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Best Protein Powders For Energy And Weight Loss

If you are looking for the natural way to weight loss then this article is very helpful for you. In this article, you will read about:

  • Best protein powders for weight loss
  • Best protein powders for energy
  • Why should you choose protein powders for weight loss?
  • Popular varieties of protein powders
  • Best options in whey protein powders
  • Best option in casein protein powder
  • Best options in vegetarian protein powder
  • Best options in egg-white protein powder

Thinking about protein powder instantly shifts your mind towards bodybuilding and muscle gaining supplements. However, the idea is not completely correct, as there are different purposes.

It’s time to re-evaluate your thoughts about protein powder, as there are some must-have products that can help you losing weight.

While protein is a strong component for building muscles and strong bones, it can also assist in trimming down our bodies by making our tummy full.

Protein powders can be added partner throughout your weight loss journey. Getting a perfect ratio of protein per meal will help you manage weight by decreasing body fat.

Different studies have suggested that the adequate protein intake will make you feel full and is an ideal choice to kill those unwanted hunger pangs.

Why should you choose protein powder as your weight loss assistant?

If you are looking to lose weight in the most natural way and keep it off for longer, protein powder is a right thing to pick up.

The appropriate use of protein powder will revive up your metabolism that helps in accelerating the fat-burning process of your body.

Protein powders for weight loss are ideal and equally beneficial for vegetarians as well, who may not be getting enough amount of protein from their vegan diets.

Protein powders are the perfect choice for people who are on their weight loss regime and need extra protein for muscle repair after working out.

Popular varieties of Protein Powders

There is a large variety of Protein powders easily available in the market. The major plus point is they come with different interesting flavors, that is, from milk chocolate to vanilla and strawberry.

In this confusing world of protein powders, we are here discussing some popular types that can help you in picking up the right choice for you. The most common types of protein powders are as under:

Whey Protein Powder

This is the most common and perhaps the cheapest type of protein powder available in the market. It is packed with an array of minerals and vitamins and can be easily found in any superstore.

Whey Protein powder is considered a perfect choice for post-workout, as it helps repair muscles after a tough workout session.

Also, it helps in increasing muscle strength and size when taken within two hours of intense strength training session.

According to the study, a whey protein supplement increases fat loss and helps gain muscle mass in the obese individuals.

Whey Protein Powder is known as the King of protein powders, especially when it comes to weight loss.

This milk-derived protein has tons of powerful nutrients that help to break down body fat and building up muscles.

It is highly digestible protein powder because of its high concentration of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), which offer its quick absorption.

  1. Casein Protein Powder

The second most popular protein powder form is Casein protein, which also comes from dairy family and is, in fact, the primary protein found in cow’s milk.

In the comparison of whey protein, it digests slower due to its complex interaction with existing stomach acids.

Casein Protein powder is ideal for scenarios when a slow release of nutrients is advantageous, as it offers a slower release of important proteins and amino acids.

According to the study, Casein protein powder is different from whey protein but is an effective choice for melting off pounds and improving performance. Due to its slower release option, Casein protein is a perfect meal replacement option.

A study published in the International Journal of Obesity suggested Casein protein is an effective choice for weight control than low-fat diets.

2. Soy Protein Powder

Soy Protein Powder is a plant-based protein that contains all the essential amino acids and nutrients.

As per the studies, Soy protein can perform as effective as whey protein when it comes to stimulating muscle growth after an intense workout session.

However, it is packed with great benefits that extend beyond the gym.

3. Vegan Protein Powder

Vegan Protein powder is a blessing for vegetarian fellows that want to get the quality plant-based protein.

Within past few years, vegan protein powder blends have gained great popularity because of the great power of hemp, rice, peas, quinoa and much more.

With the nutrient-filled vegan protein powder, you wouldn’t miss out any fat-burning benefits.

In fact, the ability of slower digestion in Vegan protein powders makes them an ideal choice for losing weight.

Choose the right Protein Powder

While the market shelves are filled up with the containers claiming protein powders, it is certainly a daunting task to analyze which one is the right product for your weight loss goals.

Choosing the right product will lead you towards right results. It is important to identify the nutritional information within the specific protein powder to judge its capability.

By checking up the calorie value, carbohydrate content, and fat content, you will be able to figure out the protein powder that aligns well with your weight loss goals.

According to study, it is immensely important to choose the right protein powder to get the high levels of energy and correct weight loss benefits.

For your convenience, we have listed down the best protein powders that can give you energy and help you in losing those extra pounds.

Best options in whey protein powder

Following are the best and most popular whey protein powder brands.

  1. Optimum nutrition gold standard 100% whey

ON Gold Standard 100% Whey protein powder is one of the most popular choices due to its great taste.

This power pack container is enriched with great nutrients and vitamins which makes it a high-quality whey protein powder.

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Each scoop of Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder has 24-grams of whey protein with just 2 grams of sugar.

Price: It is available at amazon.com for $ 55

2. Orgain grass-fed whey

This is the whey protein powder that comes from organic and good quality sources. The simple organic approach of Orgain Grass-Fed Whey and its powerful nutrients have made it distinguished among the crowd.

This tasty whey protein powder comes with no artificial ingredients or sweeteners, which makes it simply sourced from purity.

Price: You can easily get this from amazon.com for $ 23.

3. Power crunch proto whey

Another popular choice for the whey protein variety is the Power Crunch Proto Whey, which comes in a variety of tasty flavors.

The available flavors are cookies and cream, and café mocha. Unlike other whey protein powders, it is easier to digest.

One scoop of Power Crunch Proto Whey offers 20 grams of protein with 3 grams of tummy-filling fiber.

Price: It is available at amazon.com for $ 27.99.

4. BIPRO whey

BIPRO Whey is a popular choice in whey protein powder because of its highly biologically available protein.

Though the flavor of BIPRO whey is plain, it is simply whey protein.

Also, the flavored one’s protein powders have natural flavors, with some stevia and sunflower lecithin.

A scoop of BIPRO Whey gives you 20 grams of protein with just 90 calories, which makes it an ideal pick for weight loss.

Price: You can order BIPRO whey from amazon.com for $ 42.

Best option in casein protein powder

Here is the top pick of the Casein protein powder type:

1.Ascent native fuel micellar casein

Ascent Native Fuel Micellar Casein protein powder is a popular choice because of its natural ingredients and a great selection of nutrients.

It is available in different flavors and every flavor has different calorie count per scoop.

In general, a scoop of Ascent Native Fuel Micellar Casein powder will offer 25 grams of protein with a calorie count of just 110 to 130.

This particular casein protein powder is considered an excellent source of all essential amino acids.

Price: You can order it easily from amazon.com for $ 64.99.

Best options in vegetarian protein powder

The most popular and most favorites choices in Vegetarian protein powder are below:

  1. Garden of life raw organic protein

It is one of the trusted brands to offer a plant-based protein powder with great nutritional values.

Unlike other protein powders available in the market, Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein is derived from natural sources and doesn’t have a significant aftertaste.

Price: You can easily order this from amazon.com for $ 43.

2. Vega one

If you don’t prefer to use a non-vegetarian option, VegaOne is the perfect choice for adding more protein to your diet.

This gives a great benefit to vegans who want to benefit with an extra dose of protein with a vegan-friendly protein powder.

One serving of VegaOne protein powder offers 25 grams of protein. The formula contains no added sugars.

Price: VegaOne is easily available at amazon.com for $ 43.

3. Navitas organics cacao & greens essential blend

This is a great vegan blend that offers a great amount of protein to help you lose weight and gain energy.

The formula contains a great proportion of pea, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, and hemp.

Navita’s Organics Cacao & Greens Essential Blend is a soy-free formula that is loaded with greens and probiotics.

Price: It is easily available at amazon.com for $ 23.99.

4. Sotru organic vegan protein shake

One of the most popular vegetarian protein powder available in the market is Sotru Organic Vegan Protein Shake.

It is loaded with the organic fermented protein along with the goodness of brown rice, quinoa, amaranth, and mushroom powder.

Also, it has added benefits of fruits, vegetable powder, and probiotics. This is considered as one of the supreme choices for women, who are suffering from protein deficiency.

The wonderful combination of greens and proteins in the formula will keep your energy stable and your tummy full, thus making you healthy and fit.

Price: You can easily get it from amazon.com for $ 43.

Best options in egg-white protein powder

Using egg-white protein powder is a smart way of shedding extra weight, as the single scoop contains about four times the amount of high-quality protein naturally found in the egg.

Also, egg-white proteins are fat-free and are loaded with essential amino acids along with vitamins A, B, and D.

Also, if you have trouble digesting whey protein powder, egg white protein is a perfect choice for you, as it is lactose-free and very low in carbs. Below is our pick for the best Egg-White protein powder in the market:

  1. NAKED nutrition egg white protein

It is the most popular choice under the category of Egg-white protein powders, as it comes with clean and natural ingredients.

Naked Nutrition Egg White Protein uses non-GMO eggs and the only other ingredient present in the formulation is sunflower lecithin.

The formula of this protein powder is free from added colors, flavors and sweeteners, One scoop of Naked Protein powder will offer 25 grams of protein with just 110 calories.

Price: You can order this from amazon.com for $ 61.


Though, the market is full of different types and varieties of protein powders, but you need to choose out the one that fits your daily nutritional needs according to your food preferences.

Different types of protein powders are available for different prices and varied nutritional values.

If you are taking a protein powder for weight loss, it is important to keep a check on its calorie count per scoop.

Also, if you are planning to take protein powder as a meal replacement shake, it must pass through the taste test.

With the proper understanding of nutrients and caloric value, you will be able to make the intelligent decision of including the right protein powder in your diet regime.

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