetic in their daily routine. Farmers growing these veins chew on the fresh leaves of the plant to be more active throughout the day.

  • Helps with focus

Green strains of kratom not only help with providing a fresh boost of energy, but they also help a person to have better concentration. It increases the attention span of a person and helps them focus more on the task at hand.

This feature helps to decrease procrastination and makes a person more productive. Green-veined kratom strains are useful in making a person work more and focus sharply.

  • Relieves pain

Kratom strains are useful in providing pain relief, but green-veined strains are specifically helpful in providing pain relief to the buyers. These strains are specifically effective in making sure that the customer gets the comfort that they are searching for.

These green strains are not just helpful in relieving pains, but they are also suitable for decreasing muscle stiffness and inflammations.

  • Happy hormone stimulator

Serotonin is the happy hormone in humans. Green-veined kratom strains have been associated with inducing the secretion of this hormone and other neurotransmitters.

This factor is the reason why many customers have reported feeling a sense of wellbeing after the use of green strains of kratom. These strains create a euphoric feeling of happiness and are, therefore, favorites among people suffering from anxiety and depression.

Overview of the company

Due to the popularity of Mitragyna, many vendors do not sell quality goods and trick customers into believing that they are selling high-quality kratom. This makes it difficult to distinguish the excellent quality vendors from the vendors supplying inferior quality goods. When a customer buys such goods, they have to face medical complications.

Using contaminated or improper products can cause nausea and strong allergic reactions, as well. Choosing a reliable vendor is perhaps one of the essential prerequisites when a person decides to buy kratom.

To help you select a vendor, we bring reviews of all the major kratom vendors to help you figure out the perfect brand for yourself. Green Leaf Kratom is a kratom vendor that has been around for quite some time.

The brand is an endeavor of a parent company known as Nine2Five LLC. The company operates out of California and has gained a loyal customer following because of its experience.

The parent company has been around since 2012, but Green Leaf Kratom appeared on the kratom market during 2015.

Even though it has been operational for more than four years, they have yet to garner proper attention from the mainstream market and be included amongst the top names.

The company has a team of hardworking individuals that make every effort possible to ensure the best experience for their customers. From their product selection to its website design, everything has been designed to provide the best customer experience.

The brand aims to lead the kratom market based on its quality products and expertise in the market. The following review offers a complete breakdown of the brand’s pros and cons.

Everything there is to know about the brand is present in this review. This reviewing makes it easier to gauge whether or not a particular brand is worth your time and money.

Key Features

  • Forms of Kratom

Mitragyna is one of nature’s unique treasures. We can benefit from the plant in a variety of different ways. Kratom leaves can be chewed fresh or dried and crushed.

Some people prefer to emulsify kratom powders in their beverages and drinks because of the overpowering flavor of kratom.

Others prefer capsules and tinctures, as well. When it comes to the forms of kratom, every customer has their preference. Therefore, a brand needs to have a variety of different choices present.

Green Leaf Kratom sells Mitragyna in the form of powders and capsules. They have several different strains available in this form. These two forms are the predominant ones when it comes to kratom.

Many customers prefer to use either of these two forms, and this makes Green Leaf Kratom a good brand. Other than these two forms, the brand also has specialized blends on sale. Their “Total Chaos Blend” is somewhat a fan favorite among customers that prefer to use blends.

The vendor also has a few branded kratom products on sale. They endorse the sales of other reliable brands that do not have an online store by selling branded products on their site.

  • Strains on sale:

The brand has a variety of strains to choose from. Selecting a strain that works for you is a trial and error process. You need to try different strains before figuring out what works best for you.

Green Leaf Kratom is a brand that has a range of different products available for its customers. They have more than three pages of different strains when it comes to their capsulated or powdered forms.

The store has a plethora of strains on sale, ranging from the pure, famous strains like Green Bali, Red Maeng Da to unique strains, including White Sumatra and Bentuangie. Their crushed leaf blend is one of the most popular products being sold by the brand.

The wide choice in strains is one of the primary reasons why this brand has an abundance of online customer reviews present.

The vendor makes sure that they have diversity when it comes to their product range. This way, people belonging to every taste palate can find something that is according to their preference at the site.

  • Lab testing

Lab testing is perhaps one of the most important factors when it comes to shopping botanicals online. Buying an improperly tested product can cause several different complications.

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These complications can be medical and can make a customer seriously ill. It is always important to have lab-tested products.

When it comes to kratom, tests need to be conducted for the presence of heavy metals, toxins, salmonella, etc. There is, however, no mention of these tests on the website of Green Leaf Kratom. The brand also does not have the lab reports on display either.

This factor raises major questions about the purity and quality of the products being ordered.

Not only does it plant the seed of doubt in the minds of the customers, but it also presents an unreliable image of the brand. On the other hand, if a vendor has their lab reports displayed, it becomes a sign of complete confidence of the brand on its products.

Is the brand making false medical claims?

The FDA has strict regulations put into place when it comes to Mitragyna. Despite having thousands of online users raving about the medicinal abilities of the plant, brands are prohibited from making any severe health claim about the products being sold.

Many brands in the past have received severe warnings because they made medical claims. Green Leaf Kratom does not make medical claims on their website.

They let their reviews speak for them. The brand has it mentioned that their strains are not meant to be used for medicinal purposes.

Moreover, the vendor has stated that the FDA does not evaluate the statements on their website. These disclaimers make sure that neither the customer nor the brand face any kind of legal repercussions. When a customer places an order, they agree with all of the disclaimers of the store.

Shipping and payment

These two features are significant in online shopping. Both of them need to be completely safe and secure. Otherwise, a customer would never feel safe while buying the products from a vendor.

Moreover, the shipping needs to be prompt and efficient. No buyer wants to wait for weeks to receive the order that they have placed. Green Leaf Kratom prioritizes customer satisfaction and comfort above everything else.

The brand’s image is based on customer reviews, and for this reason, they are meticulous when it comes to customer care. The brand ships via USPS First Class.

The vendor ensures customers that their products would be at their doorstep as early as can be. For this reason, they ship the products the same day that the order is placed.

The brand’s team, however, does not work on weekends and, therefore, does not have same day shipping for orders made over the weekend. 

When it comes to payment, Green Leaf Kratom has a variety of different options. The brand also has a credit card method available.

Many kratom brands do not have the option of credit cards because of complications between the said companies and the kratom vendors. The brand accepts credit card payments, and this is, therefore, an advantage over traditional brands present in the market.

Return Policy

The return policy of the brand is extremely simple. Green Leaf Kratom accepts refunds and returns only in the case that the product returned is precisely in the same condition as it was when it was delivered.

The brand also does not pay the customers for return shipping. If a customer gets a wrong or improper product, they have to pay for their return shipping themselves.


The brand is somewhat lacking when it comes to transparency. For every online brand, being completely honest with the customers is a must. Some brands hide details from the customers and do not have all of their cards on the table. This feature raises questions of quality.

Green Leaf Kratom does not have proper descriptions about the strains that are present on their website. They do not have their lab reports on display either. These features raise questions about the transparency and the reliability of a particular vendor. 

Customer service

When it comes to online shopping, another critical and decisive factor is customer service. No customer wants to buy from a brand where the customer support doesn’t treat them nicely.

Green Leaf Kratom is known for its excellent customer service throughout the kratom web. The brand listens and responds to every query made by a customer. They have different teams to deal with the response of various niches of emails.

How does Green Leaf Kratom compare with other brands?

If we compare Green Leaf Kratom with other traditional brands in the market, the difference is apparent. The product range of the brand, as compared to other brands, is versatile and has something for everyone.

Moreover, fantastic pricing is an added perk. The brand’s kratom strains are being sold at an extremely reasonable price of 11.99$ for 25 grams.

Social Media presence

When it comes to online shopping, every brand should have a strong social media presence. This factor helps in expanding the customer pool and helping with the recognizability of the brand itself.

Green Leaf Kratom has a Facebook page with plenty of old reviews raving about the strains from the vendors. However, there are no new posts. This feature is a drawback when it comes to the brand’s image.


  • Great reputation:

Kratom is an extremely vocal industry. If a customer does not like a brand, they make sure that the entire world knows that. This vocal reaction is why forums have been created for the sole purpose of discussing various brands. Green Leaf Kratom has managed to hold a positive image. Users are complaining about the strains from this brand. But overall, the brand has an excellent reputation, and that makes it favorable over other vendors.

  • Discounts and coupon codes:

When it comes to online shopping, discounts and coupons are paramount. They are not only necessary to attract new customers, but they also help keep the existing customers loyal. Green Leaf Kratom has an abundance of online deals available for this exact reason. The brand also sells its strains with a discount if the customer pays using the cryptocurrency method.

  • Transparency:

In online shopping, transparency also matters. Green Leaf Kratom manages to stay in our good books because they have taken care of these small things. The brand has its address, email, and number on display. They have teams assigned to answering several emails from different niches. The brand’s contact number is always on and ready to be called in case of any query.


  • Lack of information:

There is a need for a lot of details and information when shopping online because you need to be informed about every feature of the product that you are buying. Green Leaf Kratom falls short on this factor. The brand does not have proper descriptions of its products. Furthermore, the brand has no “about” section where customers can read the backstory of the brand as well as its aim.

  • Absence of Lab Reports:

This factor is probably the biggest drawback of the brand. They do not have their lab reports on display on the website. Because of the absence of lab reports, there are doubts about the quality of the kratom being sold. Hence, customers find it difficult to trust the brand with their kratom purchases.

Reviewer notes

The verdict of Green Leaf Kratom is pretty clear. Not only does the brand have an excellent public image, but it can also back it up. They do, however, have a lot of strains. This makes it challenging to choose. If you are buying from the brand for the first time, buy either a blend or your go-to strain to avoid taking unneeded risks.

Christina Earle
Christina Earle is a licensed psychologist practicing in Oakland, California since 1999. She provides counseling to people who are struggling with managing stress, and anxiety related issues. In her free time, she often writes on mental health conditions that educate the individuals to explore ways of improving their health.

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