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Marijuana Detox Drinks: Do they help with drug tests?

Detox drinks can help get a negative drug test even after consumption. This is not a myth, but a proven fact! But how? Let’s understand how detox drinks help with drug tests but first, we have to understand the science that works behind the scenes for drug testing protocols.

The drug testing for the “green leaves” follows a standard routine course. You have to understand the Nitti Gritty of the testing so you can make a very informed and best decision for yourself in the selection of the detox procedures.

Marijuana Detox Drinks

The Very First Terminology You Need To Understand Is Metabolism!

When we consume a substance, it goes through a specific chemical process so that our body can use the energy and nutrients in it. However, there are components of drugs that remain in the body for a long time and show up in tests.

So What Is The Relationship Between Marijuana Usage And Metabolism?

Just like our body stores nicotine and tar from cigarettes, it also stores the undigested parts of ingested material. The body stores these undigested materials in the fat tissues under the skin.

Drug testing targets these fatty tissues to trace out any of the residue left in the body after smoking weed. Marijuana drug testing protocols refer to this residue materials as Weed metabolites. We certainly must make sure to get rid of these unnecessary materials from our body effectively and in a timely manner.

Marijuana And Metabolism

Two Of The Main Components Present In The Body After Pot Consumption Are:

1) Psychoactive substances
2) Non-psychoactive substances

For a negative drug test, there must be none of the target materials for spotting. The fat deposits trap these troublesome residue materials within the layers. Moreover, they just do not remain there but are released continuously in the bloodstream. The trace of these drugs is solid proof that the person is using prohibited drugs.

Many people share their experiences of getting a negative test even after consuming weed. This negative result was due to the way they consumed weed before the test. Many factors impact drug test results. Here we shall discuss these factors:

The Frequency

Let us take an example of a green leaf user who is smoking regularly for the last year. The researches show that such type of regular user may show up as positive even after ninety days of consumption.

On the other hand, a one-time smoker is likely to get positive for only up to 6 days after the last smoking session. It clearly shows that the fat tissues are not the right spot for a heavy smoker.

The fatty tissues get enriched with the weed (THC) components after regular and irresponsible usage.

Obesity (Body Fat Ratio)

The higher the storage reservoirs-the higher the drug elements. If you are reasonably overweight than there is a good chance that you have been storing many composites within your body compared to a lean person of the same usage. The obesity factor also refers to the metabolism rate.

For an overweight person, the metabolic process might not be as effective as an otherwise physically fit person. He might get unlucky during the testing phase by even consuming small quantities.

The Quality

The quality factor might not go in your favor here. If you are using high-quality strains, then you must recognize that it has quality (the ecstasy effect) because they have a high THC compound. This presence of THC might be a critical factor in the drug testing protocols used worldwide.

An Afghani strain has different concentrate levels than a local strain. Even consuming different parts of the plants offers different composites ratio.

Frequently asked question: How much time after consumption will I be clear for testing?

Although several factors are involved in this aspect, we discussed a few above. But one of the prime contributors is the Elimination ratio or Half-Life. Half-Life means the time in which only half of the drug remains in the body system. Therefore, the higher the Half-life of the substance, the higher the elimination time from the bloodstream.

If we take general consideration, the half-life for an average quality Marijuana Strain is about seven days.

The Most Widely Accepted Methods For Marijuana Testing

Although medical science has advanced and now there are ultra-modern methods of testing present for very high accuracy and effectiveness. However, most of the ways are costly and therefore are not a standard medium for testing.

Two commonly used methods are:

1) Urinalysis often abbreviated as UA
2) A Blood test

The Safest Route For Getting A Negative Test Report?

Although the harmful THC residue will remain in your system for a considerable amount of time, it never means that we cannot adopt a pro-active approach to cater to this problem. However, time is money here, and we must act promptly by using the tried and tested methods of clearing THC compound from your system.

One of the very effective ways of saving your A** would be to rely on the best weed detox drinks available naturally or in the market.


These marijuana detox drinks are not magic bullets, and some sanity should prevail by taking the right amount of realism into consideration. If you are blowing a fat blunt just hours before your drug test, no Detox drink in the world is going to help you. However, a decent amount of abstinence is compulsory before your drug test! Let the detox drinks help you by assisting them to.

The Detox Drinks Are Of Two Types:

A) Homemade detox drinks or readily available
B) Detox Drinks sold commercially in the market

A) Homemade Detox Drinks

1) Lemon Juice

Let alone weed or marijuana, lemon juice has been considered a very effective detoxifying drink in general. Many health gurus believe that Lemon is very fruitful in eliminating unwanted toxins from the body.

It is widely believed that the detox qualities of Lemon juice are a result of the presence of a hefty amount of minerals and vitamins.

For making an Ideal drink for THC elimination, mix one tablespoon of lemon juice in a half liter of water and drink or sipped regularly over the course of many hours.

An ideal goal is to consume this Lemon juice mixture around 8 to 10 times before your drug test.

In order to make sure that you don’t forget drinking your detox drink, try to always keep it in a sports bottle with you when you are not home.

2) Cranberry Juice

Lots of healthy options right? The THC detox procedures sound like a hale and hearty road for a negative blood test. The next inline option is a little tarty but never the less very effective and delicious.

Cranberry juice is amongst the most widely recommended THC detox drinks. The exact scientific data to support its detoxifying properties is insufficient.

However, the anecdotal positive outcomes and repeated success rates make it to the editor’s choice.

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A mixture of cranberry juice has the property to detoxify the liver, kidneys, lymphatic system and most probably will get the THC out of your system.

The best way to consume cranberry is to mix with water, B-vitamin complex and electrolytes. It is considered a preferred option rather consuming on its own.

3) Coffee

Have you ever thought of your favorite hug-in-a-mug beverage to be your savior? I am sure you had never! If you are a diehard coffee fan then the more good news is that Coffee is considered as an effective THC expeller from your body.

Coffee is an ideal natural, diuretic, which means that it will make you urinate more often, thus removing the toxins from your system.

If you mix coffee with cold water along with some electrolytes, there is a high probability that your flood gates will get open up to the maximum, giving you the desired THC removal properties.

4) Apple Cider Vinegar

As simple as it may sounds this everyday weight loss product will definitely prove to be handy in this hour of need. You just have to take precautionary measures by not overdoing it.

As in large quantities, ACV might result in negative side effects and even quite dangerous for your body. Just take two tablespoons mixed in water, twice daily for a period of seven days before the test.

Be consistent and you may well trick your authorities by using this simple yet effective method.

5) Anti-oxidant Smoothies

You should know that some fruits or vegetables are full of antioxidants that might come in as real handy tools to get rid of toxins from your body.

A popular choice is a mixture of fresh seasonal berries mixed with spinach, avocado, and grapefruit. Though you may dislike the unusual flavor but who cares as long as it helps to get that “negative” on your report.

B) Commercially Available Detox Drinks

It should be kept in mind that if you are a heavy Marijuana user, then the natural detox drinks will not help you get rid of THC remains in your system.

But you do not need to worry as the THC detox is one of the favorite commercial themes for many good detox companies. These companies sell detox drinks commercially claiming to remove all the toxins or remains of unwanted substances from your body.

I have carefully scrutinized the top 5 Detox brands for your comfort, proven to be effective, and backed up by hundreds of good testimonials and practical evidence.

1) Mega Clean

Mega clean brand has a reputation of like a gold star in the weed detox industry. Primarily because unlike many other brands that boast of having magical properties and don’t work.

Mega clean effectiveness has been supported by thousands of satisfied users over the course of years. It actually works!

You need to drink mega clean on your Test day. Just pour some water in the dried powder, and your detox drink is ready. Just remember to use it properly and make yourself pee after regular intervals.

This way you can get rid of the THC compounds from your system. If Mega clean lives up to its previous reputation you are most probably going to get a negative test result.

2) Toxin Rid

Toxin Rid is the only brand that claims to guarantee a Negative THC test. Thousands of great reviews on Amazon support the effectiveness and so-called marketing slogans. Toxin Rid is comparatively costly as compared to the other brand only due to its established brand value.

If you are worried about losing your job then spending $110 on this brand is definitely not a hefty amount in comparison to the benefit it provides. Toxin Rid comes with a proper 5-day detox plan. You will get the details with the help of a leaflet when you make a purchase.

Toxin Rid has 3 steps for detoxifying the toxins.

1) Pills
2) Detox liquid
3) Dietary Fiber

You will get all these with a single purchase. Quite Impressive! Isn’t it?

3) Rescue Detox Ice

Rescue Detox comes with a solid reputation amongst many satisfied users. Although it claims no guarantee of a negative test still if you cannot afford an expensive Detox like Toxin Rid, Rescue Detox Ice is possibly your ideal bet. This Detox drink is made for the same day use shortly before you go for testing.

Rescue Detox needs you to stay well hydrated before the test and urinate as often as possible.

Empty the whole bottle, mix with water and drink all at once. But unfortunately this is not the only step, keep putting water in your bladder and go for frequent restroom visits. It is a little hard work but not a bad deal altogether.

4) Stinger Detox

Stinger detox marks as one of the new introductions in the Weed detox industry but gaining rapid popularity over time.

Stinger Detox has many great reviews and positive feedback from the users. The most noticeable quality of Stinger Detox is its very high potency.

That is why it comes in a comparatively smaller bottle than others. Like all the above-mentioned brands it works on the identical principle. Drink the whole bottle at once and try to urinate as often as possible.

To give your Stinger Detox some added strength, you can use natural diuretic like coffee. It will help you additionally to flush the toxins out of your system.

Start Using Vitamin B complex to reduce the dilution of your urine and putting back some strength and color to it. It will help you not getting caught by the laboratory staff as a result of extra diluted Urine. There should not be any raised eye borrows for maximum stealth!

Final Words of Wisdom

For getting a clean chit you have to be proactive! Your concept of THC testing should be crystal clear. You should act promptly in all the possible ways leading to a negative test.

You cannot just afford to sit back, watch TV and smoke blunts after blunts. This is not the time to party, this is a little window that requires some serious responsibility on your behalf.

All these natural or commercially sold detox drinks are not any magic wands. You have to create suitable rather ideal circumstances for these detox drinks to take effect.

Stay positive and do remember a little hard work and spending a few bucks might protect you from unwanted and possible worst outcomes.

THC tests can be beaten by the right shooter with the right bullet, just at the right moment!

Kate Freeman
Kate Freeman is the wellpreneur behind Ayuni Organic; a brand focused on spreading the goodness of Mitragyna Speciosa. Kate supports scientific research on this natural tree "Kratom" and believes that this herb can help millions of people to live a healthier life.

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